Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Dear Ronda, I'm Tony I live in Torino (Italy) I'm 35 years old, suffering from headache cluster since to 10 years ago. This headache cluster start and stop between two weeks each years with 2 or 3 times into day, and after read your Journal, I think that I'm very fortunatly. When arrive this problem I use the oxigen 3/4 l/min for 20 minutes and if to continue I use a one shot of Sumatriptan also. I feel the Sumatriptan's effects are very strong, but my questions is: 1) The oxygen has the nocive effects if used very long? (4/5 times at day for 20/30 minutes) - 2) There is somebody that use with succesfully a diet or particullary food that give help for this problem? Or particullary therapy or medication?

I will be glad to receive a message from everyone, we thank you and salue all.

---Tony Garaguso

Dear Ronda,

I found your "Migraine Journal" over the internet and thought that you might be able to help me. I am a migraine sufferer and presently I am doing research for my Master's Thesis that may be beneficial to clinicians who are designing treatment programs for headache sufferers. The problem is that I have had little help from doctors in getting migraine patients to fill out my questionnaire packet. As time is running out, I am desperately searching for migraineurs (both with and without aura) as well as tension-type headachers to participate in my study. I can mail the questionnaire packet to anyone who is interested and provided a postage-paid envelope for them to return the information to me. Here is the information regarding the study. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.

Purpose of the Study:

The purpose of this study is to examine certain characteristics of headache patients that may contribute to the headache experience. The information gathered from this study may be useful in helping other headache patients cope with their headaches. The information may also help clinicians design treatment programs for the headache sufferer.


You will be asked to read and sign a consent form and complete a questionnaire packet that will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Principal Investigators:

Amy R. Malkin, M.A. Candidate
	John R. MacKinnon, Ph.D.	
	Department of Psychology	
	Connecticut College			
	270 Mohegan Avenue
	New London, CT 06320


--- Amy R. Malkin, Connecticut College

Thank you for the information Ronda. Now I would like to request your assistance once more. I would like to write a book, not about cures and such, but the impact on the patients lives. Their interaction with the medical community. What they expect from their docs vs. what they receive. I want the book to be the human approach. To include experiences with ER docs, etc. What I need from you is: Can you post this email? I would like everyone who wishes to send me their story. The names of patients and docs will be changed. There is a high probability that I will follow-up with more information. Thank you for your help....

---Donna Gonzo8327@AOL.Com

The story of a migraine sufferer.

For years she has struggled week after week with headaches getting more frequent and more intense. The doctors don't listen they assume she is a drug addict and that this is all in her head. At work the people ask "oh did you have a headache again?" "Take some aspirin and get on with your life." But she can't, the smells hurt the noise hurts, the lights hurt everything makes her sick to her stomach. The guilt over not being able to function only makes matters worse. Does anyone understand the pain and aggravation that she is feeling. Maybe it is what you are eating, so she sees a allergist. Maybe its your back, so she sees a chiropractor. Maybe it's your sinuses, so she sees and ENT and has surgery, twice. Maybe it is in your head ("you hypochondriac"), so she sees a Shrink/Counselor. Maybe its a tumor, so she sees a Neurologist. Maybe its her neck, so she sees a Physical Therapist. Maybe its an irregularity in her hormones or blood, so she sees an Endocrinologist. But nothing works, thousands and thousands of dollars later, she gives up hope. Is there anyone out there who can help. She thinks not, so she decides to live her life in pain, away from the questioning eyes of doctors who really don't care. Shall she live the rest of her life with the lights off and locked away from plans? Shall she ever feel totally comfortable doing things? Maybe there are no answers, maybe she will just stop looking. Just maybe!

---Kimberly Carter


I've written about my history and migraine problems with you before.This site is a God-send.I have been on Depakote since Oct. of last year.I have had no migraines since then BUT, I'm sick every day with headaches, nausea( intense nausea) and stomach cramps.I'm willing to wait it out if it eventualy resoves but I'm not convinced it will.I like my Neurologist because he's patient with the process and gives me less medication rather than more...I take Carnitore to counter the side effects of Depakote.Something is wrong with this picture.Please, someone tell me your experience with Depakote, good or bad,I need to know. My name is Monde and I'm at Thank you.

Hello, I am 38 year old female, suffering from Migraines since age 14. In Oct. 1993 my headaches started being daily. I have tried every kind of medication and treatment that Dr.'s have suggested. I have been to therapy (the depression has been very sever since all this started), biofeedback, chiropractor's, physical therapy, headache clinic (Ford Headache Clinic, Birmingham AL), 5 neourologist's, 2 family Dr's, and still have a disabilitating headache. Today it has been so sever that I had a shot this morning and have used my Stadol all day and still have a spliting one. I have been through all the discussions about rebound headaches and don't feel that this has been the problem. I have had rebound headaches and am aware of how these are. I have taken batta-blockers, blood pressure medications, antidepressants, and erogotamine. Still nothing helps!!!!!!! My family is totally "wore out" with this situation. I was talked into quitting my job. If I hadn't quit I would have been fired for being absent so often. I sang in a gospel group, had to give that up also (it's hard to sing vomiting), had a great mind (now I have no mind), often have been suisidal from feeling crazy. How can someone let a "headache" ruin their life. Well they have ruined mine. I have vomitied so much the enamel is coming off my teeth and they are breaking. I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer me. I know that just having someone to talk to about it will help. I have stopped going to therapy since my father has to drive me (I don't do that either). I will wait for your reply. Thanks a Million.

---Pam Howard, 370 Lake Hills Circle, Spring City, TN 37381 (423) 365-0362

Sure glad I found this site! I have been suffering with migraines for many years now and found that demerol helps me...the only problem is that the docs have now decided that I should be a guinea pig and try the "miracle" migraine cures. Somehow laying on a gurney with an IV in my arm while they try different things doesn't look good to me. I don't get it...if demerol works, and I only go into hospital for an injection once every six weeks or so what is the problem? Docs want to try DHE on me next time. I sure would appreciate some input.