Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Dear fellow migraineurs,

I hope things are looking up.

Karen Kordakis wrote in April about "Proanthenol" from LifePlus saying it took away her migraine headaches in three (3) days. Has anyone tried "Proanthenol" and what has been your response?

I am in a test program looking at Neurontin (an anti-epileptic drug) as an aid for migraine sufferers. I have been taking Neurotin (or a placebo) for a couple of weeks now. My daily headaches seem to be somewhat better but no where at a satisfactory level. Thank goodness for Imitrex when I can get it from my neurologist. I'll keep everyone informed how Neurontin works for me.

Take care and God bless.

I am 28 yr. old migraine and cluster headache sufferer. Since my first pregnancy (6 years ago). The last few years have been hell, except during my second pregnancy where I relatively headache-free (I had 4 headaches in the entire 9 months!).

I am on depakote right now, and they are upping my dose. I am already sleepy and lethargic (with two kids this is almost worse than the headaches!). Even worse, the depokote has not even slowed them down. I have tried Stadol (I feel like a rock, and pretty much act like one too), demerol (ditto, but with the added bonus of being able to sit under fluorescent lights in an ER for 3 hours and being looked at like a druggie waiting for a fix - can't find a better way to spend a Saturday).

My problem is this. I have taken so many drugs, both abortive and preventive, and none (SO FAR) have worked (Imitrix has very little effect). At this point I would rather wait for the migraine and take a pain pill. At least I am in control of the relief I need for my pain. With all the others (depokote included) I have no idea what they are doing to my body. If there are any beneficial effects, I don't know of them.

Additionally, any women out there who have been told they have migraine and cluster (I thought cluster headaches mostly happened in men??) and what meds/therapies have been useful?

I live in the Los Angeles area and would welcome any suggestions on where to go, who to see. I need to find either a cure (I am ALWAYS hopeful) or find a way to manage the pain with medication with a doctor who is willing, compassionate and knowledgeable.

P.S. I don't think being relatively headache-free is a good enough reason to more children... Though I do see it as an option...


Hi Ronda!

I have suffered from headaches and migrains my entire life. I pretty much had a headache everyday. Some were so bad I would get sick and have to stay in bed. I am so frustrated because I feel like I have missed out on so much. When I was younger I didn't realize I was having migraines. My parents took me to all kinds of doctors to try different things. When I reached highschool and college, my headaches were better. I would get a bad one every now and then, but not everyday. I felt like I could live a normal life.

After college I went on the pill which I believe cuased unbearable migraines which would last a week. The imitrex was wonderful for awhile, but then it wasn't enough.

My husband and I recently had a baby, he is 5 1/2 months. Since I have had him, I have had a constant headache. It has gotten so bad somedays my husband has to take me into the ER. I am seeing a nuerologist and the past 5 months have tried many different things. Some of the medication is so strong it knocks me out. It has been so hard because I am not able to do the things I enjoy and the things I have to do, I don't want to do, especially getting out of bed. I teach special ed. and lately I don't even want to face my students. I am beginning to give up hope and I have become very depressed. If anyone can give me some encouragement, I would really appreciate it.

I am a 34 year old female that has been suffering from headaches since I was about 16. It was originally diagnosed as a deviated septum, then sinuses and eventually migraines. I had sinus/deviated septum surgery in July of 1996. Although I can see a difference in the "sinus" headaches, I am still suffering from migraines. My doctor (who is absolutely wonderful) wanted to send me to a biofeedback specialist. Unfortunately my insurance wouldn't cover it. She got around it by sending me to a therapist. After weeks of ultrasound and exercise therapy the headaches subsided. Unfortunately, they have started back up again. I've noticed that the last few months I have gotten a migraine with my period. This is something new. The headaches are really weird though. I use to have an aura before the migraines (I saw spots floating by on the left side), but now I don't. They feel like sinus headaches (pain in the front of the face, over the eyebrows, along the checkbones). The pain radiates on one side then moves to the other side and at times is all over. The pain eventually travels to the back of my head and in my neck/shoulder area. I also have pain running down my spine when I have these headaches. Like others, I too was diagnosed with TMJ. I wear a splint at night. I went through three splints in about 7 months (the first one only lasted a week!). There are times the headache is so bad that it is too uncomfortable to wear the splint. I have tried various medicines but was told by a previous doctor that I didn't "suffer enough" to take medicine on a regular basis. Who determines how much one must suffer? This was obviously someone who never had a migraine in his entire life. My (new) doctor has just called in a prescription for another medicine (name unknown at this time). Hopefully this will help. Only problem, it's suppose to make me sleepy so I can't take it at work. Does anyone else suffer from these same symptoms? Has anything helped you?

I am a 48-year-old female and have had migraine headaches since I was in my 20s, treated only with over-the-counter meds until recently. The headaches got much worse when I became premenopausal four years ago. After several trips to the doctor for Demerol shots and a T3 prescription, I went to a neurologist who diagnosed classic migraines (family history, personality, stress, extreme sensitivity to light and noise, nausea). I now keep a calendar to track the headaches (which sometimes last several days), take OTC meds if I catch them soon enough, and take Imitrex shots if I don't. So far, this is working, but the doc is still having me track them to see if we can find the trigger. I suspect they are brought on by tension (I have a very high-stress job, busy family, heavy responsibilities in all facets), lack of sleep, hormones (I'm now on PremPro), and maybe missing meals. Headaches occur often AFTER a stressful time, when I go to bed finally able to relax, then wake up with a massive headache and vomitting, just as thought I had scheduled time for a headache. Using the current plan, I went three months without a HA, then had a three-day one, then went another month pain free.

I am also a bruxer (someone who grinds teeth at night, another sign of stress) and have worn a mouthpiece to save my teeth and cut down on jaw muscle pain for years. In addition, I suffer from burning feet - it actually feels like my feet are blistering from the soles up. My neurologist says this is a form of syndrome called "burning feet and restless legs." I saw in Larry's case history that he's discovered an iron deficiency anemia relates to restless legs and migraines. I am anxious to share that with my neuro at next visit.

---Cheryl from Fort Worth


I just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has e-mailed me since I first sent in my migraine story. It has been wonderful to find people who understand what a life-affecting condition this is. Corresponding with fellow migraineurs has also made me feel like I was able to do something positive for myself and for other people. It is great therapy for dealing with the debilitating psychological effects of living with a life-long condition.



Hi my name is Harry. I have been a migrraine suffer for 30 years, I suffer from classic migraine, i will only be able to see 3/4 0f an immiage and with in 30 mins. i will have a full blown migrqaine. I have been keeping a diary of my headaches trying to find what triggers my headaches. I have norrowed it down to glare from the sun, if i go out in the bright sun light without sunglasses i can count on getting a migraine. I have also found that excessive amounts of cafine is bad news. I treat my headaches with Excedrin and Midrin. Usualy i can obtain relief by taking my meds and going to a dark room to sleep. However about 4 times a year i need to go to the ER. and get an injection of Demerol 100 mg. and phenergen 75 mg. These work extremely well for me and provide me with relief, usually in 8 hours. However the down side is the wise cracks i receive from the ER, people about how often i come there for injections. I don't fell that 4 times a year is excesive. If any one out there has any imput on this i would appreciate hearing from you. I am one of the unlucky people who is not allowed to take Imitrex, due to mild conoray heart disease. From what i havve been reading on this journal of suffers it sounds like a wounderful drug for migraine suffers.Thanks Rhonda for this page. What a great way of sharing info on migraineIf any one out there would like to "chat" chat