Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hello everyone, it has been some weeks since my last posting, but I finally saw a neurologist last week and they think they have my "migraines" figured out. I am scheduled for my 4th MRI next week. The MRI will done of my brain/brain stem and entire cervical spine. I am 35 and have had "migraines" since age 5. Anyway, in July of 96 I was diagnosed with ACM (Arnold Chiari Malformation). The symptoms of ACM and Basilar Artery Migraines are very similiar. If you want to check out the ACM site it is: However, I am still skeptical and will await the outcome of the MRI and the neurosurgen's recommendation. If the ACM is the cause they can correct it with surgery, but from what I have read about the surgery, (which takes place in the back of your head where the brain stem enters) does not sound like a walk in the park. As ridiculous as this sounds, I might just opt to put up with the headaches.

---Kim <>
Portland, OR USA -

Greetings to all who suffer, I have been in this boat for about 25yrs. I am 35 now and a very energetic person, but when I get my migraine's my whole world changes. I divorced my wife and lost my kids because she didn't understand. The woman I am going to marry now has helped me deal with my migraines and been very suportive. I have had well over 500 shots in the past 8yrs, and my doctor still doesn't have a grip on my headaches. I have seen a chiropractor, a dentist for TMJ and had MRI and CAT scans. I quit taking the medications because the make me feel worse, I gained almost 40lbs and that alone fells like crap. I live my days going 100 miles an hour, I am tired of waiting for my headaches to go away. I try to keep an up attitude and go from there. Everyone don't give up, there are alot of great day and only a few bad ones. Gary

---Gary Flores <>
modesto, ca USA -

I am 55, started having migraines regularly in my 20's. It warmed my heart to read of others with such similiar experience, but made me want to cry for all our suffering. It is hard not to be depressed, although we're so thankful when an episode has passed, we know there is more awful suffering ahead for us. In an age of modern medical miracles of heart, liver, lung, bowel transplants it would seem that someone would come up with something to banish this curse that has adversely affected so many of our lives. I, too, have been the many of the same meds all of you have taken - codeine, fiorinal, stadol, midrin, ergotamine and now it seems demerol and phenergan are all that helps. Had a violent reaction to Imitrex at the ER. (I have mitral valve prolapse, maybe that's why) I have worked at the same place for 28 years; they have been very understanding about the 3-5 days absences from every three months to every three weeks. I have the same triggers as many of you - low pressure, msg, alcohol, missing a meal, emotional upset, loss of sleep, fatigue - and I usually awake in the middle of the night in a panic with pain. I do know, however, that we must not give up and let this monster win. Someone, somewhere, someday will care enough to do whatever it takes to help us and he/she will be a most beloved person indeed. In the meanwhile, may God hold us all in the palm of His hand. - Brenda

---Brenda <>
Cullman, AL USA -

Hi! I'm a 21 year old college student, and I have had severe migriane's for 11 year. My problem seems odd, but I have to think I can't be the only one. My migraines started after a really bad fall at summer camp, not to mention that both of my great-grandmothers had them too. I guess it was fall of 96 when my headaches got worst and then after Christmas my right side of my jaw dislocated. After, 2 MRI's that proved that my jaw was broked at one time the doctor's concluded that was a primary reason for my headaches. I have gone through 1 surgery for my jaw and extensive work on the left side because of over useage. This is just a brief stroy about what I have been through for the last year, but I have found out that when I get my worst migraine is when my jaws are really stiff and hurting.

---Marian Temple <>
Lufkin, TX USA -

This website is wonderful to share experiences, get new ideas, etc. For anyone interested, I have recently found a couple of chat rooms which are for many different disorders, including headaches, depression, RSD, and tons more! For those of you who are not aware of it, the website is:$/chat/index?id=6356622. There is another one which is for chronic pain. For this you click on "keyword" and type in PRHEADACHES. Then click on "chat" and then click on "the comfort zone". These have been very helpful when you just feel like talking to people who have similar problems. Good luck!

---Angie <>
Cleveland, Ohio USA -

I got my first migraine when I was 15. I'm now 30 years old. At the time, I thought I was dying or something. What I didn't know was that I had commom migraine, right side of the head, stabbing pains, right eye watering, couldn't stand light or sound. My mom took me to three different doctors, one who stuck a very long medicined-Qtip way up each nostril and gave me a shot of who gave me Midrin which didn't work,.... and one who was a preventative medicine doctor who taught me how to eat right and exercise. The last one taught me very important information that I've used all along. OK, so I gave up on doctors giving me a cure or at least a relief. Through the years I've learned to notice what triggers my headaches, such as food, weather, alcohol, my period, etc...and did a lot of reading. I hadn't seen another doctor. I use basically Extra Strenth Excedrin, which doesn't take the migraine away, but sometimes if I catch it very early makes it less severe. And the one I get at the beginning of every period, without fail, is basically the wall of, very severe, nothing works....In general, I get 2-4 migraines a month and I almost always wake up at 3, 4 in the morning with one already in full swing. By then, nothing really helps but I take the Excedrin anyway. And Afrin nasal spray too because my right nostril is strangely always closed shut along with the headache. I end up calling in sick for work and the headache runs its own 12-hour course. By dinner time I'm able to get out of bed and somewhat function, albeit zombie-like. Of course nobody at work understands the severity of the problem. Anyway, I guess I had just accepted it as a part of my life that doctors weren't willing to take seriously or learn enough about. I felt I had no choice but to handle it on my own. But now, with all of the new drugs on the market that seem to be helping people, it seems that there may be hope for me now. It's a different ballgame than when I went to those doctors many years ago. I'm considering going back to see a doctor after all this time. I'm afraid because I don't have alot of faith and I don't want barbituates, etc...I want to be awake through my life, not half asleep and drugged. I think I'll go to a neurologist and try this doctor thing again. People, feel free to drop me a line if you've had similar headaches and then found relief with one or more of these new drugs. Thanks for listening and for providing your history too.....

---Jennifer <>