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"Stadol NS for Migraines"

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mollyj Click to EMail mollyjClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster May-22-01, 03:58 PM (CMT)
"Stadol NS for Migraines"
Okay, after another nasty comment from my step-sister, who is a doctor in Washington, about the Stadol NS I use, that works most of the time, for my migraines...I'd like to know who has experienced this medication, good or bad results. It has been my wonder drug and she just went on and on about how horribly addictive it is and how I shouldn't be taking it and how my doctor must not know what he is doing, blah...blah...blah...
Sorry, so negative, but it ticks me off for people who don't have migraines to judge what medicine works best for me, even if she IS a doctor! I know there is contoversy about it, but isn't there for most pain meds? Thank you for letting me vent. Please let me hear your thoughts.


PS That the last time I go to HER for advice!


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tmensink Click to EMail tmensinkClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster May-22-01, 04:30 PM (CMT)
1. "RE: Stadol NS for Migraines"
Hi Molly. I am sorry but your probably not going to like what I have to say about the stadol NS but you asked for someone who has experienced it so here goes. I have posted many times about my experience with stadol, so there is some of it in the archives. But anyway to make a very long story short here goes. I was prescribed Stadol as almost a last resort as most meds preventative or other do not seem to help me an I have suffered with migraines most of my life but the last 8yrs or so have been the worst. Like 24/7 migraines, with no relief. So when I started using the stadol I thought I had found the miracle drug and my long time doctor had no problem with me taking it as a matter a fact I saw an internist who also said to go ahead and use it. In the beginning it was great I could take a sniff and I could carry on with my work, I had no side effects. But over time I required to use more and more and I had to take more to get the same effect, this happened over time. Still my doctor kept prescribing it, well by the time I hit bottom to where it was not working as well I was taking one bottle per day and that is not a typo, and I have never been an addict to any drugs prescription or otherwise so although there were a few people who tried to subtlely warn me knowone came right out and said you can't take that much, my main problem was paying for it as my insurance got cut off. Then like I say it didn't work I required it plus tylenol #4 to get relief and that was barely doing it. THen my doctor retired, well try and find another doctor who will prescribe that much, no way. Most doctors wouldn't touch me, however in the er one day I ran across my present doctor and with her help, I quit the stadol. She found me a migraine specialist as well as a pain management doctor, I had to go into the pain program for six weeks, I had to go without any pain meds for a year.All of this because I didn't know that my miracle drug was killing me literally, my doctor was even amazed that I hadn't just gone to sleep and not woken up. Later I found out that someone who suffers from migraines the way I do cannot take that type of pain med, I was told that is only for those who suffer a migraine once a month and needs to take it for relief, my pain specialist says you can take stadol safely if it is used sparingly, but not for chronic migrainers. Also they said 2 bottles a year would be safe. Since going to the pain clinic I was told any pain med cannot be taken more than 3 times a week. My doctor told me I was not addicted but I was dependant, and it was hard just quitting it. I really feel, I was at the end with the stadol, not only with the damage it had done to my body but I was totally depressed with my migraines as now I had to take this med, and I was still not getting relief etc. I tried to make this story short but it is one I could talk about all day, as I almost died well taking it, I know it is of value to some migrainers but please be very careful with it and just because a doctor is willing to give it doesn't mean its good for you. Good Luck and wish I had better news about the stadol, I know what you are going through as I once thought it was my wonder drug and I didn't want to hear anything negative about the one med that gave me relief. Keep me posted, and I will answer any questions about it I can. Bye Roxy.

Hallie Click to EMail HallieClick to check IP address of the poster May-22-01, 09:53 PM (CMT)
2. "What about now?"

What do you take for your daily migraines now that you can't take the NS Stadol? Just wondering how you are managing it.



