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"How much Imitrex can you take?"

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KScribe Click to EMail KScribeClick to check IP address of the poster Feb-23-06, 04:10 PM (CMT)
"How much Imitrex can you take?"
I just have a question. I have Imitrex, and it says on the package that you can take two of them for an episode. Then it says later on that it could be dangerous to take it more than 4 times in a month (am I reading that correctly?)

I took one yesterday and it seemed to keep my headache at bay for most of the day, but by the afternoon I was dying. I took another one this morning and have had the headache most of the day but now it's starting to fade (it's 5 PM now....had it all day long). I'm just wondering what kind of dosing others have had success with using Imitrex. My doctor really didn't explain to me how much is too much (and I can NEVER get him when I call his office, which is very annoying). Thanks, Kevin


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RE: How much Imitrex can you take?, plant lady, Feb-23-06, (2)
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Mindi Click to EMail MindiClick to check IP address of the poster Feb-23-06, 05:00 PM (CMT)
1. "RE: How much Imitrex can you take?"
Hi, I am new here and saw your question. I have been taking Imitrex for a few years now. I have always been told that you can take 1 50mg pill every two hours, not to exceep 4 tablets in 24 hours. That is what is on my prescription label. Hope that helps.

plant lady Click to EMail plant ladyClick to check IP address of the poster Feb-23-06, 07:25 PM (CMT)
2. "RE: How much Imitrex can you take?"
Hi, hope this helps. I'm still pretty new here, but been dealing with migraine since 14 yrs old. Started taking Imitrex in 1996. By 2001 I was taking 100mg tablets about 15-19 EACH MONTH, but never more than two in any 24 hour period. My doctor told me the more than 4 times per month warning was because they didn't have enough people with chronic migraines in the teens each month to test the effects on for higher doses. Here's what my experience was. Hard to think clearly, dsylexic writing and speech - it was pretty scary. Ended up having spinal surgery, to give my nerves and spinal cord a bit more room and get rid of some spurs. They replaced the disc at C-5 (neck). Headaches continued though, but my hand stopped going numb. I've gotten relief through a combination of Axert (instead of Imitrex), Phenergen and Fiorset when needed. I take Skelaxin again now and it helps keep the migraines a bay a bit. Botox is a miracle - lessened severity and frequency.
Anyway, didn't mean to go on...Good luck with the imitrex. I did find taking a Fiorset with the Imitrex when I was really bad was a good 1-2 punch back at the stupid migraine.
May you have some joy today!

djk62 Click to EMail djk62Click to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Feb-23-06, 07:45 PM (CMT)
3. "RE: How much Imitrex can you take?"
I have been using imitrex for well over ten years now but I use the injections.

When I first started you had to inject a regukar needel and psh the suringe The first time it took me over an hour to get up the nerve to poke myself after that I did not have any more fears becuse it not only releaved the migrain it took away all the pressure in my head and neck.

It should be taken at the time the headache starts that way it does not go into a full blowen headache.
But even if you wait ( do to price ) it releaves the migrain within 15 min for me and no side effects for me anywys.

I would try and get a free sample from you doc and try it you only have to use at the onset of the hedache and the new injectors come with a kit that you only have to push a button and it does the rest.

I personaly had no luck with imitrex pills as mine come on very fast one min I am fine next I am having a full blowen migraine the injections go directly to your tissue and you start feeling releaf within mins after taking it

unfortunately I am a very skinny individual with no fat whatsoever on my body. I have to inject myself on my butt cheaks and if I am in a public. setting without restrooms I have to go of to my vehicle to do the injection. If I did it in front of people they may give me a dirty look

normally you can inject it on your upper arm or any other place that has a small amount of fat tissues.

I hope this helps you out



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