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"Toradal Shots"

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LynelleH Click to EMail LynelleHClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-03-04, 11:48 AM (CMT)
"Toradal Shots"
For the past week my pharmacy has been trying to fill my prescription for Toradol shots.

First it was a matter of ordering them because it's not something they normally have on hand, then they found out they can't get them (either their supplier doesn't get those anymore or the company stopped making them?).

So they have been in contact with my doctor and were trying to get toradol tablets authorized for me.

I hate to sound like I'm faint-hearted, but I was thrilled when they mentioned the possibility of tablets. I haven't given myself a shot yet, so I'm scared of the pain.

Ok, well, I thought I was not going to have to face shots. Hooray! But then they talked to my doctor and she authorized a different shot. Bummer! I'm still facing it.

After the first shot I give myself I probably won't be in such fear, right?

Any tips or encouragement for giving myself off-brand toradol shots?


(and I can't ask my husband to give me the shot. He's more faint-hearted than I am. He barely made it through my 2 c-sections)


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Anna's Mom Click to EMail Anna's MomClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-03-04, 12:02 PM (CMT)
1. "Advice"
Anna was prescribed Nubain injections. The first injection was given by the neurologist. The relief only lasted one hour.

I made an appointment with her always cooperative G.P. He instructed his nurse to give us an education in giving injections. She did a good job walking us through it.

I gave the next injection. Anna screamed, and I almost lost it. But the needle went in, and we survived.

Anna said said she needed to do it herself.

The next time we waited until my R.N. sister-in-law was present. Patty walked Anna through it, but in the end, Anna could not do it. Patty gave her the injection.

The relief was only one hour all three times. And Anna decided it was not worth it. She didn't want any more. She went to oral meds and suppositories.

Do you have an acquaintance that is in the medical field who gives injections? Perhaps that person could come to your house and watch you try to do it.

Or you could go to your G.P. or neuro's office for some help?

The situation was complicated for Nubain. Special filter needles, really long needles. Not at all simple like an insulin shot.

Good luck, Lynelle.

Oral Toradol is not very effective. Do they make Toradol suppositories?



sooz Click to EMail soozClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-03-04, 03:05 PM (CMT)
2. "RE: Advice"

I have had good success with giving myself toradol (actually the generic ketorolac) shots. Like everything else, sometimes it really helps my headache and sometimes not as much.

Giving the shot is not that hard, but be warned...the medication does sting going in. Move or rub the injection spot around helps the sting. Poking yourself with the needle is no big deal.

I always have my husband near by just in case, and if he is at work, we have a system where I call to tell him I am doing a shot and then call him back to say I am finished. For some reason, it makes me feel better knowing that if I passed out on the floor someone would know to look for me!!

One more thing, I don't know what kind of needles your doctor prescribed, but I find the 25 gauge 1 inch needles the easiest to use. Always check to make sure the pharmacy gives you the right ones, because to them they are all the same. Also, my pharmacy now keeps one prescription's worth on hand for me in case I run into an emergency and am out of it.

Let me know if I can answer any questions. Go for it...if it works it will be worth it.


wyllbee Click to EMail wyllbeeClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-03-04, 03:30 PM (CMT)
3. "RE: Toradal Shots"

I give myself Toradol Shots, but I prefer 23 guage needles... Needles are like shotguns, the larger the number, the smaller the hole. An 18g needle is huge! a 25g is teeny! I want the med to go in a bit quicker than it does with a 25g... that's why I choose that one.
The stick doesn't hurt that bad, but putting the medicine in, stings a lot. Just rub the spot a lot afterwards. I might stomp my foot and yell OOOWWW real loud :-o for fun!!
Because it makes my family feel sorry for me, and darn it, they should!


Sandi Click to EMail SandiClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-03-04, 04:39 PM (CMT)
4. "RE: Toradal Shots"
I get shots of Toradol at home by my husband. I get mine in the generic form called Keterolac. Mine come prepackaged in little glass vials of 30 mg. I use 30 mg in my shots. I use a 25 guage needle.

I can tell you from experience that Toradol pills do not work anything like the shots. The shots are much better at pain relef, due to when most people have a mig they get nauseous and they tend to throw up. Or the stomach does not function normally, so if I get a bad one fast, my tummy just churns and churns and the pill does not seem to be absorbed enough to be effective.

I also have times when the im shots are not working, they can take at least 20 minutes for me to even tell I had a shot . If the shots don't work at home we go to the ER, and then I get 30 mg of Toradol, and 25 mg of phenergan by iv in my arm.

The just give them as diluted shots, or it burns too badly. Those type of shots help within a few minutes, about 5 minutes and I am starting to calm down. The bad part of the iv shots is I go to sleep, and sleep for many hours,sometimes an entire day and still go to bed at my regular bed time.

