Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Dear Ronda,

Like the other many migraine sufferers, I too stumbled upon your website while I was searching the Net for more information on Migraine. I am a 24 year old married female from Malaysia (a country of which probably you may not have heard of). Well I have suffered migraine for the past 5-6 years.

The pain I have in the beginning was rather mild with just headaches now and then. I normally would take a couple of aspirins or paracetamols to cure the headache. But then as I grew older and started to work, my headache got worst. Finally I decided to see my family doctor for further advice as at one time, it was so bad that I say these flashes of lights and I felt nauseas as well as dizzi. The worst part was that when this happened, I was in the Badminton courts just about to finish my game.

The doctor then prescribed cafergot for me and that was about 2-3 years ago. To me, cafergot is what I take regularly in the mornings to suppress the attack even before it occurs. I tried many, many times to stop taking the drug but the pain just comes back. There are also times when even taking cafergot doesn't help. Even after taking I still get the pain and I would cry at times when the pain becomes very intense.

My pain would normally start from my left temple and the move on to my left eye. There are times when the pain becomes so unbearable, that I felt like gorging my left eye out. If no painkillers are taken, the pain would spread down to my left cheek and then move on to my right eye and then to the right temple.

At this point, I would have to take three types of painkillers which are Ponstant, Cafergot (1 full tablet) and one type which is a small yellowish brown tablet (I don't know the name, since it was prescribed to me by my doctor). Then after one night's full rest the pain will only subside the next day. Even so, there is still a slight throbbing pain but is bearable and then half a tablet of cafergot will have to be taken again.

Well, comparing with the other cases of migraine sufferers, I seem to have a rather mild migraine attack. Though it may be kind of mild compared to the other cases but the intense pain is enough to really turn my entirely life upside-down by upsetting my schedules.

There are times, I will get migraine when I am feeling rather hungry and sucking sweets esp. the mint typed sweets will help reduce the pain a little.

Anyway, I have been asked to relax more and try not to get frustrated and angry as well as not to pressure myself so often, then probably it won't be that bad. But doing that would be a little difficult since I work in the mornings and study in the evenings. I am trying to obtain my degree to through distant-learning.

In the near future, esp. after my studies, I do hope that my pain would lessen and maybe then I would not get that frustrated over small matters.


Dear Ronda,

I was looking about the internet for headache reliefs when I found your page. You see, I feel that I am in the most desperate of matters. I have been suffering from headaches for as far back as I can remember and just somewhat recently I have realized that these were Sinus Headaches. They are very troublesome and are ruining my life and I need HELP. In any other season (Besides spring) I would have to take sinus medicine in the morning only three times a week if I felt a headache coming on. But now that it is spring I find myself taking sinus medicine with or without ibuprofen to kill the pain, but on some days (like today) it just isn't enough. The pain consumes me. I'll usually know if the stuffy headed feeling will amount to a headache iff I feel dull stabbing pains in my neck, and then I'll know that there is no stopping it. The trobbing will go on in one of the veins in my temples, and my sinus cavities ( about my nose and under my ears) and sometimes just at the top of my head.

Now to any one who is reading this it may not seem to be all that tragic but there is something else that is bad about this. I AM ONLY 13. These headaches happen so often and are so time consuming and painful that I am convinced that they now are my life. They make me queasy in the stomach, irritable, moody and just not myself. Every night I pray to god to let me not have a headache and some days he listens. But I know that I have been cursed with this awful pain and somedays the headache will just have to come.

When I look at other kids, I find myself feeling ver envious of them. They don't know what it's like to be battiling a pain that just won't quit. They don't know what it's like to have your child hood smuthered under the foot of such an emense pain that you are helpless. They don't have to worry.

Sometimes I wish that god could have just given this curse to some one else but I was chosen.

I am scared for myself, as selfish as that may sound. I don't want to waste my life away battiling a disorienting pain and ruining my stomach with all the pills I consume. I am tiredof taking in thosands of milligrams a week, or even a day to stop this pain.

