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"Tender spots on body"

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trackingtink Click to EMail trackingtinkClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-14-02, 06:34 PM (CMT)
"Tender spots on body"
I have many tender spots on my body. Tender might not be the right word. They are actually very sore spots? Example: in bed at night my husband gently rubs my arm. When he goes over a certain spot it hurts like hell. I have these spots; I've noticed over a period of time, all over my body. They seem to have gotten worse. When I first noticed the sore spots my husband had given my leg a squeeze as he was getting up from the couch. It hurt mildly so I didn't take a lot of notice. Since it has gotten progressively worse I am starting to worry. Is this something that is associated with migraines? Since I do not know anyone else with migraines who better to ask than all of you? I feel like I am falling a part. Daily migraines, stiffness in my hands in the morning (Doc says it carpal tunnel) sore spots on my body, constant neck pain, pms that is out of this world. If it's not one thing it's something else
Anyway, I would like to know if these sore spots come with migraines. I sure hope I am not getting a whole other problem. Migraines are enough!

All my best,


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Marc Click to EMail MarcClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-14-02, 06:47 PM (CMT)
1. "RE: Tender spots on body"
That sounds like how I've heard fibromyalgia described. Any fibromyalgia sufferers out there who can contribute?

trackingtink Click to EMail trackingtinkClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-14-02, 07:29 PM (CMT)
2. "RE: Tender spots on body"
Wow. Marc, after reading your reply I went to this website on fibromyalgia (sp?) and it was written about me. I couldn't believe it. Unfortunatly I don't know anyone with fibromyalgia either. I do know for a fact that my migraines are not a result of fibromyalgia though. I've had the migraines since I was eleven and I haven't had these sore spots that long. So other than that the symptoms fit. It didn't say whether or not there was a test that can prove you have it. What to do, what to do?!

zuzu Click to EMail zuzuClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-14-02, 07:42 PM (CMT)
3. "RE: Tender spots on body"

I have fibro and that is the same thing I do and to get checked for it you will either need to go to a doc that specilize with fibro or a rhumetolygist(sp).


trackingtink Click to EMail trackingtinkClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-14-02, 08:10 PM (CMT)
4. "RE: Tender spots on body"
I do not have these sore spots on my body twenty four hours a day. They come and go. Sometimes they hurt even when not being touched. Are these all normal for fibromyalgia? (sp?) My doctor has noted all of the symptoms I've mentioned why hasn't she picked up on it? Is it a fairly new disease? I'll mention it to her and see what she says I guess. I'll make the appointment tomorrow and I will probably get in early next week to see her.

totweet1064 Click to EMail totweet1064Click to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-15-02, 00:12 AM (CMT)
5. "RE: Tender spots on body"


I have those same kind of sore spots. I have an appt with a reumatoligists (sp?) on the 21st of this month I believe it is.

I am very nervous about this. I mean migraines are enough for anyone, I don't need this fibromyalgia on top of everything else.

They are on my shoulders, my back, my legs, just anywhere you can imagine at any given time.

Some of the places always stay sore, and then others may not always, but then appear somewhere else the nest day.

Wishing everyone many painfree days,


South Georgia


heavyhead Click to EMail heavyheadClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-15-02, 01:28 AM (CMT)
6. "RE: Tender spots on body"
I have these spots too and suspect that I have fibromyalgia. But it needs to be diagnosed by a specialist which I cannot afford. No one will tell me the treatment options either. I have called several doctors about it...no one gets back to me.

All I wanted to know was the treatment options that are likely for someone diagnosed....so that I might have a better idea if it is something I could afford. Why send the $$$ to be diagnosed if I can't afford the treatment I say.

My sore spots are mostly in the upper half of my body. Where my neck meets my head.....where my shoulder blades are...in the front of my chest close to my armpit...the sides of my neck..etc etc.
They hurt SOOOOO bad that I can't even massage them, it puts me in tears!
I also have bad pain in my calves almost behind the knee...kind of a nagging hurt.

Arrghhhh...I'm just falling apart

Anyway, you might want to check out more about this. You might be onto something.
Good luck!


Bedoroses Click to EMail BedorosesClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-15-02, 10:49 AM (CMT)
7. "RE: Tender spots on body"
I do suffer greatly from fibromyalgia. I hate to tell you this but in the past year the pain from the fibromyalgia makes the migraine pain seem inconsequential. Fibromyalgia or FMS can end you up in a wheel chair if not addressed. It is very serious and does go hand in hand with migraine sufferers.