Bedoroses Click to EMail BedorosesClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster May-23-01, 06:54 AM (CMT)
3. "RE: What about now?"
Hallie - I'm sorry, but I too do not think Stadol is a good medication for chronic migrainers. Stadol has tremendous rebound effects and I suspect that could be part of the problem. There are many "better" pain meds out there. I would suggest you speak honestly with YOUR Doctor..hehe, not your sister..and explain you are not getting the relief you need. The longer acting pain meds are much better for your system and pain management. Let us know how it goes!? Elizabeth

Bedoroses Click to EMail BedorosesClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster May-23-01, 06:56 AM (CMT)
4. "RE: What about now?"
I'm sorry...brain cramp there...mollyj not Hallie, so sorry Elizabeth

VickiG Click to EMail VickiGClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster May-23-01, 01:28 PM (CMT)
5. "RE: What about now?"
On the other side of the coin, I use stadol for only the very worst migraines. Although I have a constant migraine, I have taken the stadol only 4 times in the 3 months that I have had this medicine. If I refuse to allow myself to take this for anything more often than this, it is a nice break for me once in a while when I really need the relief from the pain. I did have a bad reaction to it the second time, but I think I may have accidentally used more than the prescribed dose. The third and fourth times I took it with someone with me just in case, and I did fine.

leebones Click to EMail leebonesClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster May-28-01, 11:15 AM (CMT)
13. "RE: Stadol NS for Migraines"
roxy who was the doc who prescribed it all. I lived in barrhead before and am wondering if we share the same experience with some of them. my primary was wray when I lived there. goberson wanted me to try the needle in the back of the neck, not sure what he called it. wray did not agree so I never tried it.



prophet0230 Click to EMail prophet0230Click to check IP address of the poster May-23-01, 09:59 PM (CMT)
6. "RE: Stadol NS for Migraines"

I think that as some of the readers of this forum can tell you I have been suffering migraines for a long time, and have been a long time member of the forum, and as well a long time user of the Stadol NS.
I started the stadol NS about two and a half years ago. The Stadol is fine to use, but what you want to do is to use it as a last option type of thing. Tell your doctor that you need medications that you can try before resorting to the stadol. The Stadol IS VERY addictive, I am not addicted to it, or dependent on it. It takes someone that is strong enough to know when and how much is enough to use, and to know that using it daily isn't a great idea, even if it means going a day or more without pain control. There for a while I was going through two vials (bottles) every two days. It helped so much!
I still have some refills left, but are not getting them because since they put me on the Oxycontin the Stadol does absolutely nothing for me, its like spraying water into my nose. I think that the Oxycontin counter acts it or something.
Just know that you are you, and you know what works for you. You alone have to be strong enough and willing to not use it daily, or atleast for more than a few days at a time, and to not use more than prescribed. It can do SO much liver damage thats its not funny when it is taken more than prescribed.
I would actually suggest that you ask your doctor for a prescript of Ultram if you have not used it before and see if it helps you with some pain relief. It does me, especially with taking the Oxycontin twice daily. If the Ultram doesnt help, (Ultram is a non-narcotic drug) I have Vicodin to take, usually the vicodin 5/500 and two ultram taken together works pretty good.
Too, the stadol does cause severe rebound migraines when taken more than prescribed, so be carefull with that too. I know that in this reply I have skipped around a lot, but my mind isn't working to well tonight, I have been up for almost 48 hours, and canot think right...
I guess just be carefull, and respect the meds that are prescribed to you from your doctor. Ignore all of those that are telling you that you shouldn't use a certain medication. You and your doctor knows what is best for you! If you have questions, or concerns, make sure that you call your doctor.
Well I hope that you have gotten something out of this jumble that I have written, cause I just read it, and it makes no sence to me. I will be praying, and if you ever need to steam/vent, or want to ask questions, ect... please feel free to e-mail me at chaos21@txcyber.com . That goes for everyone. I am here for you all!

G' Nite:
God Bless:

Wesley Moore


mollyj Click to EMail mollyjClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster May-24-01, 08:33 AM (CMT)
7. "RE: Stadol NS for Migraines"
Thank you everyone! You ALL made perfect sense! I knew there were going to be good and bad things to say about it, but I needed to hear them both! I appreciate it. I do not take it more than prescribed, I do take it as a secondary 'try' to relieve them, by taking Vicodin first, usually to get me thru the day, as I can function on it. Then at home will try my Stadol. My last resort is a shot at the dr. There are weeks when I have them daily that I just go w/out because I don't want to take pain meds daily as they tend to lose their effect. I guess my step-sister just made me mad, because I went to her as she is a professional and she just 'went off' on me. I'd would have been better receptive if she'd have just talked to me instead of preached to me. Does that make sense? Anyway, my doctor is going to try a preventative when I return from my vacation. I am tired of pain meds all together. Look for my post as I will be asking for opinions on the med he wants to try. Thank you all!



