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"Lucid dreaming and migraines"

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Peter_sky Click to EMail Peter_skyClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-15-08, 02:10 AM (CMT)
"Lucid dreaming and migraines"

Until recently I did not know there was a name for the type of dreams I was having. And the interesting thing is they seem to be related to my migraine attacks or may be the other way around, maybe the type of drams bring on my migraines?

For many years just before having a bad migraine attack my dream patterns changed. I am one of these people who can always remember my dreams, nearly every detail.

These dreams that come the day before or at the time of the migraines are very vivid and most importantly when I dream I am aware that I am dreaming and can direct the dream.

I can do things like fly in the dreams and things that would seem impossible in the waking world.

It is just interesting that these migraine attacks and lucid dreaming seem to be coming together. Are peoples brains wired differently if they are migraine sufferers?



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moominamy Click to EMail moominamyClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-15-08, 08:57 AM (CMT)
1. "RE: Lucid dreaming and migraines"
Hi Peter

Lucid dreams, boy do I get those! My fiance actually (seems to?!) enjoy me telling him about them as they are often just so bizarre. Totally real, I actively think and direct them.

I get into a real coma like sleep sometimes, particularly after a bad one. It can be virtually impossible for me to wake myself up, and can take others quite some time. To me it seems like a 'healing' sleep. When I have these I get what I think are hypnogogic hallucinations (or is it hypnopompic - I can never remember, ones when you're falling asleep, the other when you're waking up).

These hallucinations include a feeling of being awake and paralysed. I had one where I felt like my fiance came into the room, down the side of the bed, sat next to me and then started to strangle me. All the time I was unable to move or call out, but it all felt so real. I finally woke up and the room was empty.

I discussed sleep studies with my neuro, but as this is the NHS and they are expensive she wouldn't go there. I do wonder if I have idiopathic hypersomnia. If I don't get at least ten hours sleep my migraines are far worse.

Recently I was on pregabalin, which gave me awful insomnia. Even now, six months after coming off it, I still have it. All this time my head has been much worse. Over the past week I've started to have my coma like sleep again, and more lucid dreams - and my migraines have actually been less severe!

Actually I quite enjoy the dreams. I've had some great ideas and even wrote a poem once in a dream that I wrote down!

Do you find too much or little sleep affects your migraines?



thetsarisa Click to EMail thetsarisaClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-15-08, 04:17 PM (CMT)
2. "RE: Lucid dreaming and migraines"
yeah, I got these too! I hate them as they feel so real.

I am not sure if they are related to M or the medications we take for M. But I think the meds does increase the "lucidity" of the dreams.


Human beings, vegetables, or comic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible player.
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Cynthy Click to EMail CynthyClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-16-08, 00:21 AM (CMT)
3. "RE: Lucid dreaming and migraines"
Lucid dreams are something that, if I am remembering correctly, researchers think have some real therapeutic potential.

The more positive, powerful, things you direct yourself to do in your dreams, the more there seems to be a positive carry-over into your waking life.

There was a big article in Newsweek at some point. It's a fascinating subject (to me).



antonella Click to EMail antonellaClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-16-08, 03:38 AM (CMT)
4. "RE: Lucid dreaming and migraines"
I have something like that.
The thing that mostly happens to me is that when I have migraine I dream of having migraine.
In the dreams, I suffer and ask for help; I also have the impression that I'm in a dream sometimes, but I cannot wake up.

When I'm migraining, I often dream that I'm a soldier in the desert and that I'm shot in my head


Peter_sky Click to EMail Peter_skyClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-16-08, 04:25 AM (CMT)
5. "RE: Lucid dreaming and migraines"
One part of the dreaming that I do find very useful, is problem solving.

I repair electronic equipment and I have spent the whole day trying to fix it and unable to find the fault but then during the dream I somehow work it out, made a few $$$ doing this,

When I have a lucid dream I can leave it at any time by returning to a lamp post in my dream, and then I wake up.

