Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I began having migraines when I reached the menopause. It is driving me insane. My headaches start with aura. I lose the ability to speak properly, get very sore eyes, and cannot handle loud noises. Then I begin to vomit. My doctor is treating me with high blood pressure tablets, antidepressents, codeine, maxalon (to stop vomiting). I cannot take Imitrex because I have a thyroid condition that gives me high blood cholesterol. Has anyone else began migraine in menopause? Surely I can't be the only one. Sometimes I end up in the casualty section of our local hospital needing a strong painkilling injection called pethadine (which is similar to Demerol in America). My migraines have gained in severity, and I'm getting them every week. Having been migraine free for all of my life, I don't know how some of you manage when you've had it all of your lives. Fond regards to you all...and may your days be pain free.

---Marilyn <>
Whyalla, Ssa Australia -

Hi, my name is Kim and I am 35 years old. I have suffered from mirgraines since I was 6 years old. I have had all of the "tests." Not one doctor knows what causes them. I have also tried every medication/drugs you can think of: antidepressents, valium, xanax, stadol, imitrix, etc. The only two medications that work for me are oxycodone and Demerol shots. I have always suffered from severe migraines. I vomit so much that by the time I get to see my doctor, they have to put me on IVs to combat the dehydration. I usual have 1 to 3 migraines a month. I have been very fortunate in the past 5 years to finally find an extremely compassionate and understanding doctor that will give me what I need for my headaches, (the oxycodone and demerol). I am looking for more research/information on migraines in children and on adults who have had migraines since childhood. I suspect that I am just stuck with these for the rest of my life.

---Kim Butler <>
Portland, OR USA -

Not sure how you know when these journals are posted, so I just wanted to add todays date to mine: 1/30, 12:23 a.m., and I currently have a headache!!

---Nanci Wilson <>
Newburgh, NY USA -

I have suffered from migraines for longer than I care to remember. I too have gone through every test possible. When I had a 3 day migraine, I threatened the neurologist that I was going to that I was going to blow my brains out all over his brand new carpet if he did not do something for me. At that time I was on disability for 6 weeks because I could not get rid of the headache. It would go to a dull ache, and then come back full force. I actually had a doctor give me a prescription & tell me that if it did not work, the problem was 'in my head'!! Hello, where the heck do you think it is. I have had no luck with any type of drug. Last year I got the imitrex shot, & I thought I was going to jump out a window. That is how I felt. Never again. Has anyone found anything, anything at all that works. I am willing to try anything. I have even blacked out in the shower, and on my kitchen floor with no recollection of this happening. I just chuckle when one of my employees starts whining because they have a slight headache. Unless you are a migraine sufferer, you do not have the slightest clue what they are all about. Any correspondence would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, & good luck to all of us that someone, one day, finds a TOTAL cure. Nanci

---Nanci Wilson <>
Newburgh, NY USA -

I have suffered from chronic daily headaches for over 10 years. Mine are largely due to food allergies and they are getting worse, so I have to avoid about 90% of all commonly eaten foods. Recently I have discovered that I cannot tolerate calcium in any form (dairy and supplements). It gives me a 24 hour headache for as long as I am taking it. Has anyone out there ever experienced this?

---Elly Ullom <>
Wiley , CO USA -

Hi, my name is Ryan and I have been getting migraines for 9 years now. I started getting them when I was 11 and am now 19. I have seemed to try almost everything for my migraines, but they only seem to get worse. They weren't as bad to begin with, but I can remember sitting on the steps at home just going crazy because my head always hurt. I have been throught the whole big rigermarole like CT scans, MRI's, allergy, sinus, ENT, nuroligists, ect...I have most resently seen a headache specialist, here at UW-Madison. I have been on so many different drugs that its hard to remember them all. My doctor was helping, it seemed for a while, but I have not been able to handle the medications that I have been on. I have tried Amitrityline, Imiprimene, Desiprimene, Protryptline, Doxepin, Trimiprimene, Nadolol, Atenolol, Depakote, Prozac, Verapamil, Nortryptline, Serzone, Metoprolol...I can't remember anymore, there's just too many. My main problem is that I can't think when I am on the Tricyclic Antidepressants. It's called STUPOR. They have helped, but I am, not to sound aregant, a smart person. And without my brain I am nothing! I am a Chemistry Major at UW-Madison and I fluncked most of my classes first semester because I couldn't comtrehend anything...It's like being a mental patient. On Depakote I have severe tremor and the Beta Blockers give me the stupor too. I am almost ready to drop out of school because I can't handle the not being able to think and trying to goto school. I also play a musical instrument(persussion) and it is severly effected when I am on those drugs..I can't play at all! I have taken Stadol, Hydrocodone, Demerol, Hydromorphone, Visterol, Imitrex, Zomig(the new Imitrex), DHE NS & IV, compazine, metacloprimide, haldol, lorazapam, and do get some help from some...Imitrex doesn't help very much anymore at all, Zomig made me really sick to my stomach I can't take compazine or haldol because I get a distonic reaction from them(I was shaking inside for 3 day and wanted to die), DHE makes me throw up, Stadol works sometimes, but Demerol and visterol is what I usually have to have in the ER because it kicks the headache the best. I have taken Hydrocodone, they help the pain, but don't really get rid of the headache. I have probobly had rebound headaches from some of the opiates, because I have gone through withdrwal from them many's not fun! I just always have a headache and can find anything that really helps me. As you can tell I am really sentitive to medications. But this last week I reached my breaking point...I went to the ER for Demerol with a really bad headache and they gave me it, but esentually kicked me out right after that because they were busy and needed the room. THEY LET ME WALK BACK TO MY DORM ALL STONED UP ON DEMEROL! that has never happened to me before and I was PISSED! I am giving up on everything and I just want my life back...I have several headaches a week (bad), and I have a Cronic daily headache most days...I try to distract myself from it, but it's not always easy. I do have a tendency to overuse the opiates when I get them because I am in suck pain...I just don't know what to do anymore! I am refusing to take medicines that make me stupid, and I just want to be pain free...I am even starting to check out inpatient places to go to get these headachess under control, but it's not easy! There aren't very many of them and they are are really hard to find! I don't know if maybe being on narcotics all the time would let me lead a better life, but I don't think that my doctor would be real thrilled about doing that, because of addiction and/or dependance ebound headaches....I have just lost all patients with the system and am very depressed(now) about all of this..I wasn't that way before, but I don't know if I can handle all of the pain and suffering anymore! I just want to be happy and pain free at any cost, but my brain. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but any thoughts and/or advise would be greatful...has anyone ever expereinced or know about constanct narcotic use for pain? I have a relative that has to do that, but I would love to stay away from it..I just don't know what else to do anymore! My doctor always wants to try something else, but it always effects my memory. And if anyone know's of any great places that might be able to help me it would be appreceated too...Thanks for listening to all of this! It's a lot, and may you migraines be better in all of the future...