I have been diagnosed and the course of treatment I have been prescribed thus far is cut out ALL aspartamins and MSG...processed foods have MSG so this means eat naturally. I have been given excersices to do with a small ball against the wall. This is to break up the muscle areas which are holding toxins. I also take baking soda and sea salt hot baths. That is 1 cup of each per bath. I need to get a blood test done to check for food allergies but I do know the next step will be to cut out wheat and gluten products. The Dr. I saw discribed it as the punishment the body takes through the years catches up with some of us and it didn't take one time to catch up to us and therefore the treatment is long and painfull. I have to say those ball excersices are not hard to do and do not take much time but they give me flu like symptoms so with the migraines and fibro I'm having a hard time making myself even sicker on purpose. If I can be of further help feel free to e-mail me growup@ix.netcom.com


heavyhead Click to EMail heavyheadClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-15-02, 11:16 AM (CMT)
8. "RE: Tender spots on body"
I once knew a yoga guru. He lived in India for sometime and was very very wise.

He would give me the most painful but helpful massages ever!!

He told me that those muscles were holding toxins. That the muscles became stiff after a certain chemical is created and it bonds to the tissues...making them tight. Almost like a candy-sugar coating he would say.

He also told me that in order to get rid of the stiffness and pain....all the toxins would have to be broken up...almost shattered in a way....so they can release the tissue. then the body would have to flush them out.

But since they were toxins....they would make you sick! Just like the flu!

And everytime he would work on my shoulders...I would feel ill for at least a day!! Like he said....just like the flu.

Interesting that someone else has this information. Even though I definately believed him, I didnt think it was medically recognized.



Norma Click to EMail NormaClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-15-02, 03:07 PM (CMT)
9. "RE: Tender spots on body"
FMS and migraine are comorbid--kind of like red hair and freckles. One doesn't cause the other, but they tend to occur in the same people. Chances are that there is a tiny little sequence on the human genome somewhere that if altered in a certain way produces both sets of symptoms.

I just read something yesterday about the msg and aspartame connection and it said that if you have FMS and allergies then you could benefit greatly from eliminating msg and aspartame.

The gold standard for treatment used to be a tricyclic antidepressant to raise the pain threshold. The problem with that idea for most of us here is that we travelled that road a long time ago trying to get relief from migraines. I suppose if the fibromyalgia symptoms are new, a person could go back and try again.

Accupuncture, massage and hydrotherapy are frequently recommended. Mild exercise, particularly swimming in a heated pool, is frequently recommended. Most non narcotic pain relievers don't do much, and narcotic pain relievers can lower your pain threshold in the long run and make the FMS worse, so you have a real catch 22 there.

There is some evidence that one of the dhief determining factors in FMS is the absence of deep sleep, although the reason that it would cause those particular symptoms is not clear. Treatment aimed at improving sleep sometimes reduces symptoms.

There is a connection with other endocrine disorders, like thyroid problems, so it pays to get that checked out, because that is fairly easily treated, and can reduce symptoms if normal levels are restored.

That is about the extent of what I know about fibromyalgia. Except that it does have remissions and exacerbations over time, so you may not always feel as bad as you do right now. That is about the best I have to offer.



zuzu Click to EMail zuzuClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-15-02, 06:36 PM (CMT)
10. "RE: Tender spots on body"
LAST EDITED ON Jan-16-02 AT 00:57 AM (CMT)


Fibro is fairly new then really it's not!! Confused now? Long time ago it was called Fibroitis? But now it's being refered to Fibromyagia and it also goes hand in hand to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, in which a person sometimes feels as if they have the flu, can't get ENOUGH SLEEP, and the problem is when you have fibro you don't go into the REM stage of sleeping but stay in the 3rd stage which is where you dream and have nightmares so you wake up feeling more tired than when you went to bed.

Usually fibro follows any life threathing episodes like a bad illness or car wreck. Long term goals are improved sleep whick leveates the fibro and also improves migraines which are worse due to the lack of sleep. I have read that one of the many symptoms are many allergic reactions to meds and environmental. There are some good books out there to better understand these disease. My neighbor down the street has this and her doc put her on oxycontin after many other meds and therapy tries.

