Journal of Migraine Sufferers


I'm a 14 yr old migraine sufferer. The doctor first diagnosed me with migraines when I was 2 yrs old. I have been on many different medications in the last few yrs, right now I am on Amitriptyline, Verapamil, and Bellergal as preventatives. When I get a migraine, I take D.H.E shots for the pain. These shots are the only thing that I have found to give any relief at all. I have tried Imitrex in pill, shot, and nasal spray form, Nadalol, Duract, Peractin, Lomotil, and a few others. None of these seemed to work.

I usually get one on Monday morning, which can last until Wednesday, then come back on Thursday. I have missed an incredible amount of school, and because of this I have had to drop a few of my classes. There was no way I could have made up all the work in time.

Since I am 14, I am in between what the doctors consider a child and an adult. This makes it very difficult to find any helpful information for my age group. My mother worries that a child's dose of the medicine would be to little, or that the adult's amount would be too much.

I would like to hear any suggestions or advice that fellow migraine sufferers could give me. I would especially love to hear from people around my age about what they have found that works or doesn't work.

Please e-mail me at JANIJEAM@aol with any information or if you would just like to talk to a fellow sufferer about migraines. Thanks!

My husband suffers from hemiplegic migraines. (Temporary paralysis on one side of his body, confusion, loss of vision in one eye, slurred speech.) If anyone else has the same type of migraine we would like to hear their experiences. It has been 3 years since he has had a hemiplegic migraine, but he is in almost constant pain from regular migraines, sometimes with aura, sometimes without. Because of the 2 episodes of hemiplegic migraine 4 years ago, Imitrex cannot be prescribed. We have been to many neurologists, have had 6 MRI's, all kinds of blood work and neurological testing. The diagnosis is always the same, migraines. He has taken lots of medication, most of which made him incredibly fatigued. He is now just using medication for pain (Tylenol w/ codeine). At least he can sleep. Anyone with experience with hemiplegic migraines please share your story with us. Thanks.


Boy, can I relate to these stories!! When my migraines started a number of years ago, I was beyond miserable. My pain was primarily centered behind one eye or the other. Nothing helped! After the battery of tests to rule out a tumor, etc, my primary Dr referred me to a Neurologist. He has been very understanding. Initially, he prescribed Imitrex injections. It was like a miracle for me! The only problem was it knocked me out - but hey, it took the headache with it. When the tablets came out, I tried them and found that they also worked for me; however, they work slower than the injection. Along the way, I told him that I was more interested in prevention rather than treating. He tried me on Inderal and for a couple of YEARS I was pretty much headache free. It was incredible!! I had forgotten what it was like to live without having a headache 3-4 days or more per week. Gradually they returned and it was back to square one. After being off the Inderal for about 12-18 months and back to the frequent headaches, I asked to try the Inderal again. Thankfully, at this point, it still seems to help. I also use Vancenase AQ & believe that the combination of the two is what helps me. I still get a minor headache if I vary my eating or sleeping habits too much, but they are tolerable.

Unless someone has had the experience of a migraine, they can't begin to understand what it is like. I wouldn't wish them on anyone, yet, sometimes I think everyone(adult) should have one at some point in their life in order to have a little more compassion for those not so lucky. May the New Year bring relief to my fellow migraine sufferers. My e-mail address is

Hi all, this is my first time hear and cant believe all the other sufferers like myself. Im sitting here now with a severe migraine and nothing seems to help. I have been getting migraines since I was 7, my sisters have been getting them since 3, 5 and 9.

so far havent found a drug that helps but sisters have relief from shots in their neck and another takes a different drug. Whenever I get a migraine I throw up, run a fever and get shakes. Although there are hundreds of different types of migraines I think we should just keep trying different meds till we find one that works, luckily my sisters have found theirs and Im still searching.Along with meds migraine sufferers really have to watch what they eat I have an article here and will find it later but there are many many foods we have to stay away from and herbs and certain roots and vitamins need to be taken. Sorry if Im babbling, do have a headache right now. I do feel for all of you. Thanks for listening

Hello friends, im 24 and been suffering from migranes since i was 13 years old. My migranes are severe I get tunnel vision, numbness, severe pain ,and I am unable to comprehend anything said to me, or anything I see. they last for three hours and then the pain stays for a few days .I guess you can say im lucky because i only get them about 5 times a year .I am to afraid to go to the doctor about them because when I was 14 I went and they told me i was just putting on a show. So I have suffered for this long . What should I do ? Is there really an end to this ? THANKS FOR THE SPACE


Please help me. I have been taking imitrex the miracle pill for migraines. My doctor just told me I can not take them any more because I have been diagnosed with coronary artery spasms. So he won't let me take my Imitrex anymore and I don't know what to do or take. No pain medicine works I've tried them all. I need a medicine like Imitrex I have called them and asked if they have something else they said no, not yet for another year. Please I am begging you to help me find a medicine to take. In the past two months I have had 2 serious migraines lasting for 3 days with nothing to take sick as can be in bed for all this time and drained when headache decides to go away I have never had them ao bad as I have had them recently. I had all the signs of migraine: nausea, light bothering my, pain on one side, eye watering, eye swelling, diaherra. It was a nightmare that I just wanted to end. Please respond immediately I am petrafied to get another headache. Please help me.