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"Soc sec"

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tanyalip Click to EMail tanyalipClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-06-09, 03:20 AM (CMT)
"Soc sec"
If any of you have gone through the soc sec process for migraines, and was required to see a doc for a mental evaluation would you mind explaining to me what this may be for, or pls e-mail me.
Thank you So much!!



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RE: Soc sec, dcook60, Aug-11-09, (9)
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lesherb1 Click to EMail lesherb1Click to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-06-09, 10:41 AM (CMT)
1. "RE: Soc sec"

I applied for Social Security Disability (and was eventually turned down). I had to have a psychological evaluation.

It was just an interview which seemed to me for them to get a handle on my mental stability. The doctor asked general questions like do you feel depressed? Are you often anxious? Stuff like that.

I don't have any good advice for how you should handle the interview as obviously, I was turned down in the end. I did go the whole way through the system and the judge's determination was I could find work in my skill set which wouldn't be prevented by migraine pain. It's still a sore subject for me.

Good luck,


Anna's Mom Click to EMail Anna's MomClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-06-09, 02:40 PM (CMT)
2. "RE: Soc sec"
Many Chiarians have to go through this, and some of them do prevail in the end. But it stresses them out--greatly!



Hal Click to EMail HalClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-09-09, 11:11 PM (CMT)
3. "RE: Soc sec"
After three years of continuous, horrific, dibillitating pain, and the onset of coronary heart disease with arthritis, diabetes and psych problems (I told the Soc Sec shrink that she really needed to make sure that the forms that she handed out for people to sign were complete instead of being poor copies of copies of copies ad finitum. She said I was agressive.) I finally got on SSDI. I had to hire a lawyer for $5K, but I made it. The judge said that with all of my problems, there was no way he wanted me flying any airplane that he was on. I'm a commercial pilot, or was.

In Oklahoma, very few people get on SSDI. Get a lawyer and find out what you need to be documenting. There is alot more to migarine suffering than just pain, the barin leassions that migraine sufferers get for one, the aura, the disabling pain, the drug reactions and interactions, sensitivity to light, smells, noise, etc. and more.

Do not give up,



somebodyhealme Click to EMail somebodyhealmeClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-10-09, 02:09 AM (CMT)
4. "RE: Soc sec"
When disability determination services orders an evaluation it's just to get more information to help them decide your case. The doctor who does it isn't their employee, so they are independent and will just gather information to compile a report. DDS is usually looking to corroborate the information you've given them about your condition through such an eval.

I know it seems intimidating, but all you have to do is show up and be honest. Please don't let it stress you out.

Somebody Heal Me


moominamy Click to EMail moominamyClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-11-09, 05:21 AM (CMT)
5. "RE: Soc sec"
I know we have totally different systems in the UK, but I just wanted to sympathise. I went through a horrible 11 month application for DLA (disability living allowance).

The appeal was a stressful tribunal meeting, and the panel kept me waiting for half an hour while they deliberated the decision (they state on arrival that they won't keep you longer than 5 inutes due to keeping themselves on time). They decided that although I had real and definite problems that I did not fit into the UK DLA lawful parameters and definitions of disabled for the purpose of DLA. Most of the problem came from the variability of my condition and having 'good' days and bad.

Whilst we could have really done with the extra money (I wouldn't have put myself through that stress for no reason!), in a strange way not being awarded it has given me a sense of freedom that the process took away.

Whilst applying I felt a sense of having to justify how bad I feel. Over here there are employees of the state who spy on and film people on benefits and prosecute people for fraud. I know of one woman in constant pain with depression who had been awarded DLA. She was prosecuted after being filmed playing bowls, at the suggestion of her dr that she get out more and take gentle exercise.

At least now if I want to go for a walk or feel I can manage eg going to a friends wedding I won't have the fear of being watched, judged and possibly prosecuted!

Sorry, a bit of a rant.

Good luck with your application. I hope the US system is less narrow minded and rigid than ours. The core of the UK awards is if one can prepare a meal for yourself and walk 50 metres unaided. Apparantly if you are regularly stuck in bed for several days and can just stagger to the toilet, have hemiplegic symptoms regularly that mean you cannot safely use a knife, and all the rest of it, that doesn't count! Raaaaah!!

