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I am interested in the comparison between migraine headaches and seizures. I once heard migraines refered to as "slow motion seizures. I have suffered from migraines since I was 9 or 10 years old. I am now 33. I am looking for literature that substantiates the comparison.

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I'm 42 years old, and I've been having migraines since I was 12. I have classical migraine with visual auras and I find the auras more disturbing than the headaches themselves because they incapacitate me. I can't drive, work or function until the aura passes (30-60 minutes.) Following the aura I have a mild headache which responds to ibuprofen. For the past 8 years I have been on nortriptylline for prophylasix and it has worked quite well (only 2-3 migraines/year), but last month I weaned myself off of my medication (I want to be "drug-free" and was wondering if I still needed the medication) and last week I had a severe migraine with visual aura, difficulty thinking, speaking and some numbness in my arm. I also am having headache without aura and I'm wondering if this is a variation of my "normal" migraine. I'm wondering if anyone has had success in preventing/aborting their visual auras and if anyone has been on prophylaxis for many years. I am hesitiant to resume the nortriptylline but I may have to if the headaches return frequently. I'm interested in talking with anyone out there who may have any advise/suggestions. Thanks.
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First I would like to send my heartfelt wishes to all of you, my fellow migraine sufferers! I know your pain and the strain of not being able to lead a "normal" life. I have recently started to go to the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago. The intensive drug therapy has caused me to experience many side effects and trials with different meds. I most recently stopped Corgard and elavil and am now on Covera and Vivactil daily (anyone else on these??) I take midrin or zomig at the onset of a headache. I have toradol injections for when the headaches go "off the charts". I am interested in how you deal with the severe side effects of the medicines you are on. I have suffered from lack of sleep, bloating, weight gain, and feelings of despair (elavil knocked me for a loop!!). Still I had 8 headaches in a month period with some lasting days. Hopefully, the covera and vivactil will be the answer. Please contact me about the medications or your thoughts about drug treatments.

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I currently take Immitrex and Zomig for my migraines

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Hello everyone. I wrote my case history in January. Recently, a friend of mine (who is also a migraine sufferer) was given a prescription for a new med called Zomig (by Zeneca). It's very expensive ($16/pill). But she claims it works better than Imitrex. I asked my doctor about it in early Feb. and she said she didn't think it was available yet. But it is available now and she just gave me a prescription for it. I haven't tried it yet because she wanted me to increase my preventative first. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be trying it soon and will let you know how it works for me. My friend also mentioned that so far, when she takes the Zomig, the headache doesn't come back like it sometimes does with Imitrex. If anyone has any other info on Zomig, please e-mail me at Good luck everyone!

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Hello, I am a fifty year old woman, who has been suffering with Migraines since I was eighteen. I am one that never gives up trying, and has pursued many avenues. Some have been helpful, some have not. After many years of trying just about everything and anything,(I must get to work everyday) I have come to some sort of liveable plan. For the last 6 years, I have been taking (two) 5 mg. of xanax a day one in the morning and one in the evening. This seems to help the everyday stress headache that people with migraines seem to develop. Recently (last July) I started taking (three) 10mg of Prozac every day. This has helped tremendously not only with the frequency of the migraines, but with the depression I had developed living in fear of my next migraine. I had not realized how depressed I was until someone brought this to my attention. Another medication that has really helped recently is Imitrex. I first was given the shots to inject myself at home which only caused nausea and a feeling of just being very sick. I would have to go to bed for a least 1 hour after an injection. Today, I am using the pill form (.25) two tablets at the onset on a migraine, and I can continue to work and function in a normal capacity. Now, to discuss a problem I am really having a difficult time with my need for Fiorcet. I started taking Fiocet when I thought I felt a migraine coming on (again the fear of being in bed with a migraine) had me running for the Fiorcet, however, after running for this medication for years, I feel they may be some sort of an addiction. I belong to the National Headache Foundation and they have addressed this probem many times. It is quite common for migraine sufferers to fall into this pattern. Not only would it give me some sort of relief, but also a feeling of well-being. Has anyone else falling into this trap, and if so how can I stop??? I must take two Excredrin and one Fiorcet every morning before I can even get out of bed. Then its two more Excredrin when I get into work, two more after lunch and sometimes two more to make it through the day. I know I am experiencing "rebound headaches" but everytime I try to discontinue any medication, I end up in bed. There has to be an answer. If anyone out there has been through this, please contact me, and please everyone else try Imitrex, my doctor has assure me it is in no way habit formimg. I

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Hello Kim, Sorry about the e-mail I hope I have it right this time please try to contact me I am brand new to using the computer so have patience. I did try to e-mail you and I'm not sure what might have happened I want to talk migraines as soon as possible

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