Norma Click to EMail NormaClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster May-24-01, 10:07 AM (CMT)
8. "RE: Stadol NS for Migraines"
Wesley--you are so smart to have caught on to something that very few people are aware of, although the cause is the opposite of what you guessed. It doesn't seem to make much sense, but even though stadol is addictive all on it's own, it is also what they call a narcotic antagonist. If you have a narcotic in you system already, and use a dose of stadol, it will undo what the narcotic has done. If you take a narcotic when you have stadol in your body already, the narcotic will not work. If a person is seriously addicted to narcotics, stadol can send them into withdrawal. I'm surprised how many health care providers do not know this, or do not realize that it matters to someone who uses a variety of pain meds. Just goes to show we have to be our own advocates, and get as much knowledge as we can. There are lots of different "classes" of drugs out there and they do not all go together.



Melonie Click to EMail MelonieClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster May-24-01, 10:31 AM (CMT)
9. "RE: Stadol NS for Migraines"
Thank you for this very important information.
There is such a great variety of people who visit this forum. I am so glad that you, with your healthcare experience, are one of them. I can research out the yazoo, and not find pertinent info like you described above.
Thanks again,

Scot Click to EMail ScotClick to check IP address of the poster May-28-01, 07:08 AM (CMT)
10. "RE: Stadol NS for Migraines"
I am a chronic migrane suffer with 2-3 attacks per week. I have been through all kinds of medications and my neurologist and I finally hit on a combo that works. I have tried all of the abortive and prophylactic drugs that are out there and we finally settled on DHE nasal spray and Stadol NS.

I have been using Stadol for several years now and can say without a doubt that I am neither addicted to it nor dependent on it. It works great for my migraines that do not respond to DHE. It allows me to continue my work and make it through the day. It has made the diffrence for me and I swear by it use. I use 1-3 bottles every two months on average.

There are several factors that can determine your succeptability to addiction, dependance and analgesic rebound. I have found that if you are in tune with yourself and can see what you are doing you should have no problem controlling your use of this, or any, medication. I know when I am using too much or when I am getting close to having a rebound HA...and I can stop. If I use too much in a month, I don't go running to a doc to ask for an "early" refill. I just have to tough it out and make sure I don't overuse it next time.

If you know your limits and know the limitations and potential downfalls of your medication you can safely take anything.

Please don't limit your medication choices because of the "horror stories" that are out there. There is always going to be someone out there that is not able to control their actions and is going to have problems with medications. Just becuase they did doesn't mean you will. For every one problem patient there are considerably more that have no problems at all. The thing that really upsets me is all of this negative press can make physicians skittish to prescribe much needed pain meds. Always remember that bad news travels the fastest...and is always the loudest.

Good luck with your migraines...and may a "cure" come soon...for all of us.



ladybug Click to EMail ladybugClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster May-28-01, 10:33 AM (CMT)
11. "Stadol NS"
LAST EDITED ON May-28-01 AT 10:34 AM (CMT)

Hello all, It has been a LONG time since I posted here, and I see there are alot of "Newbies" (since I was here the last time)
I have been on the Stadol for about a year and 1/2. and so far I have had no problems. I suffer from 4 different types of migraines, and I have them 6 or 7 days a week now. Around this time every year, I go into a vicious cycle, where I have what seems to be ONE long migraine that lasts from June to Sept. And only eases when I take pain meds. After the medicine wears off, the pain is back with full force. The Stadol HAS bee a life saver for me!! I have never had a problem with it, but I only use it for the 8+ migs. I have fioricet for anything under an 8. I have not found myself using any more than I did when I first started taking it.
I have talked to my Dr. about addiction to the Stadol, and I have been told by several doctors that "you cannot become addicted to a pain medication, if you use it strictly for PAIN...... not WHEN you think you MIGHT be getting a migraine."
I would talk to my Dr., if I were you. I said that to some one else here about the stadol, and there were several responses saying NOT TO DO THAT. because the Dr may take the Stadol away from the patient. IF you have a good relationship with your Dr. and there is trust between BOTH of you, then talk to your Dr.
You have to do what YOU think is best for YOU. If you are worried about it, then the best person to talk to is your Dr.



