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Hello to all.I had a migraine just last Thursday April 12.Today is Monday April 15 and I'am still very sore.I've had migraines for over 6 years.I know the pain all to well.It is and can be a living hell.This is a great web page.I have book-marked it already.

Barry <brussell@dis.umsmed.edu>
Monday, April 15, 2002 at 13:44:26

Hi i was born Spina Bifida and have suffered with severe headaches for years, Doctors are finding it hard to find out why, they have checked my Autonomic System and my sleep pattern but nothing substantial has shown up,i used to love going out but now all i want to do is sleep the pain is so bad i feel sick and depressed i am looking at ways other then medication to combat the pain as sometimes i think the brain causes headaches just to get the medication any ideas out there in webland would be gratefully accepted.

Laura <sanlau@madasafish.com>
Sunday, April 14, 2002 at 04:13:12

Hi, my name is Lisa, and I've suffered with migraines since I was 4 years old. I have been asking and searching for a support group/system for years. I'm so glad to have found this site. I've only had my computer for a little over a year, so I'm still new to this internet stuff. Anyway, I've tried every preventive out there, all the ergots, Imitrex, Maxalt, Zomig, and all the similar meds to those. I have seen numerous doctors as well and I have to agree with the person who said that these so called specialists have to be the most uncompassionate people in the world. I think everyone should experience a migraine once in their life so they can understand our pain. We are not crazy, or hypochondriacs, we are in PAIN!! I am now on several different meds prescribed to me by a pain management doctor who I have been seeing for 3 years now. Fortunately, he is very compassionate. He also suffers from migraines. He basically has given me any narcotic I requested from Fiornal to Fentanyl. I still use Imitrex spray and it does provide temporary relief. But, I have daily migraines and it has gotten so bad, that for the past 3 years, I have been unable to work, or perform normal daily activities. I am now taking Tegretol, Neurontin, Valium, Paxil, Sonata and Percodan. I have used Stadol, Mepergan, Morphine, Dilaudid, and just about any drug you can imagine. When the pain gets too unbearable, I go in and my pain mgmt doctor gives me an injection of Valium and Mepergan. It at least knocks me out for the better part of the day. But the migraines are relentless. I read where one person wrote that people do not recognize migraines as an illness. This enrages me also, it is an illness and for the people who say, don't take pain meds, I'm sorry, but I'd rather risk my liver and everything else if it alleviates the pain even for a short time. For the people who don't have these horrid migraines, you cannot possible imagine what we go through. Try hitting your head with a brick repeatedly and multiply that pain times 100. You might get the picture then. It's a sick, constant throbbing, where even the hair on my head hurts. (I'm a cosmetologist, I know hair has no feeling, but yes it hurts when I have a migraine!!). I also suffer from TMJ and wear a bite splint, this seems to help some, but nothing will cure or prevent my migraines. Well, I realize I've taken up alot of your time, thank you for reading and being patient with me. My favorite saying is "A good day is a day without pain or depression". I wish everyone a good day. Mostly, I wish for a cure for these migraines. If anyone would like to contact me via e-mail, I would love to hear from you. Again, thank you especially to Ronda for this website.
Lisa V. spicycajunbabe2001@yahoo.com

Lisa Veronie <spicycajunbabe2001@yahoo.com>
Friday, April 12, 2002 at 04:40:49

Hi there,

Stumbled on this site by accident, but felt I had to post something about my own experiences of migraine. I can't remember at time when I did not suffer from these most terrible of headaches, but with the passing years, (I am now 49 yrs old)I have learned my triggers and do my best to avoid them. My migraines seem to be largely related to flickering lights, even driving along a tree lined avenue on a sunny day can trigger one. Fairgrounds are definitely off limits, as are video-games, movies with lots of special effects and strobe lights. The only non-light related trigger I am aware of is intense cold, which always seems to herald another round of misery. If the temperature drops suddenly, especially during the night, I will wake up around three in the morning with a migraine.

If my migraine is triggered by exposure to flashing lights, the first symptom is usually a strong and sudden awareness of the smell of sulpher and a metallic taste in my mouth. I have some visual disturbances but rarely the classic aura. It is usually a jagged squiggle that effects only one eye, followed by a tingling sensation in my lips and tongue. My speech becomes slurred and I seem to produce too much saliva. Even if I have taken medication (migraleve or cocodamol) at the first sign it is rare for the migraine to be completely halted and the symptoms continue with nausea and intense pain starting over one eye, spreading to my ear, my scalp, my shoulder, arm and hand of the affected side.

