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"Anyone used coconut oil ?"

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AJR Click to EMail AJRClick to check IP address of the poster Sep-25-08, 01:40 PM (CMT)
"Anyone used coconut oil ?"
I've been reading lots about it and wondered if anyone had tried using virgin coconut oil for migraine headache prevention or for any other purpose.
Thanks! Alexis

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RE: Anyone used coconut oil ?, AJR, Sep-26-08, (11)

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Brent Click to EMail BrentClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Sep-25-08, 07:03 PM (CMT)
1. "RE: Anyone used coconut oil ?"
LAST EDITED ON Sep-25-08 AT 07:07 PM (CMT)

I use it for making popcorn and soap but not for migs. Iherb.com has a good selection of extra virgin coconut oil.


What info or links do you have about it and migs? I am very curious.


dcook60 Click to EMail dcook60Click to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Sep-25-08, 07:25 PM (CMT)
2. "RE: Anyone used coconut oil ?"
i use it for sauteeing. it's supposed to be GOOD FOR YOU, after years and years of being evil. oh well.......

i do not take it regularly, and since i've been cooking w/it for several years, my M's are definitely NOT better. dianne


Chinookgrl Click to EMail ChinookgrlClick to check IP address of the poster Sep-25-08, 08:52 PM (CMT)
3. "RE: Anyone used coconut oil ?"
My sister uses it for her Fibromyalgia. She says she feels better since being on it but it has only been a couple of weeks. I'll try to post later about any results she has.



AJR Click to EMail AJRClick to check IP address of the poster Sep-26-08, 05:52 AM (CMT)
4. "RE: Anyone used coconut oil ?"
LAST EDITED ON Sep-26-08 AT 05:53 AM (CMT)

Thanks everyone. I asked about it because I was reading Dr McCleary's articles from his book The Brain Trust Program (thanks to a tip from Cheryl!!) in which he recommends a ketogenic cocktail to help start your body producing ketones...he feels that it could help reduce/prevent migraines in a similar way that it can help epilepsy.

Part of it that is important is getting oils with MCT (medium chain triglycerides) so that your body burns them for energy quickly. Coconut oil is a big source of MCTs. Then I got reading all that is out there about the benefits of coconut oil in general, and thought I'd ask others about it.


Dr. McCleary also recommends Huperzine A and Vinpocetine (and other vitamins) as part of a migraine cocktail. I ordered those 2 things from iherb and have taken them myself - just to make sure it doesn't do anything real strange before I give it to my son. I did feel different after taking those 2 things together last night - kind of slowed down, but strange in the head...it dialates your vessels to increase oxygen, etc. and they are used for alzheimer disease because they increase memory, etc.

I don't know what to think about the ketogenic diet....my son's bloodwork just came back from the dr. and he has elevated trigycerides and his LDLs and HDLs could be better too. HE is only 14, so I need to get it under control. Some studies show that low fat diets help migraine, some say the ketogenic diets help....it's so confusing. I am struggling with what approach to take with him. I want him to be able to eat somewhat normally, but ...well, you all know how it is.

Thanks again! Alexis


dcook60 Click to EMail dcook60Click to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Sep-26-08, 08:45 AM (CMT)
5. "RE: Anyone used coconut oil ?"
after looking at dr. mc cleary's GORGEOUS website, it appears that he is eminently credentialed.

he doesn't say how much coconut oil would be prophylactic for migraines, does he? i'm assuming it would be quite a lot!?

one would become very fat, if continuing to eat the normal high-carb diet. i doubt i will try this; can't lose my muffin-top as it is. i need way more evidence.

btw, i've been on every diet known to man and woman in my 40-yr. saga of hideous migraines, hoping for the MAGIC BULLET DIET which would cure me.

now i'm so old that life is too short to be depriving myself of everything i like! i've been there/done that, as i'm sure many of us have.

one thing that concerns me is that vinpocetine can be a very dangerous substance, (one this dr. recommends). it is not a vasoconstrictor like the triptans,but a vasoDILATOR.

this would be horrible for my case, which responds favorably to triptans. not all of them, mind you, but only two of this drug class. please do some more research on all this. we will eagerly await more info. dianne


Anna's Mom Click to EMail Anna's MomClick to check IP address of the poster Sep-26-08, 09:04 AM (CMT)
6. "RE: Anyone used coconut oil ?"

I have been consuming coconut oil for over a year now every morning in my cereal. I do this for the health benefits.

I have a suggestion for you about trying to find a doctor to help you with the ketogenic diet issues. Go to this website:


You can find a listing of practitioners on that website. Many of them are MD's.

We have a functional medicine MD an hour away. He takes all insurances. He prescribes bioidentical hormones, and he practices so called "cutting edge" medicine. The treatments described in all of Suzanne Somer's many books (which I read).