tmensink Click to EMail tmensinkClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster May-28-01, 11:08 AM (CMT)
12. "RE: Stadol NS"
Hi Everyone, I read all the posts and have to say I agree with most everything that has been said, but I do want to clarify something which hit a cord with me. I in noway wanted to say DO NOT USE stadol ns, I would never tell anyone to not use something that is giving them any relief as I have suffered long enough to be smarter than that. I did though want to give you another side to the stadol, as I said exactly what many other migrainers said about it eg. as long as you are strong enough to know when to take it and when not to, as long as you take it as the doctor prescribes, as long as you don't have a addictive or dependent personality etc. This is all stuff I said 5yrs ago, I even suggested to others to try it, for me it was a life saver. I really just wanted to tell you that I have heard and experienced both the good and the bad of stadol ns, and I only advise you to use caution as of course we need to with all medication.And if it sounds like I have a bitter taste in regards to the stadol I do, as I have told you about. My only reason for passing the info along to you is you wanted to hear about experiences with it, when I ask about meds I want both the good and the bad then I can make my own decission, which I am assuming is what you wanted. I didn't think I was telling you horror stories or demanding you quit, and I was belittling anyone who uses this med, I just wanted to give you some more info, I wish someone had given me more info so I could have made an informed decission. Again I have to say because a doctor prescribes you a certain med and a certain dose doesn't mean you don't have to do your own research as that was my biggest mistake. I do however still believe this is a good med,and is a good choice for severe pain relief. I think if a person doesn't have to use it to often it would be great, but for chronic migrainers it can be damageing. I was really lucky in the way that I had no long term damage from my prescribed dose, and I did not become addicted, but the pain clinic gave me an article written in the states about six migrainers who didn't survive there stadol use, one of them being a 26yr old man. I would think most of us that post here only want to help others by our experience, we do not expect people will make life long decissions based on what one says, but hopefully our posts will help someone go into researching there own treatment, or at the very least cause them to ask questions that may benefit there care. I like hearing others different opinions, but I don't believe we should belittle or add insult to others posts. Wish you all a pain free day, and Good Luck, keep us posted Bye Roxy. P.S. sorry in a downer mood today.LOL

totweet1064 Click to EMail totweet1064Click to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster May-28-01, 03:09 PM (CMT)
14. "RE: Stadol NS"
I have tried the stadol ns about 5 years ago, it did not help me with the pain, it seemed to intensify it for me. I did not feel pain anywhere else, did not feel like I had a care in the world, but behind my right eye and temple where my migraines originate at was hurting, it was like it numbed the rest of my body and that made that pain in my head feel worse. Also, when I was using it, the pain would not go away, and in my mind I was thinking well, maybe I did not use enough, maybe I need one more puff. And I would use it and then it still did not work. I used up a bottle within a couple of days, and decided that it wasn't for me. But even though I don't consider myself to have an addictive personality, I know if I had narcotics laying around my house and even thought that it would give me some release for the pain, then it makes it hard not to use them. I have always been pretty good about not using something too often but it is a struggle, especially if what you have works for you.I have even taken one of those tests that some docs give you to see what type of personality that you have before they treat you with pain meds and things, and that test said that I did not have an addictive personality. But I believe that anyone can become addicted to something that gives them some relief. It is really not an addiction I guess, and I have seen the term that I want to use here, but it will not come to me right now as I am still migraining, but a need to get rid of the pain. And as all of us know, we can get some bad thoughts in our head once in a while, and I know myself that I am not always thinking clearly when I am in the middle of a 10+++++++. I don't think that that makes us weak in any way, I believe that it makes us human to want some relief from the 24/7 pain. I hope that what I said makes sense because like I said I am migraining right now. But each and every one of us here, just want to let you know from our personal experiences what has happened to us, and want our information to be helpful not harmful. If you don't hear all sides of the story you would be going in blind, and I know that I wouldn't want to do that. That is why I have came on here and asked about all the new meds that I am taking here, because I want to be able to recognize a problem before it gets to be a bad problem, and you can look on the internet for information but you will never find out the things there that you can find out here from individuals personal experience with the meds. I don't think that any of us react the same way to every med. Some people can take something that some of us can't, and we are not weak in any way just because we know that we can not use a certain med. I guess I have went on long enough, just wanted to share my personal thoughts, which is what I think that you wanted to hear.
Wishing you many pain free days,

catovie Click to EMail catovieClick to check IP address of the poster Jun-04-01, 07:54 AM (CMT)
15. "RE: Stadol NS"
I have been taking Stadol ns for years and yes, if I over-do it I'll get re-bounds but otherwise it has been a godsend for me. It usually works up until the MG becomes a 9 or 10 then I have to go in and get a shot of something stronger.


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