Eventually, I begin to vomit and I find that after I have been sick, the pain lessens, although it does not go away completely. During an attack I am light and sound sensitive, and unlike so many sufferers who find that icepacks help, for me it is heat that is most effective in reducing the level of pain. In the past I suffered 5/6 episodes a month, but now only have a migraine once every 2/3 months, and I think they have reduced in their severity also. However, they are still horrible and I usually feel washed out for 1/2 days afterwards, although I can live with that---anything is better than the pain!

My doctor insists that 99% of migraines are stress-related, but I am now in a very stressful job and have less migraines than I had as a full-time wife and mother, so I reckon he's wrong on that theory, although I accept it may well be a factor for many sufferers. Personally I feel my migraines are more related to the fact that I have facial paralysis resulting from childhood poliomyelitis and left me unable to close my right eye properly. Anyway, thanks for letting me share my experiences.

Love Linda.

p.s. 2 real stinkers about being a migraine sufferer;
1) Migration of pain from one side of head to the other within 24 hours--- a double whammy migraine!
2) People who walk around carrying on as normal whilst complaining of a migraine! They obviously have no idea of what a migraine is!

linda harris <lindaharris@solthree.co.uk>
Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 21:06:36

Hi everyone!
My name is Tracy and I'm 25. When I was a teen I got headaches alot and didn't find out until I got married and saw a neurologist that I suffered from migraines. That doctor gave me Madrin to take, but I didn't have insurance at the time, so I stopped taking it because I could not afford it. About a month after I stopped seeing the doctor, I stopped getting migraines.
That is until now.
This past Valentine's day I got the flu, which I got a migraine to go along with it. I have had a migraine everyday since then. I am in and out of my doctor's office and the ER it's pittiful. My doctor refered me to see a neurologist again, because nothing was helping to get rid of it. I tell you what, it seems when I'm feeling better, the next day it knocks me down to the ground. Anyways a couple of weeks ago, I went and saw this neurologist, and while there I found out several things...1)my insurance plan did not cover this doctor..2)I was diagnosed with a cluster migraine..3) he wanted to admit me into the hospital for 76 hours and do a DHE to break the cluster....only to find out that my insurance plan did not cover the hospital either.
So I guess you can say I'm up a creek with no paddle.
Well anyways, this neurologis told me the reason that one day the pain is tollerable and the next it knocks me down where I can hardly move is that a cluster mirgraine is like a fire...it could look out but it really isn't out and flares back up again.
Yesterday was the worst pain I have ever had with these so I went to my doctor's office and got a shot of nubain to relieve the pain. He told me that I needed to get into another neurologist that my insurance plan covered asap, but guess what...I cant get into see them for another 2 months.
I don't know if i could wait that long. These are so bad I just want to bang my head against the wall so hard that my head will bust and get rid of them.
Then my doctor informed me that he was going to get the info from the neurologist and see if he can do the DHE himself.
I pray to God that he can, because I don't know how much more I can take of this....This has been going on for too long and I can't take no more.
This is the worst pain I have ever felt in my whole life, including going thru childbirth.
I guess I will find out in a couple of days when I go back to my doctor if he can do the procedure.
I feel so sad for anyone that gets these, and I wouldn't even wish this on my worst enemy.
Thank you for letting me get this off my chest...I've had enough of this and didn't know where else to turn, until I found this website.
Thank you, and sorry,

Tracy <ctcstalkfleet@machlink.com>
Tuesday, April 9, 2002 at 16:10:03

Hi everyone,
My name is Rocio, I am 25 years old and I have been suffering with DAILY migraines for about 3 1/2 years now (Since September 9, 1998!) I remember the exact date since that was the day my life was altered (for the worse, unfortunately). I experienced occasional headaches since adolescence, but on that Friday afternoon of 9-9-98, I got a headache pain like no other I had ever experienced. I went to bed early that night (I had to cancel my plans, of course) and hoped that I would wake up feeling well the next day, but the pain has NEVER gone away! The only time I am pain free is when I am sleeping. I wake up with headache pain every day, and the pain gets progressively worse, and sometimes betters, throughout the day. Like many of you, I have undergone ALL KINDS of tests and treatments, including being hospitalized several times, going to the ER, seeking traditional as well as alternative medicines; I have taken ALL KINDS of medications, have altered my diet and lifestyle, and have sought treatment in 4 different states and 3 different countries!! I am currently under the care of a Neurologist, a Chiropractor, and a therapist who specializes in EMDR, but I still have not found a way to manage or live with these headaches. I am also currently addicted to painkillers (Vicodin and Lortab help to take the pain away for a few hours, but I end up taking them like candy, and then suffering from withdrawal symptoms when I run out of them) and am also a daily marijuana smoker. I feel as though my life is spiraling out of control. I have been so angry at Life in general, as this disease has prevented me from achieving and living life the way I want. I was SO relieved to read some of your journal entries and to realize that I am not the only person whose life has been altered because of Migraine pain. Please write me if you have a similar experience and can offer some advice or comfort. Thank you, and I wish us all relief!

