Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Has anyone tried the lidocaine?

---Jayne Holland <>
Nassau, NP Bahamas -

I began having migraines at the onset of menopause (1996). They have intensified to 2 a week. Yesterday I got out of hospital after a 5 day migraine. It was horrendous. My doctor had me on injections of morphine 4 hourly. Even today (two days later) I am still reeling from the effects of the medication. Has anyone else had migraines that have lasted up to 5 days? I am so worried. Thankyou for listening. Marilyn

---Marilyn <>
Whyalla, SA Australia -

MY FIRST MIGRANE. I recall waking up at the CBC in New York City feeling very sick. I was there for the Gay Pride Rally but decided to leave due to health problems that I could not figure out. I had the feeling that I had been drugged or something. On my way back to Penn Central, a route that I had known mfor many years, I kept getting lost. Walking from one corner to the next, from one side of the street to the other, not being able to see faces or street signs that were immediatly in front of me. Dizzyness, cross hatched pattterns, missing vision patches, splitting headache, sick to stomach and weakness. I ended up asking people for directions and I had only walked for 1/2 block. I got to Penn Central and was found by security guards as I was slumpted over a hand rail. I ended up at a local hospital and they were baffled at what was going on. About two hours later, it felt like two days, they sent me out the front door to again find my way to Penn Central (-: I made it home and even my family doctor had no idea what had happened. A month later, I had almost the same symptoms although not to the same magnitude. Anyone else recall your first?

---Gary Sutcliff <sutcliff@JUNO.COM>
Meriden , CT USA -

Hello. I am a 56 year old woman who had her first remembered migraine at the age of 3. One thing I have learned is that no one believes you are in pain unless they see you bleed (or are wearing a cast). I have had more sympathy for tendonitis than for a migraine. At the age of 21 a long-term migraine caused paralysis of an eye muscle with resulting double vision for several weeks. At that time the double vision and other symptoms led a neurologist to fear a brain aneurysm. Eventually my headaches were disgnosed as cluster headaches because of duration and frequency - the longest was over six weeks. For many years I would get a headaches that would last for five to ten days followed by a few headache free days. At some times the area around my eyes would turn black and blue. I have had doctors prescribe many different drugs - but my life really changed when a neurologist prescribed beta blockers in 1984. From an initial dose of 240 mg per day I am now down to a minimum dose. I still get headaches, but they are not as frequent, nor do they last as long. I take Fiornial with Codeine for pain and now have a sample of oral Imitrex. I had a very bad reaction to ergotomine years ago so I don't take that anymore. Ergotomine caused the muscles in my face, arms and hands to constrict, which made it difficult to breathe, while my hands and arms constricted and turned in on themselves. I also believe that menopause helped because I truly believe that hormonal changes were (are?) a trigger. A doctor who understands is a treasure. But fie on all those who have no idea what the patient is suffering and make judgements instead of providing treatment and help. Liz

---Elizabeth Arnett

Does anyone here have a listing for an interactive list. I found one the other day, but they wouldn't take my posts. I am not sure what that means. i didn't have anything different than what I wrote here. hummmm. Any way I would like to say that I really apprieciate the email I received from every body. I need to talk to people. These migraines keep me very isolated. I had to go to the DMV the other day to renew my drivers license, and I had to lie to get it. I don't drive any more since twice I found myself in deep trouble. Once during an arua I was on the interstate and had to have my son steer us to the shoulder of the road. I almost had to call a ambulance to come and get me. I chugged down four motrin with a whole can of Mountain Dew, and twenty minutes later was able to make it to an exit to wait it out. That scared the %$#@ out of me. The next time I had just gone to the corner store and I couldn't find my way home. After nearly an hour I called my husband on the cell phone and had him talk me home. These times are very humiliating. I only got my license so I would have ID and if in an emergancy I was legal to drive. I have a feeling though that my doc might have it pulled any way. Has anyone had these problems? I feel like such a hermit, but now thanks to this computer I can at least escape mentally.Keep on writing y'all, it sure does help the lonelyness.

