Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I just found your web site and am so happy you put it together. We who suffer with migraines are the only ones who know how debilitating it is. I haven't counted up the # of hours I have lost out of my life as it would be too depressing, but I sometimes get angry at losing precious time. I am 44 and have had migraines since I was 15, at first it was thought that they were hormonal and typically associated with ovulation. However, I had a hysterectomy 11 years ago and still suffer from them. My triggers can be chocolate ed wine/msg -- so obviously I stay away from them, but also I have a great sensitivity to fluorescent light and computer screen fluctuations. Through the years I have been to a myriad of different doctors. I have been prescribed everything from Darvon, to Valium, to Feorinol to Librium and on to bio-feedback, and chiropractors. Finally 3 years ago a new Doctor told me about Imitrex injections and also prescribed Cafergot. I never thought I would be capable of injecting myself -- it's amazing what pain will do. Since then they have come out with the pills -- and although they don't work as quickly or a well -- anything is an improvement. I also find the Cafergot does help to block the pain sometimes if I can catch it just when the 'auras' begin. It seems that I go through 'pre-migraines' (auras start, take the cafergot, some pain but am still able to function) and the BANG! a whopper comes along that no amount of cafergot, imitrex or anything else can relieve. I try not to take the Imitrex right away as I don't want my body getting too accustomed to it and thereby decreasing it's potency. Migraines have been the black hole in my life. A friend of mine has started going for Acupuncture and believes it is helping. I don't know -- I may try it, have done everything else. Has anyone else heard of any successes with this?

As depressing as migraines are it's comforting to hear from people who understand exactly what it's like.



Responding to Web Page by P. Mason. Case History. Migraine sufferer - female since 14 years of age. Medication Imigram. Absolute lifesaver. Using this medication for 4years now, since coming on the market. Up to now it has been a very expensive medication - $160 for 6 tablets. Recently, (according to Australian newspaper now on Public Health). I have no information on this and have been trying to locate on the Web.Unsuccessful to date. Do you have any information on new medication and pharmaceutical prices for Imigram in Australia with the new reduction. My local chemist seems to be unaware of any changes.

Thankyou for this web site access.



Hello Ronda,

I have to say it is really nice to know that I am not alone when it comes to the horrible pain of migraines. I am 28 years old and have been diagnosed with migraines since 1987. Each year, they seem to become more and more worse, and more frequent. I have been to MANY Neurologists who have tried me on just about every "migraine", anti-depressant, beta-blocker, etc. that nothing seems to work. I take the Imitrex pills, which may help occasionally after I have taken the maximum dosage (300 mg), but end up with severe heart palpitations that I cannot stand it. The only medicine that seems to have any effect on these horrendous headaches if Fioricet. But, my doctor rarely prescribes it for fear that it is habit forming. Do doctors have ANY idea of the debillitating pain that migraines cause, that they will not prescribe the one medication that truly does help?? I want to start a family soon, but I have to take into consideration weather I would be healthy enough to be able to deal with raising a child. Especially since the migraines already affect my life/work considerably. Is there anyone who could give me some insight?

Thanks for letting me vent!

---Kim Perez


Please post this in your Journal of Sufferers. I am writing for a co-worker who was just diagnosed with temporal arthritis. Apparently, this is a condition usually seen in people in their 60's. She doesn't have arthritis, but the muscular version of this disorder that results in a constant severe headache caused by constant contraction of the muscles in her temples. The pain is worse at night, when her body thinks everything should be slowing down and her temple muscles don't. The pain is relieved some by pressing really really hard on her temples, but only while she actually presses - as soon as she removes her hands the pain resumes. She was in a car accident about 3 months ago - the headache began about a month later. She has some swelling of her brain, which is going down the way they expect it to, but the headache is not going away. Doctors now think the headache is unrelated to the swelling, but is the result of this disorder, which they say she must have had for a long time. But she never had the headache before. I use the singular, because the headache has been constant and severe for about 6-8 weeks. Doctors are recommending bio feedback for now and perhaps some medication that she might have to be on for the rest of her life. She is in her 20s, healthy otherwise, in good physical condition, and the sweetest girl you ever want to meet. I hate to see her suffer this way and get jerked around by doctors who don't seem to have any answers that make sense. Has anyone ever heard of this disorder? What else should she try? Please email me at and I will forward all mail to her.

My 18-year old daughter suffers from what has been diagnosed by a neurosurgeon at the UCLA Medical Center as "a migraine condition," meaning that she not only suffers from the migraine headaches, but also from frequent vertigo (the feeling that the room is spinning). Does anyone else out there have vertigo, too?

She is currently on Depakote (an anti-seizure medicine), which has lessened the frequency of her migraines greatly. She still gets "regular" headaches almost every day. When she does have a migraine, two Imitrex tablets knock it out fairly soon after taking them.

Thanks for your input,


Hi Ronda:

I am suffering right now. I have had migraines since I was 12, I am now 34. I currently am in an HMO. With this HMO I can only be referred to doctors within the "Circle of providers". My primary care won't treat me, I go to his office in the midst of a migraine and he says "I won't give you anything, let the neurologist deal with it." The neurologist has told me to take 3 advil and drink a coke real quick, or the best one is today, "take 1 or 2 aleve, and let me know how it goes". This is after I am telling them that I have had a three week migraine and am close to becoming suicidal.

I can relate to all most everybody who has written to you. Many times at the ER doctors imply that I just a drug addict. I have been given Pamelor, Depakote, and Isoptin. I currently am back on Isoptin since it looks like I have developed high blood pressure now! Pain medication that has worked at some time for me has been Imitrex (occasionaly) and Fiorcet with codiene (always). My hands get ice cold when I am migraining and I have problems using the correct words when speaking. Like saying window for mirror. My father has been diagnosed with Altzheimer's, and I do remember him complaining of headaches when I was a child. One of my cousins also suffers from migraines as well as my sister. One interesting thing, I had allergy test done, and have discovered that I am allergice to everything! The weekly shots have not helped yet, I hope they will.

I am very depressed right now as my neurologist will not prescribe Fiorcet w/Codiene (the only thing that works all the time of course!). And doesn't think I should be taking the Imitrex anymore since the high blood pressure thing. It seems to me that i am going backwards!

Thanks for listening