---Ryan Kamholtz <>
Madison, WI USA -

I have had a migraine very day since I hit my head on 12/22/95. Before getting help from a migraine neurologist, I had very severe migraine almost very day. I have been on all kinds of antidepression and High blood pressure medications. Now my migraine are mostly moderate migraines. Thank God for Migraine Specialist. Have a good day and may your days be pain free.

---Susan Liddic <>
Dayton, OH USA -

Dear Rhonda: My 17 year old Daughter has suffered cluster migraine with aura, for about 2 years now. She takes Inderal daily and Imitrex shots during an attack. Next week we take her to UC Davis Headache Clinic. She is not sure what to expect, or even if she is safe to hope for a miracle answer to the end of her pain. 17 is to young to give in to a life of pain. As long as I am alive, I will study migraine and search for a cure for my Daughter and all of You out there who are SUFFERING the horrible pain and fear of Migraine. Also I can't forget all you Mom's and Loved ones who also suffer the Hurting in your heart. I would like to make a request to all who beleive; Please include my Daughter in their prayers. With faith we can overcome ANYTHING!!!! Your all in my prayers to ! Sincerely, Migraine Mom (Cindy)

---Cindy Gilliland <>
Reno, NV USA -

I have suffered from migraine attacks since I was fifteen; I am now forty-nine. The first pain killer I was ever given was furenol and it made me break out in blisters everywhere on my body. The second med they gave me was Demerol: 100 miligrams. I was twenty-two years old and weighed less than one hundred pounds. I had the migraine for two weeks solid and was admitted to a Navy Base hospital where I was given that high dosage every four hours. I didn't have another headache until I was pregnant with my second son at age twenty-four. During the entire pregnancy, I had one and two headaches a month with severe nausea. Once more, the military gave me 100mg of Demerol and 75 of Vistaril. The headaches continued for the next seven years and then some smart aleck military doctor decided he would try something new: Zomax. I took two pills and went into shock. He switched to Stadol. After the first shot, the nurse's head expanded, contracted, then elongated and stayed that way. Three hours later, I was still in pain and they gave me a second shot of Stadol. This time, her head exploded, brain matter ran down the walls. My skin became clammy, I broke out in a sweat, I started hallucinating. I couldn't stand up, sit down, lie was like I had taken a dual dose of speed and LSD. They rushed to give me a shot of 100 mg of Demerol and 50 of Compazine (which completely blocked my urinary tract and I had to be catherized). Years later, they tried DHE. My head felt like it was crackling inside and I was hyperventilating and had to be given epinephrine. THEN, some bright schmuck tried Imitrex. All in the name of 'getting me off the hard narcotics' which I was taking only one day once a month only. The Imitrex depressed my breathing so badly, I felt I was suffocating. I have had seven neurological workups. I have had spinal taps. I have had GTT tests. I have had bio-feedback. I have had mylograms. I have had teeth x-rays. I have had arteriograms. I even had one stupid fool Air Force doctor try to 'hypnotize' the headache away and when that failed, he told me (I kid you not!) that it was: "My learned opinion that people who suffer from migraine headaches are in constant communication with alien beings." My husband nearly punched him. As it was, I puked on his nice shiny black shoes and he gave me 100mg of Demerol and 75 of Vistaril. Why the hell can't doctors just let you have what has been proven to work for you? Why keep experimenting with different meds which one day might do irreparable harm? If you have migraines only three or four times a year, as I do now, why would any SANE person think it possible that you could get addicted to a powerful narcotic you get only three or four times a year? Why make you suffer the indignity of trying to answer stupid questions you are in no condition to answer even when you have a proven case history sitting right in front of their pious noses? I've been hospitalized nine times with clusters that would not stop. Out of those nine times, I've only had three good experiences. The last time, the doctor kept trying different 'cocktails' until I went beserk and threatened to sue him if he didn't stop the pain. He wound up giving me a final 'cocktail' of Demerol, Valium, and Sodium Nembutol. The headache finally went away, but I had suffered with it for six days while in a room right beside a new parking lot that was going in and where jackhammers were blazing away. I haven't had a headache since November of 1996, but I know it's only a matter of time. When it hits, despite the 160 mg. of Inderol I have to take every day of my life, I know I'll wind up in the emergency room with another idiot doctor who will ask: "And just what makes you think this might be a migraine, Mrs. Compo?"
Charlee Compo <>
Grinnell, IA USA -

I am curious if any of you migraine sufferers have found relief from migraines from chiropractic treatment. Also, does anyone know if it is "safe" to be taking an Imites tablet everyday?

---arae <>