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My name is Lance and i am new to this site. I have been
having migraines as far back as i can remember and
compared to some of the post i have read,my headaches are
not so bad. I feel so sorry for the people that get them
so bad that it affects their intire life. I get a small
headache just about everyday and if i don't drug up in the
early stages then it turns to a full on migraine within
an hour or so but sometimes i forget to drug up and then
i am at a loss for words to express how i feel and what i
would do to make the pain go away. I have to take Anacin
or Excedrin because taking anything stronger will knock
me out cold. I try to take these in moderation because
they can't be good for my stomach.i run through a bottle
of 300 Anacin in about three weeks. Some of the posts
tell of natural medicine or B2,i will look into this.
Thank you all for listening to my ramblings and i hope
someone comes up with a cure soon so people can live
a normal life.


Lance Pence <lpence@exponent.com>
Tuesday, October 31, 2000 at 16:24:43

Dear Chrissy...your post was so familiar to me. When I first began to experience migraine on a basis where it began to interfere with my day to day activities I also started a diary/journal looking for the cause. I too had the c-scan and MRI..with me they did find a couple of things with those tests. One is a sub-arrachnoid cyst in the right temporal lobe which some say has nothing to do with my migraines, others say it should be radiated to shrink it or removed. They also found a small tumor at the base of my scull..this they did operate on but it has caused even more problems than prior to the operation. After many years of defiance.."either fix it or let me die" I came (with alot of help) to the realization that this is a chronic illness that the medical profession knows very little about and we are their guinea pigs. I maintain my sanity by taking it a day at a time. Some days just getting showered and dressed is a successful day. Others may be that I was able to be like the tazmanian devil and clean the whole house, laundry, cook etc. To directly deal with your all important question is no-one really knows why we get these damn things. In keeping my diary I found that high humidity and low barometric pressure are definite triggers for me. A can tell the difference between a stress migraine and the others. You mentioned being at home on the weekend without stress and still have headache does not make any sense to you...I agree! However, for a long time the medical profession (I think they have turned away from this now) called migraines vacation killers. That is because their theory was when the blood vessels in the brain began to relax that was when the pain would start. If you are anything like me you will never cease searching for "WHY"..but will put that in your back pocket and search more for "HOW"..how do I deal with these insidious headaches with grace and dignity. Getting support, such as sharing on a group support page like this can be very helpful to many. I hope you are one!

Bedoroses <growup@ix.netcom.com>
Tuesday, October 31, 2000 at 16:16:28

I came across this site after another attempt to research the headaches I've been getting. I never post to these things, but lately, I'll try anything to get rid of this pain. I'm not new to the pain, either. I'm a 24 year old female and I've been getting all types of headaches since I was in grade school. The worst was when I was in college. After college, they were less frequent. I went on birth control pills (desogen) and they got frequent again. After six months I went off the pill. I went a month without a headache and now in the last couple of months they are the worst. Most of the time they are migraines -- the ones where the pain is so bad on the left side of my head, with the pain behind the eye, down through the ear, and in the neck and shoulder blade. Pain so bad, I sometimes want to die. Other times it's pain on the top of my head and forhead, like someone is hammering me with a 2X4.
I sometimes hear about people who are desparate for what to do because they get headaches a couple of times a month. I get them AT LEAST 5 times a week. That's 20 headaches a month. I've been to the doctor, who gave me all the migraine medication, like stadol (which made me feel drunk), and anti-depressants like prozak. Imitrex worked a little, but most of the time it doesn't. I've been to the nueorologist who gave me cat scans and MRIs. No Tumors, so I guess that's good. So WHAT could be causing them?
I've tried to keep a nutritional diary to see if it's something I am eating or not eating. But I can never find a corelation between the two. For intance, I can go a whole day without eating and feel great. Other times, I'll eat normal meals with no MSG and I can get an attack. Or the best is when it's a weekend with no work and I get the worst migraines of my life. So the stress argument fails too. If I am not at work, and I am home and relaxing, how on earth can I be in so much pain??!!
I am seeing a chiropractor now because of the severe neck pain and I've heard good things about them from migraine sufferers. We'll see

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