Journal of Migraine Sufferers

My wife has been experiencing migraines since i've known her (10 years) and says she has had them since jr. high. We've had some moderate amount of luck using the imitrex injection system but she is getting real tired of the side-effects and the needles. the pills don't do a thing for her. we were told about a cure for migraines that are caused by bacteria by using antibiotics but haven't been able to find any documentation to support this theory. we were wondering if anyone else had heard anything about this and if so, what? we'd love to here from anybody concerning this or any other new ideas that have come along in the last 6 months. we can be reached at: thanks for this wonderful service to migraine sufferers everywhere!

Was reading some of the historys here and am surprised I can find comfort in the other fellows worse luck. I dont suffer pain at all ,never did and hope I never will. My wife is another matter. started migraines in the 4th grade. after we were married she had them on a fairely regular basis. no clues to the origin. 5 kids gave her some relief. as she got older they did get less frequent. she read a study about Dr.'s taking aspirin for heart problems. they reported a reduction in migraine occurence and severity. she started taking 2 each morning and night. the results were great. she had to quit a few yrs ago for a cataract operation. and it took us a while to realise why the headaches were back and bad. she went back on the aspirins and the pain was gone within the day. meanwhile she has been taking Neurontin for a condition called Myalgia. this is a drug for seizures in epilileptics. a side benefit has been the very noticable reduction in pain when she does have a migraine. right now she is off aspirin again , till sat. another eye operation. the headaches came on within 2 days. 2 and 3 a day. the Neurontin will take the edge off if she takes them in time. they do make her sleepy though. when she gets better i will try to get a first person account. the generic name for Neurontin is Gabapentin. it is being used in some cases of random pain. our discovery of the migraine relief was accidental. I have not seen it mentioned else where. wish it would work for every one. good luck to all.

---les lyons

I first began having headaches 3-4 months ago. I had been taking Vaseretic for 4 years for high blood pressure, and it was very much under control. But, when the headaches became severe and frequent enough, I went to my doctor who said my BP was suddenly 150/106, and was most likely the cause of the headaches. He prescribed Norvasc in addition to the Vaseretic I was already taking. Within a week, my BP had dropped to 130/96, and has hovered in that range since. However, the headaches became increasingly worse, and I began having vision problems along with them. After taking every conceivable pain reliever over-the-counter, I saw a neurologist who sent me for an MRI. From that, he diagnosed "migraines with aura", and prescribed Methergine, Midrin and Tylox. Neither the Midrin nor the Tylox worked for me, and the Methergine made me extremely nauseous. He then prescribed Stadol-NS, which for me was completely incapacitating, and very scary! The next step, he said, is to go to Imitrex, but he would require an electro-cardiogram to make sure my heart was in good shape, as Imitrex is not recommended for those with high BP. I've heard many good things about Imitrex, but what, if any, are the side effects? My headaches are with me on a daily basis, and once a week will crescendo into a full-blown migraine, which lasts 3-5 days. Am I spinning my wheels looking for a "prescription" remedy for my migraines? I'm ready to chuck the whole "medical" angle and try something different. I know I echo the sentiments of every migraine sufferer out there...I'm just so tired of living in constant pain. Is there any solution?

--- Terry


I have just entered the world of migraines and am really uneducated on the matter. My doctor is very vague in his explanations. I would change doctors or get a second opinion, but I am a college student and have just been taken off of my parents insurance and am not covered right now, so financially I am somewhat stuck with the doctor I already have. My symptoms are the left side of my head, behind my eye and left part of my neck down to my shoulder THROB. I have tried phrenelin forte only to fall dead asleep, inderal, which never had any effect, tranadol which killed the pain but not the ache(if that makes sense), and presently I am to take xanax whenever I feel it coming on. My problem with that is I can't always predict the pain and so sometimes I get relief, others, I don't. It was good to be able to find out that I am not the only one with this problem as my friends and family think that it's just like a really bad headache and try to give home remedies or tell me how bad their head hurts. Thanks for listening.


please can someone help me?i was so happy and touched to find this site.the first letter i read made me cry.i cant belive someone else can relate to my pain.5 years ago i got my first migraine but it's a very strange thing that brings them on.i get them only at the moment of comes on very fast with an intense burning at the back of my neck and before i know it the top of my head is pounding so bad and the pain is so intense i start to vomit.they can last from 1 day to 4 weeks.the intense pain can only be taken away with DHE injections,however the residual pain can last for weeks.i am currently on many meds that seem to help lesson the severity but they still happen.does anyone know what these headaches are and why they happen?does anybody else out there have them?if anyone can help please email me at (,vm

dear ronda and other readers,

i was wondering if any of you have been told by your neurologist that your MRI shows characteristics of MS? mine told me that the other day, but said that it was most likely from the migraines. i have not been able to find anything about this in medical books or on the web. all i can find is that if you have those areas on your brain you have MS. my neurologist doesn't feel that i have MS, but after that visit i came home and looked it up. i have about 90% of the symptoms and will be going back soon for another opinion.

i have been suffering from migraines since childhood and currently take fioricet for pain. i am allergic to almost everything else. the longest episode of migraines has been 7 weeks, immediately after the birth of my second child. i was also told that they get better as we age, but that's not happening yet.

anyone who has been told they have the characteristics of MS - but it's only from migraines - PLEASE WRITE TO ME!!!!! thanks.


Anyone have any suggestions for hard-to-treat menstrual migraines? I've always had migraines but now the menstrual migraines have thrown me for a loop -- the past two months I've been to the ER for a shot of Demerol. Anyone with help?