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"DHE infusions"

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guatmom Click to EMail guatmomClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-18-05, 11:42 AM (CMT)
"DHE infusions"
I just got back from an apt. with my neurologist and he's sending me to a local hospital for DHE infusions. He said it should be outpatient(depending on how I react to the first shot) and I would be going in every 8 hours for 3 days. Has anyone else done this? What was it like? All I know it that my doc said it would make me very sick to my stomach. I've had a migraine for about 14 days straight.



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nursebeth Click to EMail nursebethClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-18-05, 11:50 AM (CMT)
1. "RE: DHE infusions"
I had DHE infusions in December.

They really saved me. It really did make me sick at my stomach - I heaved and vomited with every injection. They gave me Reglan prior to each dose, but it really wasn't effective. Make sure that they give you something for the nausea prior to the adminstration of the DHE.

Looking back, I think that the nausea may have been lessened if they had given the DHE via IV drip v/s IV push, but I'm not sure as I've never personnaly given it to a patient (I'm pretty sure none of the nurses I had had given it before either). The DHE is VERY hard on your veins - tell the nurse if your IV site gets painful.

They should monitor your blood pressure closely before, during and after the infusion.

The DHE gave me a couple of good months, it was well worth it, I'd do it again today, even with all of the vomiting.

Good luck


cascadia Click to EMail cascadiaClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-18-05, 11:54 AM (CMT)
2. "RE: DHE infusions"
The DHE treatment worked very well for me, but my treatment was delivered differently.

I went to an IV-therapy place. The patients there were receiving chemotherapy and other IV treatments.

I had two rounds of the DHE medication and because it made me a little jumpy, I also received ativan- this is very common so my doc prescribes both just in case.

I was at the clinic for a couple of hours and due to the ativan they wouldn't let me drive home.

But it worked! It broke the cycle/pattern/whatever it was and I had the best night's sleep of my life!

Good luck!



nursebeth Click to EMail nursebethClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-18-05, 12:07 PM (CMT)
3. "RE: DHE infusions"
LAST EDITED ON Apr-18-05 AT 12:12 PM (CMT)

sorry posted twice!!


hurtsSObad Click to EMail hurtsSObadClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-18-05, 12:19 PM (CMT)
4. "RE: DHE infusions"
I have DHE infusions all of the time the first one was 15 years ago when I was 10. I was actually supposed to go in today but felt too sick to get there by 7am this morning. I had some complications during my last hospitalization so I am very hesitant to be around needles so it needs to be pretty bad for me to go in now. It's pathetic, I am on a first name basis with all of the infusion nurses at the hospital.

It is true that the DHE can cause a lot of side effects however my neuro subscribes a series of "pre-meds" that I take prior to the DHE. I have Restless legs so the DHE makes me extremely jittery but I am alergic to adivan & valium, etc… so there isn't much I can do about it but persevere.

Where I get it done at Jefferson HA Clinic you are in a room with 3 other people (HA patients) and your own TV and headset (if you'd like it) they keep the room dark so that you can sleep through your treatment. Most patients that I've seen actually do sleep through the whole thing. If it your first time, and they know that you are sensitive to side effects they should start you at a low dose and you will probably get 3 or 4 treatment. Depending on your history you doc will probably subscribe a series of other meds to counteract the negative symptoms of the DHE.

I have had it both as an IV drip and as a push the push is obviously much stronger and effective in both pain relief and nausea -- the drip goes in slower so the side effects don't come on quite as fast. Most times I don't get relief from it until the 3rd day. I usually get home and pass out and it is common to still feel some of the side effects the next morning as well as some diarrhea.

I would suggest to wear comfortable clothing, bring your pillow and maybe even a small blanket. Bring things with you that will make you as comfortable as possible. Also, relaxtaion techniques are very helpful during the treatment as it is a long time and I am always very anxious to get out of there. Also, if there is anything that you can do to keep you busy while you wait for the meds to kick in such as knit, draw, write, read, crosswords, soft music, whatever just to help distract and calm your nerves.

I hope that I could be helpful. Please, if you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me.

Just hang in there it should help relieve some of the pain. Just hang in there.

Best of luck,


jeffsmom Click to EMail jeffsmomClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-18-05, 12:59 PM (CMT)
5. "RE: DHE infusions"
I went through DHE infusions in January. My neurologist has an infusion suite in his office so I didn't have to go into the hospital. I had to be there at 8:00 and 3:30 Monday through Friday, following up with a dose of Migranal nasal spray at bedtime Monday through Thursday. I was fortunate that I did not have any problems with nausea - the Reglan seemed to work fine for me.

Before the infusion, I was having headaches almost daily. For the week of the infusion I felt absolutely fantastic. The doctor told me to take Migranal if I felt a headache coming, but not to take more than two ampules in a week. I really had my hopes up afterward, but the following Sunday I started to feel one hit me, so I took the Migranal and it seemed to help. By Tuesday another HA hit - more Migranal. Thursday dealt me a HA that almost made me cry from the pain. I had contacted my neurologist's office earlier in the week, but didn't get much assistance as I could only speak to a receptionist. (This is the only drawback from my neurologist's practice - he will not personally return phone calls.) I had Darvocet and Phenergan from him so I had no choice but to use them and luckily this worked.

Once I had my follow-up appointment with my neurologist, he told me that I could take more Migranal if I needed to. He also told me that I could alternate between the Migranal and Darvocet. So far this has worked, but I am back to having way too frequent headaches. I am scheduled to see the neurologist again this week to see what lies ahead for me.

I knew before I did my infusion that there was a 50% chance it would work, but I have really nasty HA's to work with.

I hope your infusion is successful. Good luck!


guatmom Click to EMail guatmomClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-19-05, 06:11 AM (CMT)
6. "RE: DHE infusions"
Thank you all for responding. I was really pretty
scared to do this but now I think I'll be ok. Turns out I get my first one in the hospital and the rest at the hospital's infusion center across the street. I will be getting 3 a day!



jessipo Click to EMail jessipoClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-19-05, 09:22 AM (CMT)
7. "RE: DHE infusions"
I went through that, but they admitted me to the hospital for 5 days. It helped for 3 weeks. I think it helps other people for alot longer, from what I've heard. Anyway, at least you'll get relief and it's supposed to break the cycle.

allecia Click to EMail alleciaClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Apr-19-05, 10:25 AM (CMT)
8. "RE: DHE infusions"
hope you a feeling better soon sweetie,


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