Toradol is super hard on the liver. You will need regular liver function tests if you use even very little of it. My doctor has told me no more than 2 10 mg pills in a day and only a couple days a week.

Which makes little sense as they have given me up to 80 migs in the ER by iv in less than an hour during a bad bad cycle. I think my liver would have died from that dose the way the warnings on the pills are.

I can use Toradol with my Duragesic patch. I had a stupid moron of a so called Doctor give me Nubain once and I immediately went in to severe and painful opiate withdrawal. YOu cannot use Nubain with the Duragesic, he should have known this. I was sure I would die.

GOod luck to you. Toradol should not be that hard to get. A nurse at the local hospital gave my husband a 10 minute lesson, he had watched 100s of shots. He is quite good at it too, I should say. Take care


auntie m Click to EMail auntie mClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-03-04, 05:42 PM (CMT)
5. "RE: Toradal Shots"
my tricks for giving injections are:

-try to stretch the skin as firmly as you can between your fingers. that way you feel the pressure/touch and it distracts you from the needle discomfort.

-try to enter the skin as quickly as you can--less drag on the skin. try to be fast and firm--sometimes practicing with an orange can be helpful. (use vodka as the practice med if you want).

-if your doctor will let you and you don't have an allergy, mix a little lidocaine with toradol to dull the sting of the med.


Sproctor11 Click to EMail Sproctor11Click to check IP address of the poster Aug-03-04, 05:48 PM (CMT)
6. "RE: Toradal Shots"
Hi Lynelle,

I too give myself toradol (ketorolac) shots. My pharmacist also had to order it for me since it was not a stock item. I am surprised that yours is unable to locate any since it is a pretty common drug. Just a thought but perhaps you could try a different pharmacy?

I don't know how you are, but the toradol pills do nothing for me... I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the shots do provide some help.

Since I've been giving myself DHE shots, the additional Toradol ones are a piece of cake... It is not hard to learn to do. In fact, it gets real easy to do when you are hurting from a migraine and you know that it will provide some relief.

I also use the 25 gauge by 1 inch needle...

If I may ask, what type of medication/shot did the doctor switch you to?

Good Luck & God Bless,



dcook60 Click to EMail dcook60Click to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-03-04, 06:06 PM (CMT)
7. "RE: Toradal Shots/question"
i've had toradol shots 3 times. they gave me substantial pain relief for a few days. BUT NOW I'VE BECOME SUN-SENSITIVE. this is a real bummer, since we're having a realllly hot summer where i live.

it's been two months since the last shot, and i still break out on the face and arms with open sores. can't put my head in a bag when going outdoors.....wonder if anybody else has had this horrid experience? i will never have this again!


tammy p Click to EMail tammy pClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-03-04, 06:21 PM (CMT)
8. "RE: Toradal Shots/question"
I was afraid to give myself shots at first to but when you are in that much pain they don't hurt anything like your head does. I was very surprized. I can give myself shots now.

Tammy P


LynelleH Click to EMail LynelleHClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-03-04, 06:29 PM (CMT)
9. "RE: Toradal Shots/question"
Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your comments.

I don't know what the alternate medication is, the pharmacist mentioned it but I had never heard of it before. I'll find out tomorrow when I go pick it up.

My thoughts exactly: if I'm hurting badly, I will be more motivated to give myself the shot.

I could call my father-in-law for help (if he's comfortable doing it). He gives my mother-in-law shots every other day for her MS.

I'm trying to think if we know any nurses who can help. The first one that comes to my mind is a cousin who lives in another state. Right now I just can't think of anyone else.

Not to worry. Armed with all your advice I'll just have to do the deed when in need

I'll let you know the size of the needle and the name of the drug after I pick it up tomorrow.

Thanks again!



MOM OF 6 Click to EMail MOM OF 6Click to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-03-04, 07:08 PM (CMT)
10. "RE: Toradal Shots/question"
LAST EDITED ON Aug-03-04 AT 07:09 PM (CMT)


One important tip....do NOT tense your muscle when you give or get the injection...it will bruise and hurt more.

When I was working on the floor, I pressed my finger-nails in to the skin (around the injection site) a moderate amt. Use the hand that you are stretching the skin with and mash those nails in as you take the shot.

Someone long ago gave me that tip and it always worked. I used it when someone was really scared and it helped.

You can do it, I KNOW you can.


moogle77 Click to EMail moogle77Click to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-04-04, 03:05 AM (CMT)
11. "RE: Toradal Shots/question"
Iíve given myself subcutaneous shots before, and they would start to help but then the med would make me more nauseous, which in turn made me hurt even worse than before, so we stopped that.