If there is anyone out there, anyone at all who could help me or give me any information that will save my life please talk to me! All help is considered and greatly appreciated. PLEASE HELP ME, SAVE MY LIFE.


I discovered this page after reading the CNN report on staydol. It has been a plesant suprise to realize how many other suffers there really are out there. Though i have encountered a few others in my line of work, i never knew that this page existed. Figured that i would share a bit of my story.

I first started getting headaches at the age of nine. I wasn't diagnosed with migrane until jr high school. My dr at the time did not believe in using painkillers and instead put me on a prevenative regamine. At this time i started my"Migrane Journal". If any suffers haven't done this, it is really worthwhile! By writing down everything i did and ate up to the time of the migrane i discovered most of my triggers. Too much sleep, not enough sleep, lunch meat (except for "Boars Head Brand") hot dogs, MSG, my peroid just to name a few.

After several years of bearing with the pain, and taking the preventive meds i gave up and stopped taking any pills. Suffered in silence. In 1991 I got married, and went for about a year without any headaches. Thought marriage was my magic elixir. Then the headaches came back with a vengance. I started missing alot of work. My husband was beside himself and really didn't know what to do. At that time we had no health insurance and i refused to allow him to take me to the hospital, instead i begged him many times to just cut my head off.

Then i was working out in Pittsbugh PA. I was at work enduring one of the most terrible migranes i had ever had. I couldn't leave as i was incapable of driving, and my husband and i work together and our bosses wouldn't allow us both to leave. During this time i was having a disucussion with one of my supervisors and the throwing up happend. In midconversation i simply ran away from him and went to the nearest bathroom. Fortunatly i was working with another girl who had migranes, and she followed me to the bathroom and made me take one of her fiorionals. My god, the pain subsided...i realized there was hope!

This was the time that i treked back to the same Dr who refused my painkillers and demanded fiorional.

It worked for a while. Then i decided it was time to try the imitrex injections. They worked great, but my insurance doesn't pay for my meds and they are so darn expensive!

So now, i use a combination of fiorional with codine at the inital onset, if that doesn't work i take another one...if that doesn't work then i do a shot usually followed with another pill and sleep. For the throwing up i use pepsi and pretzels.

My biggest problem now is that i always without fail get a migrane (usually a wopper) whenever i have my peroid. Upon discussion with my apothecartyist he thinks that if i take progestrone during that time i can minimize this type of migrane. So my question is has anyone out there tried this approach? If so, does it work for them!

Any imput would be helpful! Thanks for listening!


Until recently, I have been suffering severe migraines at the rate of 3 or 4 per week. The headaches were severe, the nausea was becoming more and more severe. I was left feeling very low and all I could do was lie down in a darkened room and wait for it all to go away.

I had tried various medications over the years, both prescription and non-prescription varieties. Recently my doctor was prescribing Imigran tablets and then Sanomigran tablets.

The Imigran worked in a small way and could lessen the effect of a headache. The Sanomigran I showed contraindications to, so I discontinued taking them.

In sheer desparation, I visited an acupuncturist. I was extremely sceptical, after all, lots of medicines had not worked, so how could a few needles?

After only one session, my migraines disappeared. I had a single massive migraine the day after the first session of acupuncture and I have had none since. I have been migraine free for over a month now. Currently I am visiting my acupuncturist on a weekly basis. My overall health seems to be improving too. Probably because I am not as dibilitated as I was when suffering frequent migraines, I am benefiting by a general improvement in my well-being.

Needless to say, I am now a convert to acupuncture. It has worked for me when orthodox drugs did not.

Kind regards

---Helen Simmons

Good idea for a site, Ronda.

My migraines started when I was 18, and started taking birth control pills (Ortho-Novum1.80). These would occur with 1 every 1 to 2 weeks and was unbearable. Finally, I switched to Nordette instead (1.5/30--much lower in estrogen) and they went away.

