Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I've had been dealing with migraines for almost as long as I can remeber. I used to call them "sick headaches" when I younger. As a child usually changing my glasses would lesson the intensity and frequency of these attacks. Finally, in my teens I did research and put a name to my "sick headaches". At this time I started reading everything I could find on migraines. Many times I've felt very alone as I've battled both the migraines and "Do you really have migraines?", and the "It's just a headache" attitude from friends and the medical community. I've tried Inderol and Elvil, and various Channel Blockers. Unfortunatly, none of these seem to help. At this time I am taking Flexirl to help the tension in my shoulders and neck, this seems to helping. I've tried Ergotamine, and Midrin to offset attacks. They help some, as I fight a migraine on a daily basis I didn't want to become dependant or over use drugs so I tried Feverfew. The headaches have not gone away but I have fewer severe headaches.It's nice to know I'm not alone in some of things I've experienced.

---Jackie <>
Spfld, Mo USA -

i have been a migraine sufferer since nine years old. I am now 45.As i have gotten older my symptoms have worsened.My aura consists of scotoma,spots before my eyes,ringing in my ears. I have had a headache everyday for six weeks. i do get relief from imitrex. However hte headaches are somtimes so severe I don't. i usually am at the emergency room,vomiting,with neurological symptoms(shakes,swollen face and head,tingling in hands and arms,disoriented,sometimes I forget simple tasks,i.e. tieing my shoes). i have quit taking fiornal because of rebound problems. The next uncontrollabel bout my neurologist wants to give me DHE. i manage a large company so my stressors are through the roof,as we are currently short 6 employees. This happened six weeks ago,what an amazing coincidence. i also suffer from night sweats. I would do anything to break this cycle and get to normalcy.

---d.scott <>
coeur d'alene, id USA -

I have suffered from Migraines since I was in my early teens after having a heat stroke. I tried many doctors with not much help. They had gotten so bad I was having them daily and just wanted to end it all. I was using cafegot after onset, but that only worked for a short period. Finaly I found a doctor that prescribed "Sansert", I take 4mg. nightly to prevent the onset. This has been a life saver for me, I not only suffer from a migraine about once every three or four months. I have not talked to anyone else that knows of the use of this drug, I would like to see if anyone knows of any longterm effect or side effects.

---cathy <>
smiths, al USA -

Hi, I am 22, and I too, like everyone here have been suffering from Migraines for quite awhile. I was always having headaches as a kid, but never knew if it was migraines or not. I was over to my finacee's at the time (about 5 years or so ago) and I had a really bad headache. I was trying to be tough and was sitting in the living room and talking, but was in a lot of pain. The weirdest part of it all is that I don't have vomitting and dizziness when I am having the migraine. I have it the next day and really bad! I remember this particular time realy well, it was the next day after the headache, and I woke up and the room was spinning, and all I had done was open my eyes. I then blinked my eyes and opened them back up hoping it would go away. It didn't, but I was never so dizzy and sick in my life. I was throwing up and vomitting alot that day. I went to the Dr and she put me on Amitriptyline. She had me taking these every night not just when I had the headache, thank god! Then for 2 months I was fine and then it happened again. This happened evey 2 months for awhile, until they finally got the medication at the right dosage! Now when I get a headache, I just take excedrin and it usually takes it away. I remember that alot of them start on the top of my head and run down the back of my neck! Yuck! I am glad that I am getting better!!!

---Angela <>
Winthrop, ME USA -

I am a 35 year old Sales professional who suffered from increasingly frequent migraines. I was able to stop the pain with Imitrex, but it became a daily routine. Then I remembered that Nitrites had seemed to be a trigger for me and I found them in "Larry's Baked Potatoes" (Cheese and Bacon). When I stopped eating them I got significant relief. Then my doctor put me on Atenolol (only about $3 a month) and the headaches have completely stopped. The good news is that Atenolol doesn't seem to have the same side effects in me as the first Beta-blocker I tried -- Propranolol. Also, imitation bacon bits are high in nitrites.

---Tim Wilson <>
Columbia, SC USA -

I am a 29 year old women that has suffered with migraines for as long as I can remember. I have been to all types of Drs over the years. I can remember going to an Internist that just kept me on drug after drug. I explained to him that I wanted to be able to manage the pain, not be in a drug-induced "daze". He didn't understand. He seemed to think that my life (i.e., stress) had much to do with my pain. I can understand that a little, however, who doesn't have stress? WE just need to be able to MANAGE the PAIN! Anyway, I have now been taking Imitrex (25-50 mg) at the onset of a migraine and that seems to be helping. However, I never have seen a neurologist (even though I have had all the standard tests), so I have an appointment on Feb 16. Hopefully, he will shed some light on my migraines and help me MANAGE the PAIN. I have been doing tons of research and compiling information from the web, so if you would like further information or can shed some light on "triggers", "drugs", "bio feedback", or anything to do with Migraine Pain, please Email me. Thanks!

---Suz <>
Parkesburg, PA USA -

Hi - my name is Kim and I am posting a follow-up to my initial case history after reading Karyn S. Huntting's Basilar Artery Migraine Page. I have had migraines since the age of 5/6, I am now 35. My migraines have gotten worse as I have gotten older. Many of my symptoms are very similiar to BAM sufferers. My migraines start in the back of head; I get blurred vision; I get excessively cold; I have numbness in my face, hands, and arms; I have uncontrollable vomiting - to the point that when I go to the doctor or the ER they must give me 1 to 3 IV's to combat dehydration; I am extremely sensitive to light, sound; and smell. I had 3 MRI's performed 2 years ago to determine what was causing some right arm pain I was having. The doctor's discovered that I have a slightly bulging disc in my neck at C-4/C-5; but, they also discovered something else. . .I have an abnormally small opening in the back of head into which the spinal cord enters with two small nodules of brain tissue protruding in this area on each side of my spinal cord (unfortunately I do not remember the medical term for this). This is in the approx. location where my headaches start. My doctor told me that I was born with this condition and that it is hereditary. What I found frustrating is that they could not say if this cause my headaches. But, now that I know about BAM I have scheduled another appointment with my doctor this Friday and I am going to insist that they investigate this matter further. I will post another message if I get any information about this.

---Kim Butler <>
Portland, Or USA -