---Angi <>
St. Augustine, FL USA -

Myself, brothers and father all suffer from Migrane headaches, however, I (age 27), the youngest have suffered far more than the others. Over the years varius prescribed meds', I rely on Sumatriptin(Imitrex) tablets to pull me thru. However it is very costly. I find that Fiorinal is a more economical. I still keep Imitrex tabs around, but when I feel the symptoms of a classic title wieght bout coming on... I rely on the Esgig(Fiorninal) first...I have recently picked up a bottle of Excedrin "Migrane" I have not suceesfully cured a headache with this yet, however, I find on those groggy questionable mornings it pulls me thru the day...but go easier on the morning java...As far as managing my headaches...keep a schedule, a routine, and well relax. It helps..............Brian

---Brian DellaBona <>
Barrow, AK USA -

Hi everybody my name is Patsy and yes I am a migraine sufferer also. I'm net to the internet and accidently came upon this site and it was so good to see that I am not alone with these migraines. I started having migraines at the age of 17 but only occasionally and nothing that 2 BCs or Excedrin wouldn't take care of . Then when I turned 29 I started getting them more often and a heck of a lot more severe. I finally went to see a doctor and of course I was told I was depressed and was put on just about every type of anti-depressent and valium and what have you with no good results. Then he had me go see a psycharist, after seeing him 6 or 8 times he told me depression was not causing my headaches but headache were causing me to be depressed. I said thank you now will you please tell my dr. that? Needless to say I quit seeing that particular dr. he still was insisting I was depressed. So I just floated from dr. to dr. I have the migraines EVERY DAY it's just that some days are worse than other days. I have nausea, and eye problems, last year I lost my eyesite for almost 3 hours, but usually I just loose part of my vision or I have the dark spots that move, I call them floaters. I also get a numbness on the side of my face usually on the left side. Sometimes I can just smell certain things and a migraine will start, like cheap tennis shoes or new rubber tires in an automotive store, I can't wear perfume nor can anyone around me have it on. I have to use unscented hairspray, unscented deodorant and ect. . Bright lights any type of flashing light will also bring one on. I can not go out of my apartment without my sunglasses, just the sunlight will bring one on. I have tried many medicines, right now i take Atenolol, Verelan and Amitriptyline as a preventive measure . I will say that I just went on the Amitripyline 1 yr ago and altho I still have migraines every day, I'm not having as many bad ones that I would sit aroung and cry with or have to go to the ER. So it has helped some. But the weight gain is awful. But like my best friend say Would you rather have the weight or the Bad headaches everyday. So I went with the weight. But my problem now is I switched to a new dr. last year and he was doing pretty good about prescribing Tylenol 4 or Percocet for the pain until 2 wks ago when I called for my refill on the Percocet and he would only give me 30 Tylenol 3s, he said he was afraid he was going to get into trouble perscribing me so much medicine. Well with the 3s I have to take 2 to 4 at one time to get a little relief so of course I use them up in 10 or 12 days. I have an apt. with him tomorrow ( 2/16 ) I am going to try to explain to him about me having them everyday and that I do have to take something for the pain everyday almost. Sometimes I can just take 1 sometime 2 a day and then there are days that I have to take 2 at a time 2 or 3 times a day and that I need at least 90 pills to get thru the month. But as everyone here has said , my doctor does not believe I have them everyday and I think he thinks that I am addicted to them . Three week ago I only took 1 percocet and 2 extra strength tylenols in a 4 day period. Now I believe if I was addicted I couldn't have done that, nor am I having rebound headaches or else I couldn't have done it. And besides I truly believe that as long as you really have pain and that's the only time you take the medicine, I don't feel like you will become addicted. Now of course I don't know about the hard core medicine. And also down here in the ER they will not give you a Demerol shot anymore unless you have a letter from your doctor saying that you need these shots. Now they want to give you Taradol and I've had those shots 2 different times and they never worked ( I live in Winter Haven, Fla. ) So if I can't talk my doctor into giving me the percocet again or something else stronger than the 3s I don't know what I'm going to do. I have survived fairly well this last year having enough medicine to take and before that I was to the point of suicide and I can't go back to living like that again. As far as Imitrex goes I can't use it because of my Ophthalmic migraines and my Mitral Valve Prolaspe. A different doctor gave me a prescription for the Imitrex even tho I told him that I had MVP and I noticed everytime I gave myself an injection, I would feel extremely bad and had a lot of pressure in my chest. After going to another Neurologist about my Ophthalmic migraine problem and happened to mention to him that I was using Imitrex he said he couldn't believe I had been given that prescription that every time I used it I could have had a STROKE ! So needless to say I don't use it any more. And for those of you who do use it , it won't burn as bad it you will allow the alcohol to dry on your skin before giving the injection. Also I would like to know how many of yall have Mitral Valve Prolaspe . I have believed for about 8 years now that this condition is what is causing some of my headaches, but every time I would ask a dr. about it, they would say no. But while surfing the net one nite last week I came across a site that dealt with this and according to these studies there is a link between people who have MVP and migraines. I was going to print some of the things out and take them to my doctor tomorrow but now I can't find the site again. Does anybody know the site I'm talking about? And if anybody who has migraines and lives in my area and has a doctor that understands migraines please send me e-mail. Thanks . And I will be checking in everyday or so to see if any new treatments or medications come up. Patsy

---Patsy Roberts <>
Winter Haven, fla. USA -