Journal of Migraine Sufferers

My comments got cut off yesterday. I wanted to know if anyone else has depression also? Like I said my first migraine was when I was 19 and I had depression then but did not realize it. I had lost both parents the year before and was living on my own. I thought everyone felt as lousy as I did. I am now on Welbutrin for the 'highs' and 'lows' and have noticed the migraines are not as intense as they once were. With me I believe there is a connection. Midrin has also helped me. I've been told that when I hit menopause they should subside, something to look forward to in a weird way.

---Jane <>
Boston, Ma USA -

Dear "Herry" ---- Bite me!!

Portland, Or USA -

Hi, I like many of you have migrains on a weekly basis. I have tried all of the usual Imitrex, Zomig, Midrid, Zoloft, Nuerontin, Elavil, Enderal, Cafergot, Percocet, Darvon, none of these bring me relief. I can no longer handle this pain. I have been to the ER 48 times in the last 18 months. Not a real good average. I just want them to go away. My family doesn't understand that this something real and not just a headache. Many of the times my left side is numb and doesn't function. The pain is always on the right side of my head just below the temple area. My regular MD just tells me that I have migrains and to continue on the current meds, What a big help. If there are any of you who can help, please give me your advice. Thanks...

---Laurie Pendgraft <>
Council Bluffs, IA USA -

I suffer from migraines only in Leap year. Anyone out there that is like me? They start in March & end in May every Leap year that I can remember. The only change is the severity- they get worse each time. I have 10-15 a day. Imetrix inj. work- but that many a day? Whats it doing to me? Any help???
Rhonda Skelton <>
Odessa, Tx USA -

Well, "herry", I'm sorry that you think that there's too much whining going on around here, but may I suggest a small experiement for you? Go to your local hardware store and purchase a ball-peen hammer. Next, get a friend to strike you sharply once above each of your eyes. Now, ideally, you should partially blind yourself for twenty minutes before hand and, really, it would be more accurate if you could have the hammer hit the back side of your eye, but this should give you the general feeling of what a migrain feels like. Now repeat this at random intervals once every week or two for a year or so. After you've done all that, please do come back and let us know if you still think that we are whining about our problem.

Fremont, CA USA -

I think alot of you whine alot!

spokane, wa USA -

I had my first migraine at 19 while living in San Francisco in 1968. I thought I had a hangover from a party that lasted 3 days. A few years later I was finally diagnosed that all the 'viruses' I had were migraines. I have been on ergotamine, made me sick, fiorinal, took a bit of the edge off, and finally this year, Midrin. This actually works for me, I take two at the onset and 1 per hour up to five pills in a 12 hour period. On top of the migraines I have had depression for years and have finally been treated for that with Welbutrin. I wondered if other migraine sufferers are also depression sufferers. I believe in my case their is/was a corrolation. I had several mood swings and bursts of 'energy' (as I referred to them) where I would go like hell either at work or home then collapse and end up with a migraine. This has subsided somewhat and the headaches are not as debilitating as they once were. Having lost both parents at 18 didn't help much, I thought all women suffered as I did. When saw the depression and migraines happening with my son we immediately had him diagnosed. This was when he was 19 also. He is now on Zoloft for depression and has not had a migraine in years. Thank God the stigma of deppression is whaning!

Boston, USA -