I have probably been taking Nordette for 10 years now, and the migraines are starting to come back and are slowly increasing in frequency.

I have classic migraines. I see bright stars or spots when it's coming on, and sometimes holes in my vision, especially the right eye. Then, the nausea and confusion comes on. Shortly after, numbness in my left fingers, starting from the thumb, and then all the way down, before the numbness extends up my hand and arm to my elbow. Then, more nausea and sometimes hyperventilating, along with the desperate need to lie down in a completely dark room, and that "run over by a train" feeling afterwards.

About a year ago, I got desperate, and decided to try an alternative treatment (my whole family has a hypersensitivity to drugs, and Cafergot had done nothing for me anyway). I went to the health food store and bought a bottle of liquid Feverfew.

About a week after starting on a daily dose of Feverfew in my tea, the migraines STOPPED completely. This went on for about 8 months, but then slowly the migraines started again. I increased the dosage of feverfew, and they went away again, but slowly came back yet again.

Just to let all of you fellow migraine sufferers out there know, even if only temporary, the Feverfew gave me relief for a year! It was great! In fact, when I did get migraines, if I took 5 times my normal maintenance dose, it made them noticeably less severe, and made them go away a bit faster too.

Now, I am trying a switch to what they call a THIRD GENERATION contraceptive called Marvelon which has desogestrel instead of levenogestrel as the progesten agent in it, however it has the same type and amount of estrogen, so I have my doubts the change will work--but anything's worth a try!

To all of you other brave souls out there who must contend with the dreaded migraine, I applaud you. Although I know my migranes are not as severe as some peoples', I can hardly stand them. I don't know how you all do it--but then, it's not like any of us have much of a choice!

--Sharon 100245.2714@CompuServe.COM

I just found your page. How wonderful to know that there are others out there who have to put up with the same type of stuff.

I am 27 years old and gave birth to my first child (and only) in Oct. of 1995. About two months into the pregnancy the headaches started, not too bad, just dull ache. The progressed to the point they are today, excruciatingly painful. I have a headache every day, all day - it varies in pain strength from about a 2 to a 5. (5 being the bed ridden, don't move, lights off, curtains drawn kind)

In addition I have Addisson's Disease (adrenal gland failure) and Hypothyroidism. I've taken a whole list of drugs (Zoloft, Elavil, Cyproheptad, Noratryptoline, Imitrex injections, Imitrex tablets, Firocet, Firocet w/cod, Stadol....) I've had MRI's, misc. blood work and other tests by my family physician and endocrinologist. I've been to a neurologist and recently, a Neuro-Opthamologist. It is his opinion that I have migraines. Although he does not seem especially sympathetic.

The headaches range from severe pain where I function on will alone, keep in mind I have an active 19 month old son, to the extreme, where all I can do is lie down and close myself off, if I have the luxury of someone to help me with my child. My poor husband has had to deal with the testiness, the drugs, taking sick days to stay home (which he has run out of for the year) etc. Needless to say, it is a strain on our marriage.

The Neuro-Opthamologist prescribe Imitrex tablets (at a higher dosage) and Fiornal last week. He said that the Fiorcet w/cod. (which was dulling the headaches - which I was taking three times a day) was causing analgesic rebound. He suggested to take these medicines and one aspirin daily. And, that I could when the headache persisted take the Stadol that I already had. Well - they haven't worked and I'm taking the Stadol more often. I had had one bottle from March to June but ran out the day after I saw him. When I called to have it refilled by my primary it was denied, I was on the phone in tears in an attempt to get it refilled, finally I did, but I was made to feel like some junkie in need of a fix. In the last week I've almost emptied the new bottle. I've taken it at least once every day. To anyone who has taken the Stadol I'm sure you can sympathize, the drip down the back of your throat, the nasty taste, the drug haze, and the feeling of being a lump of clay. I hate taking it but it is the only thing to take away the pain.

