Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Anyone out there taking Imitrix on a daily basis over a long period of time? I have had migraines for 4 years. Attivan was effective until about 3 months ago. Acupuncture seemed to increase frequency and intensity. At present, Imitrix 25mg is very effective. Since migraines occur during every night, I have been taking Imitrex every day for about 6 weeks. I am concerned about long term effects. I don't really have a choice if I want to function normally. Please reply with any info on daily use of Imitrex... thanks.

---Ray <>
Manasquan, NJ USA -

I know that this will sound kooky, but eating Kellogg's Product 19 cereal has helped my migraines! It doesn't get rid of my headaches altogether, but it definates "controls" them a bit. I stopped eating the cereal, and sure enough, they came back just as bad as before! You can bet though I've been stuffing my face with the stuff. Hope this is helpful for someone out there. Give it a few days before you expect some results though.

---Heather Cain <>
San Diego, CA USA -

I would like to contribute my experience that may be good news for some of you. I have suffered from migraines for approximately 17 years. I have absolutely no idea what caused them; they just started. The headaches would come 3 to 5 times per month and usually lasted about 24 hours. I would go into my bedroom and crawl under the covers. I didn't want to be with anyone. I couldn't stand any noise or any light and I would usually feel nauseous the whole time. The headache would always start by my left eye and spread to the entire left side of my head. I always knew I was getting a migraine because they were preceded by pulsating lights and strange smells. I have tried just about everything. OTC and prescription medications never touched my headaches. Acupuncture, ice packs, heat packs, etc. never offered any relief. I went to every type of doctor I could think of. My family doctor, a neurologist and even an ear, nose and throat doctor had no clue and only offered me the same medications that did not work. I was going to a chiropractor who tried traction to try to put the curve back in my neck. After two years of hard work, my neck refused to budge. And the headaches did not change. Then one day he told me of this new treatment that he had just learned about. It involved adjusting the skull bones. He explained it to me and at first I said no. But after thinking about it for a bit, it made sense that my headaches were coming from my head, not my neck. In fact, he doesn't even call them headaches. He calls them "skullaches." I was a little apprehensive during the first treatment. (I got one treatment every day for 4 days.) The treatment was different than anything I have ever done in my life. It was uncomfortable, but tolerable. Compared to my migraines, though, it was a piece of cake. After the four treatments, I had one more migraine that was pretty bad. I was not happy with that, but as it turned out that was the last one I have had. That was in October of 1997 and as of today, I have not had another migraine. (I have had minor headaches, but they have not been migraines.) I know not all migraines are the same, but this treatment worked for me and I know it has worked for others, too. If you have tried everything like I have, I would give this treatment a try. But like I said, you have really got to want to get rid of your headache, because this treatment can be unpleasant. This chiropractor's name is Dr. Steven Gould. He is in Portland, Oregon and you can call his office at (503) 620-7444. Or you can email me and I can give you some more information. By the way, this treatment is so unique that the medical reporter for the local TV news did a feature on it. I finally got my 15 minutes of fame. (Actually, just 4 but who is counting!) June -

---June Drewfs <>
Portland, Or USA -

Has anyone tried using effexor as a prophylactic for migraine? My HMO seems unhappy with the high cost of Imitrex cost and they want me to try this. I'm ok with the concept, but feel they may just be trying anything - I can't find any information on this use of effexor. I also have had problems with other anti-depressants I have used to deal with seasonal depression; they have induced mania. It appears this may be a side-effect of effexor as well.

---Suzan Fritze <>
Denver, CO USA -

I started getting migraine headaches when I was 17, 20 years ago. I suffered with clusters of 3/week migraines about every other month. After about 10 years of just taking aspirin ineffectively, I got a job with good medical benefits and sceptically went to a doctor. The doctor gave me midrin and it worked famously! I also kept a journal and found that my triggers were stress and (I have not seen this mentioned anywhere) bright sunlight. The frequency decreased, as well, to aboutone every month and a half. I also had fewer migraines in a cluster. About 2 years ago midrin stopped working, to my dismay. The doctor then gave me a combination of hydrocodone and torodol, which worked but gave me rebound headaches. I was then given nortriptyline to be taken every day, but have been a bit flaky about taking them. Sympoms I have but have not seen in the journal are: 1. Cold sweat on the head. 2. Rainbow flashes slowly working their way across my vision. 3. Bright sunlight as a trigger. If I'm out in the bright sun and then go to a dark theater, a migraine is inevitable. It's pretty well under control now, but I fear the day my current meds stop working. Good luck all, and I share your hope for a cure and pain-free days.

---Chris Daniels <>
Seattle, WA USA -

Some good news for those of us who spend a lot of time in the ER. A particularly adept local physician has found a new combination of meds which has really helped me. In addition to the usual Demerol and Vistiral, she has added Decadron (i.v.). I am a hard core migrainer (39yr. old male, 5-6 bad 3-day migraines per month). It had become common for me to get 75 mg Demerol, then an hour later get 50mg Demerol, and still go home with a headache! Now, with the addition of the Decadron, I feel much better after one shot of Demerol. The Decadron does not work i.m., so they must start an i.v. Sorry, but I don't remember the dose she uses, but your local docs could figure it out. It is a steroid and some docs don't want to use it. But if you're like me, this could change your life. I am interested in any feedback regarding Decadron experiences (good or bad). Also would like to hear from other men who suffer similarly (12-18 ER visits per year)

---Ken <>
Milton, MA USA -

I've gotten migraines for about 10 (give or take) years now. i'm 31. Sometimes I get the aura w/out a headache,sometimes with. I've just been to the Dr. and was given the Imetrex nasal spray. i have to keep back-spacing because my fingers are slurred (make sense of that). Before the Imetrex I was on Butalbital and Phenergan for vomiting. I also I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. God, I'm a plethora of diseases.i took about 6 butalbitals yesterday which led to my inability to walk straight or talk w/out slurring today. IS THERE HELP? i really do think stress plays a big part in migraines, most dr's would disagree but mine mostly seem to come from stress. i don't eat anything I'm not supposed to, actually I'm a vegetarian, so go figure. My husband gives me no support, he just thinks it's a headache take a tylenol. Yeah right, yeaterday I was in bed all day with black pantyhose tied around my eyes and earplugs in my ears. I guess that's what he thinks is normal "headache". i'm going to take the advice from the message board and try some vicks vapo-rub, can't hurt1 Those Imetrex shots hurt like HELL! Colleen

---Colleen <>
Winnsboro, SC USA -