Rocio Viscarra <rocioviscarra@hotmail.com>
Tuesday, April 9, 2002 at 09:48:15

Hi, I've suffered migraines for as long as I can remember. My migraines were at their peak during puberty. They tapered off from about 18-20yrs and then returned. I think they were hormonal but then I seemed to get them after Netball or exercise. I'm now 33yrs and have looked into blood sugar levels making sure I replenish blood sugars after sport. I've had a CT scan which showed normal and had blood tests normal. Does anyone else suffer migraines after sport/exercise? I get classic migraines with auras,numbness, flashing lights and I also get headaches that pulsate through my head and make me nauseous and sweaty (without the other effects, auras etc? . Please help if any can relate.

Michelle <scarpino@primus.com.au>
Thursday, April 4, 2002 at 07:54:22

Hi, my name is Melinda. I've been surferring with migraines since I was 13. I am 25 now. I know how everyone feels when they say that they hate having them. If I had my way, I'd never have to suffer them again. I usually have at least 2 a week now, if not more. Most of mine happen when I wake up in the morning. I usually wake up and feel the pains of the migraine, after that I dont remember much because I usually black out from the pain. I've tried exedrin migraine and Imetrex. My doctor doesn't believe in migraines and I can't find a good doctor around here that takes the insurance I have. I have already lost one job because of my migraines and I'm about to lose the one I've got now. If I'm at work and get a migraine, my vision starts to blur first, then my head feels like a little man is inside there using a carving knife to slice up my brain. Then I get physically sick and throw up. Then the pain gets so bad that I usually black out. I don't know what to do about my migraines. That's why I looked on the internet to see if I could find out something to do about them. Well, for all the migraine sufferers, I feel your pain. If you don't suffer from migraines, then you don't understand the pain that goes along with them.I hope all the people that do suffer from them find out a way to ease the pain. Maybe someday they will find a cure. Thanks for listening to me, Melinda

Melinda <jmfdmw@netscape.net>
Wednesday, April 3, 2002 at 20:15:36

I wrote to you all a while ago and told you that I would update you about the Rhodes Stem machine. It is a machine that redirects pain signals for chronic pain. My doctor said to try the Dynatronics STX website. I haven't tried it yet. He said to call around to different doctors in your area to see who has the machine. My doctor wants me checked to see if I'm having seizures with my headaches due to some problems I'm having with them. I am having extreme difficulty forming words and sentences. It is extremely frustrating. I also almost black out with them. I won't remember things that I've done or said. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone else feel numbness in their body? I don't know how many of you are christians, but I'd like to share with you something that helps me. I have struggled with my headaches for many years. They are constant. I haven't had real releif from a headache in 4 years. I also have frequent migraines. I resent them and the lifestyle that I have to live. I also in a way rebel against them. As you may know, this does not help matters. I have decided to start thanking God for the headaches and asking Him to teach me something from this. If I am not going to be healed, I want to at least have somewhat of a normal life. I want something positive to come out of these headaches. God is working on my attitude about them. It is hard to hear everyone tell me what I need to do with my headaches. They don't know. They aren't me. I have been struggling with that as well. God is helping me respond in a manner that would be pleasing to him as well as soothing to my frame of mind. I struggle with this daily. I encourage you to put your faith in God. HE will help us deal with this better than anyone or any medication can. He can comfort your soul. I encourage you to give Him a shot. It couldn't hurt, right? Haven't you tried everything else? :-)

I hope everyone's day has been good.


