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"Migraine dream state... foggy and weird, almost real to life"

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Catherine Click to EMail CatherineClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Feb-07-05, 11:17 AM (CMT)
"Migraine dream state... foggy and weird, almost real to life"

It hink it is common for us migrainers to have bad dreams when we have a migraine during sleep. We've discussed this before.

What I find is that when I wake with a migraine and I take my triptan and I try to sleep it off, I'm in mild to moderate migraine pain and I feel like I'm in more of a fog than dreaming. I often wonder if I'm even asleep at times. I dream that I'm lying with my head in my boyfriends lap and worried that I'm ruining his day, or that I'm lying in bed and its getting late and I have things to do today. I dream that I've taken my pills only to waken and find out I didn't and I'm feeling worse. I need to nudge myself very hard to get out of this dreamy fog to wake up and take my meds...

Only to wake and find reality a little different than my dreams. I could have sworn most of my foggy dreams were real. They were very true to life, very real. I wake up feeling like I've been lying there in a fog for hours and hours.

Its not that I'm drugged. I've often not even taken anything more than an amerge, sometimes one Tylenol #3, so its the migraine itself that does this to me.

Its just so foggy and weird all the time. Anyone else?



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genxgirl Click to EMail genxgirlClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Feb-07-05, 11:24 AM (CMT)
1. "RE: Migraine dream state... foggy and weird, almost real to life"
This happens to me...though it is not always migraine related, sometimes it happens when I am just really, really exhausted.

I often dream that I am asleep trying to wake up. I can't move a muscle, everyone around me thinks I am asleep and I desperately try to swim up from my subconscious any way I can...

It is very disturbing, like being paralyzed. I can't open my eyes but a smidge, and often I spend the dream just trying to make a noise and open my eyes.

Sometimes I succeed in "waking up" in the dream, and sometimes I even get up to do things, but I always end up back where I started, dreaming that I asleep and can't wake up.

I hate those dreams. It feels like maybe I sleeping a little too heavily and my brain wants to wake itself up so that it does not slip too far down...


Catherine Click to EMail CatherineClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Feb-07-05, 05:19 PM (CMT)
2. "RE: Migraine dream state... foggy and weird, almost real to life"
I've had those deep nudge yourself, almost hvae to pinch yourself to get out of it, but these are different. I don't even know that I'm not awake most of the time. I actually think I'm awake, everything seem real.

I'm dreaming real things, like lying with my head in my boyfriends lap and feeling like I'm ruining his day, I would really do that, or think that in real life. Then at some point I start dreaming something else that is very real life and I don't know that I've switched over, and next thing I know 2 or 3 hrs have passed and I'm trying to wake myself up.

I don't remember going through this years ago. It only seems to be the last couple of years maybe. It happen when I'm in an mild migraine state, maybe that's the difference, without the new preventatives and abortives I never used to have much of this mild migraine state.




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