I can join a dream where i have left off the night before by thinking of last nights dream before I drop off, it becomes a bit like a mini series on TV lol


moominamy Click to EMail moominamyClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-16-08, 05:59 AM (CMT)
6. "RE: Lucid dreaming and migraines"
This is all so fascinating! I too sometimes dream of head pain when I have a bad one. All sorts of things - being shot in the head (like Antonella), being in a bad car crash and suffering head injuries, being tortured and most commonly, being beaten up and having my head kicked in. They are not pleasant.

Peter, I wish I could bring back the same dream the next night. I can only go back into the same dream if I go back to sleep within an hour or so, but usually less.

Apparantly you can teach yourself to have lucid dreams, and get the most from them, if you are prone to it.

My mum has very vivid dreams too. Wonder if it is hereditary? A friend of mine only dreams in black and white, and in very sketchy snapshot type images, not like a movie. It all really interests me.



BaadDawg Click to EMail BaadDawgClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-16-08, 02:41 PM (CMT)
7. "Beta Blockers Can Cause Vivid Dreams"
No idea if you take one for migraine prevention, but I do know that one of the common side effects of many beta blockers is called vivid dreams. I certainly get them from taking beta blockers (and I take a very low dose).

moominamy Click to EMail moominamyClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-16-08, 06:16 PM (CMT)
8. "RE: Beta Blockers Can Cause Vivid Dreams"
Funny you should mention that, but when I was on beta blockers it actually seemed to suppress them a bit!

But, yes, may be a suspect.



Peter_sky Click to EMail Peter_skyClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-17-08, 01:26 AM (CMT)
9. "RE: Beta Blockers Can Cause Vivid Dreams"
Lucid dreaming has been with me since I was a teenager, before I took any meds in fact, the funny thing was it started about the same time as my migraines started, this is why I was wondering if there was a connection or a greater percentage of lucid dreamers among M sufferers than the non sufferers group.

Beta Blockers can cause vivid dreaming but I don't think it is the same as lucid dreaming. In my dreaming I have control over my dream, but I can wake paralysed for a few minutes.


dennibee Click to EMail dennibeeClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-17-08, 06:53 AM (CMT)
10. "RE: Beta Blockers Can Cause Vivid Dreams"
My doctor prescribed me Propanol, and she told me to take it at bedtime. Then she said it might cause me to remember and have more vivid dreams and if that was the case, to take it in the morining.

Just thought that was really unusual!

Best wishes,



cishanjia Click to EMail cishanjiaClick to check IP address of the poster Jul-28-08, 08:11 AM (CMT)
11. "RE: Lucid dreaming and migraines"
Hi, Peter,

I have vivid dreams too, though I've not read anything to suggest this is related to migraine. Which isn't to say that it isn't! And I have rare lucid dreams, in which I realise I am dreaming and can take over the dream. Like having my very own free, fully virtual reality high-def console! My own technique to triggering taking over is to chant "I am the god of dreamworld" over and over in my head when falling asleep! (In all modesty, of course!) That said, sadly, I can only very rarely succeed in realising I'm dreaming and take them over. That I recall, I've done so only twice so far. This maybe because it relies on talking to "another" in a dream and activating that trigger.

I don't know whether they coincided with migraines.

I recently had a dream in which I dreamt I was in my parents' old house and looking out over the country views I miss. I realised that I was dreaming, but couldn't hold on to the realisation and so only then dreamt that I'd better check the another window!!! Which I was disappointed with on waking, since I'd have liked to have stayed and admired that view again for longer.

Do you have any technique you use to trigger and recognise lucid dreams, Peter?

(Just to clarify: vivid dreams are ones that can appear as vividly as if real and that may be well remembered at least on waking; lucid dreams are like vivid dreams except that the dreamer realises they are dreaming and can consciously take over the dream to do what they like within it. Wikipedia has a long but fascinating entry on this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucid_dream)




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