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"Imitrex and Kidney Stones?"

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marvelous Click to EMail marvelousClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-30-04, 01:03 AM (CMT)
"Imitrex and Kidney Stones?"
I'm reading several posts that mention frequent use of Imitrex can/does cause kidney stones???

Pardon my ignorance on this but can those of you that know explain a little more to me on that? I've used Imitrex, injections mostly, some pills if they stay down, for nigh on 10 years now and have never had kidney stones. There have been times my triptan use was very high indeed.

I did have gall stones about 5 years ago but since gall bladder was removed - no sweat on those anymore.

Help me with info here anyone? Am I just lucky or what?

My best thoughts for y'all - NO PAIN !!


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RE: Imitrex and Kidney Stones?, Catherine, Jul-30-04, (1)
RE: Imitrex and Kidney Stones?, seabreeze, Jul-31-04, (2)
RE: Imitrex and Kidney Stones?, mom03, Aug-02-04, (3)

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Catherine Click to EMail CatherineClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-30-04, 11:25 AM (CMT)
1. "RE: Imitrex and Kidney Stones?"
Great question! I'm sure to follow the responses on this one. I think its one of those unproven things.

For me, I don't know for certain the link. Kidney stones do run in my family. I have been on triptans for approx 6-7 yrs. I started my first low-carb diet about 4yrs ago, which can be hard on the kidneys and is rumoured to cause kidney stones. I had my first kidney stone about 3 yrs ago. I have had 3-4 stones already since that time, typically 1/yr. I have used approx 24-30 triptans/month except 1 yr approx 4 yrs ago with help of a preventative, and then this past year with the help of more preventatives. At these times I take approx 12/month. I am now on topomax which can cause kidney stones. lol

My aunt has had a kidney transplant... it is one of our weak spots in our genetic pool... Wonder if I will have anything left for kidneys soon?



seabreeze Click to EMail seabreezeClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-31-04, 10:29 PM (CMT)
2. "RE: Imitrex and Kidney Stones?"
Marvelous, I'm 52 male and have produced 4 kidney stones three of which I passed sucessfully and the
other which was extracted by my urologist ( don't care to go into the procedure ). These occurances
were 10 years ago and even though I take the imitrex injections I havent had another stone. My
stones were the calcium type so I really decreased
my dairy food intact. Hope this helped.

mom03 Click to EMail mom03Click to check IP address of the poster Aug-02-04, 06:50 AM (CMT)
3. "RE: Imitrex and Kidney Stones?"
Great question!!! ne I have beenasking every Dr. I have ever seen and every Initrex user and the comp that makes it.

I never had a kidney stone til aprox 11 years ago. That was 1 year after I started on Imitrex. It is the ONLY thing thing that works. Since then I have had over 2000 stones.

Mostly small ones but have had to had the procedure when they blast them and break up big stones 8x.

My nuerologisist says there is no findings on it but ther e is also no controlled study. My nephrolisgist(sp) says no but he soes not know how it chemiclly breaks down when it is passed to the kidney.

The maker of Imitrexs only reply was to send me a blanket medical release form to fill out and send back so they could access all my medical records.

They say I have modular sponge kidneys. That is when the tubicles in the kidneys are dialated and gives the wall of the kidneys a sponge appearance.

I questioned this for 5 years before stopping Imitrex all together for quite awhile to do my own test. After not takeing any Imitrex the my kidneys appeared normal. no sponge appearance.
I then began the Imitex again and the sponge appearance returned. True modular sponge kidneys is a condition that does not come and go.

To this day no controll test has beeen done. And i have no professional answer.
When I do take Imitrex my kidney hurts for 1-2 weeks. That dull ache on a pain scale from 4-8.
All my kidney specialist and migrain specialist say there is no research to back what I believe is the cause of my stones but if my kidneys hurt and I believe Imitrex is the cause then I must choose between Migraine and kidney stones.

No other triptan works on my headaches or causes my kidney to hurt.
My stones are calcuim oxilate. I am on calcium free diet and drink 1 1/2 gallons of water per day. And a low oxilate diet.
After my experiment I had to go to the ER for my kidney it was hurting so bad. The IVP xrays and MRI did not show a stone and the tubicles slightly dialated. I had taken 1 Imitrex. I had not taken.(That was 7 months of migraine heck)

To this day the Dr. have no answer or even seem to care. And as far as GlaxoSmithKline I never heard back. I would not give them a blanket release to all my lifetime medical history and records.



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