I have also heard that yoga does help with the pain, it helps with streching the muscles and such.

I hope this does help some.
Wishing everyone painfree days and nights.


the5votes Click to EMail the5votesClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-16-02, 08:09 AM (CMT)
11. "tender spots..........."
I have bursitis in my hip due to breaking my leg several years ago and losing an inch of length in the leg. One of the side effects of bursitis is what my physical therapist called "hot spots" down the outside of my leg. They are at first very tender to the touch and when you apply pressure they are very painful. Massaging them does help if you can stand massagin them. So, if you are mostly having the tender spots in one certain area (i.e. one specific limb), it may NOT be fibromyalgia.

Marc Click to EMail MarcClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-16-02, 12:59 PM (CMT)
12. "RE: tender spots..........."
I've never had to deal with fibro, but here's something you sufferers might want to try.

There's a technique called "myotherapy" for dealing with pain caused by trigger points (which is most pain in life, actually). Myotherapy seeks to "erase" the trigger points with a few different methods.

The first and easiest technique is by applying pressure to the spot for about 7 seconds, then releasing the pressure and trying to stretch the muscle. You apply the pressure with fingertips or knuckles for small muscles; thumbs or elbows for large muscles like buttocks, thighs, etc. The idea is to do a few trigger points, stretch a bit, and repeat.

Of course, if the spots are so tender you can barely stand to have them touched, pushing on them is going to be unbearable. Another way to erase the trigger points is with cold. The best way is with therapudic cold spray, but another way that works almost as well is the corner of an ice cube. Place an ice cube in a baggie (so it doesn't drip), and touch the sore spot with the corner of the cube for about 15 seconds, then try to gently massage and stretch the muscle. Repeat the procedure in a line along the muscle fiber at about 1" spacing.

The theory behind this technique is that the cold and/or pressure temporarily blocks the flow of blood (i.e., oxygen) to the muscle, which deprives it of the energy it needs so stay in spasm. While it is relaxed, you stretch it to break the spasm cycle.

Myotherapy is discussed in depth in the book "Pain Erasure the Bonnie Prudden Way", available from Amazon.com. This link might work:


If it doesn't, just go to


and search in Books for "Pain Erasure"

Good Luck!


totweet1064 Click to EMail totweet1064Click to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-17-02, 00:52 AM (CMT)
13. "RE: tender spots..........."

When I was receiving the massage therapy, Rick (the therapist) would tell me that I did not have the movement that I should have.

He would try to do some stretches with my legs and back and stuff, and he said at my age that I should be able to do these things.

Well, he didn't force it or anything but he would put pressure on it, and it hurt like crazy, and I let him keep on and on because even though it hurt, I figured it needed it and that I was proabably just stowed up from not doing anything much for the last almost 3 years now.

But he said I should still have that stretch and he said that I just didn't have it. He worked with me for almost 2 months and could not get it any better.

Now when he would be massaging my shoulders, he would hit spots that would like to send me up off that bed with pain.

And he would ask me to let him stay in there atleast 8 seconds. I tell you what 8 seconds is a long time.

I would never make it, he would have to stop. Now he was the one that said not to let him hurt me. But let me tell you, I hurt.

But there were a lot and I mean a whole bunch of those spots like that all over my neck and shoulders and down the middle of my back.

And then I have two spots down at the small of my back that hurt most of the time.

And my legs are almost always sore when I get up, I can't hardly walk on them, along with my ankles and feet and now sometimes my feet are tingling and my toes stay sore.

Now for the last 3 weeks every single morning I wake up with my hands dead and hurting. And I mean hurting so bad that I cry. I don't even know how to describe that pain. All I know is it is bad.I guess it would be like if someone put rubberbands on your wrists and cut the blood supply off for a while.

To get the them to stop, I have to stand up and hang my hands straight down for about 10 minutes and then they still hurt for the rest of the day, even my fingertips.

Some of the things that I haven't mentioned that I have read about in one of the postings above, about being excessively tired when you get up, I am. Also I read grinding your teeth, I do. There were several other things that I read that just sound like it just might be.

These are the reasons they are going to check me for fibromyalgia.

Wishing everyone many painfree days,

South Georgia


Marc Click to EMail MarcClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-17-02, 01:29 AM (CMT)
14. "RE: tender spots..........."
LAST EDITED ON Jan-17-02 AT 01:38 AM (CMT)

LAST EDITED ON Jan-17-02 AT 01:37 AM (CMT)

Wow, Patty, that sounds tough.