I've called the doctor again and told him the meds aren't working. He says to stick with them another week. I had to brow beat him to agree to refill the Stadol when I run out.

If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE e-mail me at

I am 50 years old...have had migraines since I was 20...following the birth of my first child. They have always been hormone related, but they can be triggered by chocolate, caffeine or alchohol, if I get cocky and indulge in any of these. They've been much worse and come with much more frequency since I've been premenpausal...about 8 years, now.

When they start, I get very drowsy/sleepy. I've had visual aura maybe 5 times in my life. The pain always follows the same pattern. First it starts in the right temple, then my right cheek gets tender and it progresses, it involves the right, back side of my head and neck, right jaw,etc. etc. I'm sure you know what I mean. The pain comes in spasms that feel like someone has hold of the skin on the back of my head and is twisting it as hard as they can. The whole right side of my head is so painful that it hurts just to touch it. They last anywhere from 24 to 60 hours...Mostly 48 hours. I have to come to work, because staying home wouldn't accomplish anything anyway, and I would miss too much work if I took off everytime I had one. What is so discouraging is that, when I have's all I can do to just answer the phone (I'm a receptionist) and greet people. I can't really do any work that requires creative thinking...I'm just barely hanging on. I've been to doctors, and been the medicine route that most of you have been. I took Verapamil, too, but couldn't live with the weight gain and lack of energy. The cafergots/midrin stuff made mine worse. Sometimes I take a handful of ibuprofen and tylenol and that takes the edgeoff for an hour or two, but most times that doesn't work. I take Seldane and do Flonase to be sure I don't get sinus headaches. My allergies are completely under control. But, I can't control the hormone ups and downs that seem to control the migraines. I hate that when the headache comes, it's in charge...For as long as it wants to stay, it decides how I will feel and what I will be able to do. I've had to postpone lots of nice things because I got a headache, too. My husband is pretty understanding and sympathetic....although, when I'm in a very bad one, and am like a zombie, I can tell he gets frustrated sometimes, but not often.

Moist heat seems to be the best thing for mine...temporary relief for a few seconds. I lose my appetite completely as long as it's hurting...and feel nauseous most of the time...just from the severity of the pain. After it's over, I feel like someone's had me a room beating me for two days, and then just stopped. But I know they will come back! It takes my body several hours to "recover" from it and feel normal again. There is nothing like the joy that comes when the headache goes away and I can finally sleep pain-free again.

I'm hoping I just outlive these things....that when I stop producing estrogen altogether, the will stop. I can hope. Thanks for "listening".


Hi Ronda:

I'm a 31 year old female that has been suffering from migraines since I was 5 years old. I used to call them sports headaches due to the fact that I would get a nasty migraine after any sporting event even golf. I've tried every medicine possible. Imitrex gave me relief only for a few hours and then it would increase into 72 hours of pain. I was also a test subject for the Imitrex pill form. That was worse than the shot! My trigger factor's are: stress, hormonal, sinus, vascular, weather & I have hypoclycemia. My symtoms are: pain over left or right eye (never both eyes at the same time). I get aches & pains in my back & neck (only on the side of the migraine) I cannot function what so ever even though I try. Pressure helps, I tie a sock around my head when I sleep sometimes. I've tried Chiropractor's, Neurologist's, Herb's, Pain Killers, Vascular pills, musle relaxers, I even have a bite guard & nothing seems to work. I'm trying a new possible cure, taking in medical oxygen. It seems to releave the migraine for a couple of hours at a time. I've just started to use this so I'm not too sure it will work the second time around.

I get a migraine two times a month. The worst one is usually around my cycle and last's for three days. The next migriane is two week's after and is a lighter one. My husband try's to help me but he gets frustrated as do I! Some Doctors have told me to start having kids or wait until your older! That's not a reason to have kids & I am older now! I need a cure!!!!

Thank you so much for this web site. It's a chance to relate to other's with this medical problem & I hope it will help find a cure.

---Kitty Palmer