Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I am a 25 yr. Female and have had migraines for five years. My migraines start out with the swiggly vision, then into numbness, slurred speach, the vomitting follows, and then the pain. The numbness and vision is always on my right side and the pain is always on my left.

My luck with prescription medication has been limited to just a few differnt kinds. The only med's that seem to help is medrin and it only helps if I catch it in time. Most of the other medications I have taken have caused weight gain, haven't worked at all, or make me too tired.

Family history: My father, two sister's, and my Uncle 9from my mother's side of the family) suffers from mirgraines.

I have noticed that my migraines usually occur with temperature changes, STRESS, and consumption of yogurt.

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Thanks for having this homepage!

I was looking for information on headaches for my mother and myself. My mother's family has a history of blinding headaches. She has gone the neurologist and he has given her several different types of medicines but these anti-depressants seem to make her more depressed! I am looking for information on the headache clinic in Chicago that there was a special on TV once. We need to get her help! Mom's first cousin was hospitalized in a mental institution for the same type of headaches as well as in tracing the family history, my mother's grandfather's brother also had these blinding headaches!