Take care



dcook60 Click to EMail dcook60Click to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-11-09, 09:25 AM (CMT)
6. "RE: Soc sec"
with no personal experience, this is what i have heard from countless support group people, and others.

in the u.s., everyone who applies for SSI or SSDI is rejected. the latter is disability insurance, and being unable to work any longer. the former is "welfare", and applying for about $550 per month, which nobody can live on, of course.

everyone who applies is automatically turned down the first time. this weeds out those who are so discouraged and disheartened that they just give up.

the second time these people apply, they are also likely to be turned down. on the third try, many are finally approved. sometimes it takes YEARS. what are they supposed to live on in the meanwhile?

this whole subject makes me furious. the only answer is for the person to hire one of those lawyers who have the endless ads on tv; the ones who say "social security is all i do".

long ago, i decided not to apply for either program, and i determined that i would work part-time, whether i "could", or not. most of the time i can show up for work. i go when in terrible pain, but am able to hide it pretty well.

i knew i could not live on $550 (or whatever it is now; likely not very much higher). so i work, and i enjoy it. mind you, i must live on triptans, and fortunately, i get 48 per month on medicare part D. this costs me $12! dianne


Richard Click to EMail RichardClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-11-09, 11:41 AM (CMT)
7. "RE: Soc sec"

I applied for Soc Sec for migraines alone and was approved at once. I applied in March and received benefits in July including back benefits for two years - when they said my disability for migraines actually began. I also started Medicare immediately since they said my disability began two years ago. It simply is not true that SS turns down everyone at the first application.

My Steve applied for SS for HIV but was referred to a psych referral. Best thing that could have happened to us. The SS HIV doctor was hands in glove with the SS director. The SS HIV doctor was a nightmare. Steve came home from the appointment shaking and burst into tears. For months afterward he refused to drive down the street that "doctor" had his office on. He was a real quack.

The independent psychologist was a godsend. He listened to Steve and really helped Steve through the SS process. Steve ended up with SS for depression instead of HIV - but he got benefits on his application without any appeal. He too applied in March and started benefits in July - though he did not receive any back benefits and had to wait two years for Medicare to kick in.

So do not be afraid of the psychologist. Be open and honest. The psychologist may turn out to be your best friend. Ours was. Bless his soul.

Hang In There! Tieni Duro! Non Mollare! Tiens Bon! Ne Laches Pas! Hou Je Taai! Dayan! Bliv ved med og Hober for det Beste! Ganbattel! Vse budet xorosho! Håll Ut! Trzymaj siê! Tachzik Ma-amad! Drzhi se! Halte durch! Jab Inebata! Hakuna Matata! Fica Forte! Jia you! Jo-gum-man du him-nae-sae-yo!



somebodyhealme Click to EMail somebodyhealmeClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-11-09, 03:03 PM (CMT)
8. "RE: Soc sec"
By no means is everyone rejected. Like Richard I was approved on my initial application.

I'm a little touchy about people spreading misinformation and scaring people unnecessarily.


dcook60 Click to EMail dcook60Click to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-11-09, 03:11 PM (CMT)
9. "RE: Soc sec"
i'm really glad to hear there are those approved the first time. i just wanted those who do apply to be prepared for a possible rejection and appeal. one must always think positive, of course. dianne

somebodyhealme Click to EMail somebodyhealmeClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-11-09, 03:15 PM (CMT)
10. "RE: Soc sec"
I hear ya. And a LOT of people do have worse experiences than some of us.

tanyalip Click to EMail tanyalipClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-12-09, 04:13 PM (CMT)
11. "RE: Soc sec"
Thank you for all your comments and unique experiences...
Genex, the company that is helping me with the soc sec process, called today and I informed them of the required psych interview. They told me that that was normal, as I probably don't have any info in my medical records on my mental status.
She then told me that this is the determining factor on whether I would be approved, as it is all that is left before the decision is made.

Yes, I actually expect a denial. Its probably the best attitude so I don't get completely emotional (though I doubt it would help!).
And if I get denied, I'll apply again.

I know it doesn't help to stress, but its so hard not to. I'll be open and honest. I have nothing to hide. Its just I've heard so many stories of good, amazing people with real health problems whom have been denied...and its a hard pill to swallow.

Thanks again,


somebodyhealme Click to EMail somebodyhealmeClick to check IP address of the poster Aug-12-09, 06:27 PM (CMT)
12. "RE: Soc sec"
I totally understand why you feel that way. I pretty much had the same view when I was waiting because I just didn't think I could handle it if I got turned down.

Sending you my best wishes and hoping they do approve you.




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