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"Midrin "

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wildflower Click to EMail wildflowerClick to check IP address of the poster Mar-12-02, 01:48 PM (CMT)
"Midrin "
This is my first post to this site so please forgive me if I am posting this topic in the wrong area.

I have read most of the journal entries and I can sure relate to many of you. I have suffered from migraines since I was 8--27 years now. I have tried everything from antidepressants to preventatives to narcotics to over the counter meds. Of all the medications I haved tried, fiorinal C1/2 is the only one that works for me.

I have a question to anyone who may be able to help. I have read that many of you take midrin and it helps you. I am just wondering if anyone knows why it is not available in Canada. I phonned a few pharmacies where I live and they have never heard of it and I also checked in the Canadian Pharmaceutical book and it is not listed.

Any info you may be able to provide me on this would be great.

Wishing you all a pain free (or at least a decreased pain) day.



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RE: Midrin , heavyhead, Mar-12-02, (1)
RE: Midrin , wildflower, Mar-12-02, (2)
RE: Midrin , Elise, Mar-12-02, (3)
correction!!, Elise, Mar-12-02, (7)
the right place, Elise, Mar-12-02, (4)
RE: the right place, Christa, Mar-12-02, (5)
RE: the right place, heavyhead, Mar-12-02, (6)
RE: the right place, enilorac, Mar-12-02, (8)

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heavyhead Click to EMail heavyheadClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Mar-12-02, 02:01 PM (CMT)
1. "RE: Midrin "
I love your name. It reminds me of this lovely Tom Petty song.

You have come to the right place for your question. I dont know how much i can help you, but there are many people here with all sorts of experiences.

I used to take fiorinal. From about the age of 15 to 20. It used to help me a lot.

Then...it stopped for whatever reaosn and the doctor gave me Midrin to try. OUCH!

That was the 1st time i wound up in the ER with a migraine

I dont know what happend. f it was just that the Midrin didnt help at all so the migraine got worse..or that the midrin gave me a worse headache.

Anyway...I do have a question. I didnt quite understand the medicine you take. Is it fiorinal with codiene? Is that what the 1/2 was? I didnt recognize that.

I wish you luck in finding relief and I hope you stick around. this place is wonderful!


wildflower Click to EMail wildflowerClick to check IP address of the poster Mar-12-02, 02:16 PM (CMT)
2. "RE: Midrin "
LAST EDITED ON Mar-12-02 AT 02:17 PM (CMT)

Hi Heavyhead-

Thanks for the welcome--I chose the name wildflower because when I get a rip-roaring migraine and unable to sleep (I can't usually sleep with my migraines--even with the strong medications) I try to imagine that I am in a mountain field of wildflowers in the fresh air and concentrate that I am somewhere other than laying in that bed with this horrible 'heavy head' of a migraine.

Anyways, reagrading the Fiorinal C1/2--up here in Canada (don't know about our friendly neigbours down south) we have (I think) 3 types of Fiorinal. There is plain Fiorinal that has 325mg aspirin, 50mg. butalbital and 40 mg. caffeine, Fiorinal C1/4 has 325 mg. aspirin, 50 mg. butalbital, 40mg. caffeine and 15mg. codeine and Fiorinal C1/2 (the ones I take) have 325mg. aspirin, 50mg. butalbital, 40mg. caffeine and 30mg. codeine, so with the Fiorinal C1/4 and C1/2 the ony difference is the amount of codeine and with the plain Fiorinal there is no codeine at all. Hope that answers your question.



Elise Click to EMail EliseClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Mar-12-02, 02:41 PM (CMT)
3. "RE: Midrin "
Other names for Midrin are: Duradin, Isocom, Miquin, Migratine and Migrazone.
It's a combination of three drugs: acetamenophen ("tylenol"), a vasoconstrictor and a sedative. It does not appear to be available in Canada but I have one guy who is looking up the chemical for me and will call back later. The vasoconstrictor (dichlorapromazone) is not one I've heard of before, and though that doesn't mean much, it might be that it's not approved in Canada.

Elise Click to EMail EliseClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Mar-12-02, 07:51 PM (CMT)
7. "correction!!"
It's the isometheptene that's a vasoconstrictor. The other is the sedative. Sorry!

Elise Click to EMail EliseClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Mar-12-02, 02:48 PM (CMT)
4. "the right place"
and it seems to me that this is exactly the right place to post anything about headaches and all related, including things we do on days we don't have headaches, things we do on days we do have headaches, what we think about any time we're in the mood to think, and what it's like to be incapable of thought in general. I reel with admiration for many of the people who write here. I thought I had it bad until I came here and listened to honest accounts of what others are going through. It has helped me tremendously!! So ask, ask! And tell! The only things I've been holding back on is recipes. Food is my profession and, well, it takes a little self-control not to blurt out what I made for dinner.

Christa Click to EMail ChristaClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Mar-12-02, 05:51 PM (CMT)
5. "RE: the right place"
For me there is no comparison between the efficacy of Fiorinal with Codeine (I take #3 the 30mg of Codeine version) and Midrin. Midrin for me was useless.

heavyhead Click to EMail heavyheadClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster Mar-12-02, 06:48 PM (CMT)
6. "RE: the right place"
Midrin has a a vasoconstrictor in it!?!?

Maybe that is why I got the whopper of a headache I did!!??

I never knew that before.
I react poorly to Imetrex and Maxalt as well!
I wonder if this means I have a different type of migraine?
The vasoconstrictors all seem to trigger an even bigger one for me...the ER kind.

(sorry to ramble on your post Wildflower *lol* I also love how you got your name!)


enilorac Click to EMail eniloracClick to check IP address of the poster Mar-12-02, 10:30 PM (CMT)
8. "RE: the right place"
Heavyhead, do you have any migraines in the back of your head and there only? You might be having BAM's- Basilar Artery Migraines, and when you are having one of those, which originate from the back of the head, where the Basilar artery is, that artery constricts, which then brings on the migraine and symptoms, and taking a vasoconstrictor of any kind will make it worse.

I have done lots of research on this kind of migraine- try Karen's Basilar Artery page (forget the site address)- because my father recently told me that is what he was diagnosed with many years ago, and I wanted to find out if the migraines I have might turn into BAM's. So far they haven't, thank god, because I have read that these can be somewhat worse than regular migraines, because with the basilar artery constricting in the head, it cuts off vital blood and oxygen supply to your head, and you are at more risk to get a stroke with this type of migraine.

Anybody having bad problems with vision and passing out, and have migraines in the back of your head, where your neck starts, and also get worse from taking triptans, should check out Karyn's website (wish I could remember the address!)

I hope you get to read this Heavyhead and others, and that this helps you, and sorry to get off topic too, but I felt it important to share this info, and I really hope it helps anybody who reads it!




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