The reason I mentioned the ice cube technique in my post above was that it doesn't require very much pressure to be effective. You might want to try it.

For your arms, I can relate because I have tendinitis. Here are a couple of things you might want to try:

1. Sleep on your side, "hugging" a large pillow. The idea is to use the pillow to keep your arms slightly out away from your body, so they get maximum circulation at night. This really helped me eliminate morning "dead hands".

2. For therapy, get a couple of tubs and fill one with warm water and one with cold water. (For tubs, you can use bussman's trays--like they use in restaurants to pick up silverware--or Rubbermaid totes. Just get something big enough to put your arms into from the elbow down.) The warm water should be as warm as is comfortable, and the cold should have ice cubes floating in it.

Dunk your arms in the warm water for one minute, then switch to the cold tub for one minute, back to the warm, etc., for 10 minutes, total.

This is called a "contrast bath". It does wonders to get the circulation going and really cuts down the discomfort.

Now, about your morning tiredness:

Your noctournal teeth grinding is physically wearing you out while you sleep. Wearing a traditional night guard won't help. It'll save your teeth, but you're still expending all that energy grinding on the night guard. The best solution I know of for noctournal grinding/clenching is the NTI-tss system. I posted a thread about it a couple of days ago. If I'm doing this right, here's a link to it:


If the link doesn't work, look for it under "A drug-free treatment that helped me..."

I originally got the NTI-tss appliance for migraines, but the FIRST thing I noticed is that I started waking up more rested and refreshed, and didn't "conk out" at mid-afternoon.


totweet1064 Click to EMail totweet1064Click to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-17-02, 10:26 AM (CMT)
15. "RE: tender spots..........."
LAST EDITED ON Jan-17-02 AT 10:34 AM (CMT)

I wonder if one of these devices would work with braces. I have had braces for the last 3 years.

This was supposed to have helped my migraines because my teeth were so bad and I had a really bad overbite.

They thought if I had braces put on and my teeth straightened that it might help with the grinding and clinching and some of my migraines, and I told them that I would try anything.

It did stop the clinching during the day, I am not sure but I think that it has cut down a small amount of the grinding but my husband says not much. but I have atleast 6 - 12 more months on my braces. I still have the overbite.

I looked at the picture, but I am not sure, can you tell me how they do the sizing? Or is it like one size is supposed to fit all?

I came back to edit this and be honest, my head is hurting really bad, and I looked at the page, but I couldn't concentrate on what I was reading so I thought I would ask you if you knew these questions instead of even trying to look thru all of those pages. Thanks

Wishing everyone many painfree days,

South Georgia


the5votes Click to EMail the5votesClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-17-02, 05:24 PM (CMT)
16. "RE: braces"
I am 39 and have had my braces off for about 8 months. I wear a retainer at night and am supposed to indefinitely. Having the retainer in my mouth helps me not grind. The ortho and dentist agreed that I could either stick with the retainer or, if that was not sufficient, I could be fitted with a night guard which would prevent the grinding damage AND act as a retainer as well. So far the retainer is good. Enjoy your new smile coming soon!

Norma Click to EMail NormaClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-17-02, 05:36 PM (CMT)
17. "RE: tender spots..........."
Patty-- I did the whole thing with braces 16 years ago, spent a couple of thousand dollars, and it didn't make one bit of difference in my headaches, but I have a nice bite now. I don't think the tss would work with braces from the look of it, but you might could do what I did. I went to one of those mega sporting goods stores and got one of these mouth guards used for contact sports. You put it in hot water and then bite down on it so that it shapes to your teeth. For my purposes I trimmed off all but the front part because I was trying to take advantage of thaty reflex that keeps you from clenching with your incisors. I honestly think it has made a difference, and it only cost $20, less than 2 maxalt tablets!



trackingtink Click to EMail trackingtinkClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Jan-17-02, 07:57 PM (CMT)
18. "RE: tender spots..........."
I had my braces for two and a half years and it made no difference in the amount of migraines or severity of them. I am now being told that if I have jaw surgery my mig's will go away......not bloody likely! I am not going to have the surgery. So far I've been told to cut my hair, braces, jaw surgery, glasses, blah, blah, blah , blah, blah! I'm just destined to have mig's.




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