Now I have Phenerghan IM injections for severe vomiting. I havenít had to give myself one yet because my husband has always done it for me. I actually prefer him doing it because I have to use filter needles and I canít think straight by the time I need the injection. They will sometimes hurt, and other times they wonít, but they NEVER hurt that bad. Iíd compare the pain of an injection to the pain of being pinchedÖ

In terms of the injections themselves, I always shot myself in the thigh and I found that grabbing and squeezing a large chunk of flesh around the injection site while inserting the needle would help numb the area. Someone else said to be sure to relax the muscle, that is a definite must! Iíve never enjoyed the injections, but the stress and pain of them were outweighed by the benefit of the medication.

Good Luck!!


LynelleH Click to EMail LynelleHClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-04-04, 03:24 PM (CMT)
12. "RE: Toradal Shots/question"
Karen, I like the idea of digging my nails in. I have practiced that part today

The medication is called Ketorolac, and the pharmacist gave me 22.5 gauge needles. I haven't unwrapped one from its sterile packaging yet but it already looks small in length and diameter than the one the nurse taught me with in the hospital. (and she taught this to me with a styrofoam cut as my example. I don't think a styrofoam cup is quite the same as my thigh, and the pharmacist only gave me 2 syringes so I don't want to practice on an orange incase I need both syringes back-to-back.)

I am probably going to try this tonight when my husband gets home. It's ironic that now that I have the medication I have the need to use it.

I don't want to do it yet for two reasons: one if it knocks me out my husband can care for our kids, and two if I develope any of the allergic reactions in the warning literature he is home take me to the hospital.

By tomorrow I will be a veteran toradol-substitute shot-giver.


PS... I have an appointment with my home-town nuero tomorrow. If I haven't given myself one by tonight, I can ask the nurse or medical assist for more guidance tomorrow.


LynelleH Click to EMail LynelleHClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-04-04, 04:17 PM (CMT)
13. "RE: Toradal Shots/question"
LAST EDITED ON Aug-04-04 AT 04:25 PM (CMT)


I just couldn't wait several more hours for my husband. I just now did it. And, not so bad.

Just kind of a weird experience.

There are definately some deep fingernail marks on my thigh, and yes, those hurt more than the needle.

The medication didn't sting, it did it nice and slow.

The thing I wasn't expecting and made me gasp was a release in pressure after I put it in farther. It went in my skin just fine, and I was forcing it to go in farther. The pharmacist said make sure I got down to the muscle. Well, suddenly the needle just "went in", hopefully to muscle, right? Then I just eased the medication down the syringe.

I got really warm and nervous right before and during, but after I entered the muscle, I relaxed a lot.

I have a Scooby-Doo band-aid on my thigh and I'm headed to the couch with some ice water and a blanket.



OOPS... I called the pharmacist and they said I might have gone through the muscle and that's why there was a release in the pressure as I was inserting the needle. Now I'm waiting for my doctor's office to return my call regarding this.


sooz Click to EMail soozClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-04-04, 05:59 PM (CMT)
14. "RE: Toradal Shots/question"
Good job Lynelle! FYI...ketorelac is generic toradol. Same medication...
I might try the fingernail trick too! Mine always stings from the medicine...

Sproctor11 Click to EMail Sproctor11Click to check IP address of the poster Aug-04-04, 08:28 PM (CMT)
15. "RE: Toradal Shots/question"
Congratulations Lynelle!

I don't think you have anything to worry about concerning how deep you went. In fact, the literature that I've read suggests that Toradol should go "deep." My neuro's nurse even suggested using an inch & a half long needle.

Congratulations again,



Anna's Mom Click to EMail Anna's MomClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-05-04, 11:55 AM (CMT)
16. "RE: Toradal Shots/question"
Good for you, Lynelle!

How did it work?



LynelleH Click to EMail LynelleHClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-05-04, 12:51 PM (CMT)
17. "RE: Toradal Shots/question"
It worked very well!

I was feeling the effects within 10 minutes. The pain was gone (and still is) and I got very tired. I took some phenergan 30 minutes prior just in case it made me sick. I was still a little queasy, but it's hard to tell if it was due to nerves related to giving myself the shot or if it truely was the drug. Regardless, I'm always going to take some phenergan beforehand.

I had the shot around 3:30pm put the kids to bed early and I was in bed at 7:30pm. I was soooo sleepy. My husband came home at 8:30pm and I was surprised that I had fallen asleep so soundly and so quickly. It's a good thing I didn't wait for him to come home (he normally gets home at 6pm, but was in a late meeting).

I am happy to report that this will be my ER alternative. It worked quickly and put me to sleep....something the ER never did for me.

Thanks again to everyone.

Oh, and I did talk to a medical assistant at my neuro's office. She said I did it just fine. She doubts I went through the muscle. It was a 1.5 inch needle and a lot of it was still outside of my body, even after than loss of resistance while I was inserting it.

And I agree with her because it did work so quickly and for a long time.




Anna's Mom Click to EMail Anna's MomClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-05-04, 12:56 PM (CMT)
18. "RE: Toradal Shots/question"
Ditto on that HOORAY!




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