Heather <blizzardheather@hotmail.com>
Tuesday, April 2, 2002 at 13:37:19

I am at desperation point. I am a 43 year old woman. I've had migraines for 30 years. They have destroyed my life totally. I've gradually lost all my friends, my marriage, I'm now unable to work & recently attempted suicide. At this point I will try anything.Frequency gradually increased from 2 or 3 a yr,lasting 6 to 8 hours, to unbelievably every 7 or 8 days lasting 2 or 3 days.I vomitt continuously increasing the throbbing pain, the dehydration of the brain increasing the pain even more. While once I could control the pain using only relaxation skills & meditation, I now am reliant on Oxycontin, pehidine & morphine. While I know there is a rebound relationship between the increased use of opiates & the increase in pain frequency & duration, the pain-drug cycle is impossible to break. I recently admitted myself to hospital to ask for help. Instead of sedating me to help me with withdrawal & pain, they gave me paracetamol & a psychiatrist. After 2 weeks I broke some glass & slashed my arm. I left the hospital against medical advice. An MRI was clear. I have tried Imigran & other treatments. I have tried all preventatives.Seen every nuerologist available. Accupuncture, chiropracty, spinal-cranial adjustment, chinese herbalists..all tried. I believe the cause may be chemical ingestion, most probably from household items as seemingly harmless as dish washing detergeants. Also, 3 years ago I was hit by lightning, receiving flash burns to the eyes.but eye specialists can see no permanent damage to cause the increase in migraine. I suffered an out of body experience lasting several minutes,during an actual time frame of only seconds...so I believe I did die. I have not been able to work for 6 months, & unlikely to ever work again. Stress is obviously a factor, but what causes what & to what degree. Naturally the pain & financial problems cause stress which in turn may cause more pain. The pain needs drug treatment but withdrawal from the drugs causes pain. It's continuous circle I wish to break. I am open to any suggestions. I would be interested to hear from anyone in relation to migraines caused by chemical exposure,& success of desensitation .Also lightning survivors. Any help could well save my life, or what is left of it.

Kate Dalton <tojo_59@hotmail.com>
Tuesday, April 2, 2002 at 06:55:39

great web site...so good to know i'm not alone...i've suffered classic migraines since i was 12....now 44 married with children ....been through all the meds....nothing seems to work.....a number of years ago i hear about some research on marijuana and migraines...does anyone have any info on this... please e-mail me if you do.

bob <pres3745@hotmail.com>
Monday, April 1, 2002 at 21:14:35

When I have migraines, all I want to do is to wear dark sunglasses or stay where it's dark. However, two things work great for me. It's either Vanquish or Excedrin with Migraine. Either one are the best!

Cathy <cbonano@yahoo.com>
Monday, April 1, 2002 at 17:04:49

I am a 26 year old female who has suffered from migraines for ten years. My mother had them while I was growing up and I never took them seriously until I experienced them myself. My mom was rushed to the hospital on multiple occasions when I was young for injections for her migraines. The first MAJOR migraine I ever got scared me so bad. When it first started, I didn't know what was going on. The worst migraine I ever had lasted two weeks. I was hospitalized and literally could not function to do anything. They called it a "complex migraine". I was throwing up. I couldn't turn my head in either direction, I was nearly deaf. All I could hear was my own heartbeat in my ears. I was, at the time, a single parent of a three year old and couldn't even take care of my son. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep. It was horrible. They hospitalized me thinking that I could possibly have menengitis. They wouldn't even let my family in to see me until they found out for sure. They did a spinal tap and found that the pressure in my spine was like seven times what it should be. It was a horrible experience. The worst part was not even knowing what was happening to me. It didn't feel like the other migraines I had experienced so I didn't know what was going on. My usual migraines are bad but nothing like that. Usually, if I go to a very dark, very quiet place and take a fironal with codeine and go to sleep, I'll be fine in a few hours. They have given me shots of morphine before to take the pain away and I HATED it. It made the headache go away but I hated the way you can FEEL the morphine being pumped through your veins. It made me think that's how something like heroine would feel and it freaked me out. So now I usually request something not so strong. Demoral works fine for me. They will not give me a preventative because they are worried about high blood pressure. I feel for ANYONE who has to go through these migraines. They can make your life hell.

Chi Kulash <Chi.Kulash@bankofamerica.com>
Monday, April 1, 2002 at 08:27:57

Hi I,m 46 years old and have had migraines since I was a teen.
My pain is on the right side of my head and I have numbness
in my left side of my body while having a migrain. Before imatrex came along, I was a excederine junkie until I hemoraged
so bad that i was in ICU geting blood transfusions because
the excederine ate my stomach up. (In fareness to the company I
was over using) I still end up in the ER alot vomitting for hours before i want to go there. My life is stressful (I take
care of my mom who is 87) but I have to say some of my worse
migraines have been in places like when my family was in Disney
Land!!! So stress can't be the only cause. Now my doctor has me
on anti depressnts to prevent them. I hate that because now I feel like I have a total personality change,and I still have
migraines. Idreamofjeannie5@aol.com

JEAN WITHERELL <Idreamofjeannie5@aol.com>
Sunday, March 31, 2002 at 19:04:15

I have turned into a Rx junkie in search of a way to be relieved from the pain. I am prescribed Zomig (12 pack) however I eat them like candy...It lasts for only 1 or 2 days tops. I have Fiorinal with codeine (a joke) and Percocets which also help ease the pain, my latest narcotic is oxycotin which just wipes you out completely. I need a new head but until then i get cluster attacks at least 12 times a day. The weird thing is that after about 2 months they will disappear and wont return for another 6-12 months.

shakirah <starreez@yahoo.com>
Saturday, March 30, 2002 at 06:54:23

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