Anna has seen him three times over several years, but I'm reluctant to "go for broke" with him because some of the things he would want to do would go against what Anna's traditional G.P. believes. And I feel Anna needs to continue in her mutually trusting relationship with her G.P., as he has been her rock through this nightmare.

But for you and your son, a functional medicine specialist would probably know about ketogenic diets and the more unusual supplements you want to try.

Keep us posted!



AJR Click to EMail AJRClick to check IP address of the poster Sep-26-08, 11:01 AM (CMT)
7. "RE: Anyone used coconut oil ?"
LAST EDITED ON Sep-26-08 AT 11:18 AM (CMT)

Thanks, Cheryl...I will look at the website and see what may be around us. I appreciate it. We do have access to a naturopath who was very knowledgable, but it gets discouraging when none of the "ideas" work. I hope Anna is doing better.

Diane - I haven't received McCleary's book in the mail yet, but have just read things on the internet by him. Sombodyhealme.com has a good review of it (thanks Diana Lee). He doesn't say to use coconut oil, but rather MCT oil, but coconut oil was more available to me at the moment. I could order MCT oil, but wanted to look into things further.

I realized there is a dialation affect of the vinpocetine too - it is probably like niacin in that it may help some, may hot help others. If I used it, it would be a very small dose. I have to read his book more to see what he says about it.

He says it calms things down in your brain, which the huperzine A definitely did seem to do for me. I am waiting to see how the vinpocetine 2.5 mg dose works on me today. I kind of think they both made me feel tired, but not sure if it is that or just this rainy day we are having.

Here is a better description by Diana Lee


mianna Click to EMail miannaClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Sep-26-08, 01:53 PM (CMT)
8. "RE: Anyone used coconut oil ?"
A friend gave me some coconut oil, I made banana/blueberry/walnut muffins with it....my husband and son raved....they just didn't brown as much if I'd used butter.

I used some the other night to saute cauliflower, chopped chicken breast, chopped lean breakfast sausage and chopped fresh apples...with a little nutmeg...all together and it was DELICIOUS. Again, The Boy's loved that dinner. And my son is only 8! Not many kids love 'brains'....aka cauliflower!

I've enjoyed getting to experiment with it.

Next time....something Polynesian.



AJR Click to EMail AJRClick to check IP address of the poster Sep-26-08, 03:11 PM (CMT)
9. "RE: Anyone used coconut oil ?"
I liked the flavor of it too - I sauteed some mushrooms in it and could definitely taste the coconutty flavor. I haven't tried baking with it yet, but I want to next time I make something requiring butter.

Thanks for letting me know!


Anna's Mom Click to EMail Anna's MomClick to check IP address of the poster Sep-26-08, 03:44 PM (CMT)
10. "RE: Anyone used coconut oil ?"
I hope you have some success with the new ideas in the book, Alexis. You want it to be safe, that's for sure.

I took care of a boy who was on the very strictest ketogenic diet for seizures, and I could not believe all the fat he had to eat. His diet was overseen by an MD. It needed to be, because it was so extreme.



AJR Click to EMail AJRClick to check IP address of the poster Sep-26-08, 04:32 PM (CMT)
11. "RE: Anyone used coconut oil ?"
LAST EDITED ON Sep-26-08 AT 04:35 PM (CMT)

I've heard of that too, Cheryl....I knew someone whose child had to literally drink a lot of oil daily because of a serious brain condition that caused epilepsy.

I am not going to do a high fat diet for him at this time because I don't think I could maintain the Atkins type of diet for long with him and I just don't feel comfortable with the whole idea. I am going to stop the sugar as much as I can and try to eat healthier in general. He doesn't make it easy, believe me.

I am going to add some coconut oil capsules in the AM and PM (I know that is a small amount compared to taking a spoonful of oil, but I want to see how he reacts to it) and I'm goint to try small amounts of the hupezine and vinpocetine (I chopped the vinpocetine pills into quarters) to see if it keeps the migraines away at all. I am struggling with the idea of the vinpocetine for the very reason that it is a dilator, but then again, triptans don't work at all for him, so maybe the constricion isn't what he heeds. Dr. McCleary acts like the huperzine and vinpocetine will calm the neural activity down, and that part sounds good for him.

I figure I could always add the MCT oil too, in a smoothie or something for Paul if I decide to do that. Apparently you can take MCT oil and get some ketone burning action going on if you are unable to do the Atkins type diet.

I've certainly tried all the well-known supplements for migraine with not much luck.

I do get nervous when I try something new though. He is very good about it, but I'd feel terrible if I ever caused him to feel worse. I just hate to stand by and do/try nothing!

Do you notice that the coconut oil makes you feel better or have more energy? I am starting to try it too. I'd be very happy to raise my metabolism!

Thanks for your input! Alexis



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