Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I have been afflicted with migraine headaches since 1991 and while I go to a neurologist for it, after being on what seems to be all of the possible non-narcotic medications available, he now just gives me Fioricet w/ Codeine which takes the edge off of the headaches which I am now getting at least twice a week. I can't eat and yet I throw-up all day, and if you have ever thrown-up with a major headache, it the worst experience I have ever gone through. I'm now thinking about suicide because I don't know what else to do. My doctor tells me to go to the emergency room and get a shot of Demerol which works, but it takes at least three hours and costs well over $100.00. I can't afford the time especially when I'm feeling so sick, and I can't afford the money. What do you suggest. I appreciate any help you can give me reguarding this matter. Thank you, Sincerely, Dustin Nelson (

---Dustin Nelson <>
Los Angeles, ca USA -

Hi everyone. In my last post I said I would write again as soon as I knew my MRI results. I definately have ACM 1(Arnold Chiari Malformation), with 3 bulging disks in my neck. I have a broad base bulge at C-4/C-5 and minor bulges at C-5/C-6 and C-6/C-7. I have had "migraines" since age 3. I thought I had them since age 5, but my dad told me he remembers me having them as young as 3 - I am 35. The ACM exlpains my headaches. I was born with it. Some migraine sypmtoms are very similiar to ACM. You can check out the WACMA web site at or their chat line is I see the neurosurgeon next month. The only way to fix my problem is to have surgery. The thought of having the back of head opened up is not very appealing. I am grateful to know that I have not been losing my mind all of these years, at least I know what is causing my headaches now. Thanks to everyone that has sent emails. Your caring and understanding is greatly appreciated.

---Kim Butler <>
Portland, OR USA -

I have been having migraine like headaches since last year, and they have increasingly gotten worse. I get one nearly every day, and they are so bad that I usually am incapacitated. I cannot understand what is going on with the doctors, I have been for a CT and have tried different kinds of medications. I found that I have had to entirely change my diet, I take one medication before I go to bed, and another when I wake up, just to try to ward off an attack. I take darvocet for the pain, but usually it only dulls it. I have tried taking 4 aspirin, 4 advil and 2 ex.str.tylenol all at once, but that usually doesnot help. I tried the Zomig, but it only made my headache worse. I take imipramine at night and toprol in the mornings. That is not entirely effective. Are there any recommendations that anyone can offer? I have not been offered imitrex by my doctor, however I have found that a good shot of toradol can usually dull it to a tolerant level. I get these everyday on the front of my head. I have tried vision, and other things, but nothing seems to really help. Is there anything else that I could try???

---Tabitha <>
Lexington, SC USA -

Has anyone else tried Sansert? It is incredible to read about other people who suffer like I do. I have had severe migraines (5 X per week) for years and have had multiple MRI's, CATscans, X rays, Spinal Taps, Biofeedback, Feldencrist, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, etc. I have been working with a wonderful neurologist for 6 years who has tried all the beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, anti depressants, anti seizure meds, hypertension meds, etc. He now has me on a very old drug: Sansert. I now take 3 doses x day of sansert, with a combo of imitrex, vicodin and soma when my migraine/tension headaches flair up. I have gone from 5 migraines x week to about 2! He has also explained the difference between a migraine and tension headache (one leads to the other with me). No amount of massage, etc. will help a migraine - it's vascular. Oral pills also don't work because the migraine causes your digestive system to shut down. That's why you feel nausea and feel so much better once you throw up. In addition to the imitrex injection (which works best for me)I have also tried nasal sprays, suppositories, and absorbtion of ergotamines under the tounge. He is now also going to try phenergan suppositories for nausea. I strongly encourage migraine sufferers to find a good neurologist who is up on migraine treatments. So much can be controlled by diet and a rigid lifestyle (my husband thinks I'm a real party animal!) but sometimes preventative meds are also required.

---Kirsten Garrard <>
Sacramento, CA USA -

I have had severe migraines for about a year now and have tried everytthing. I am allergic to Imitrex and have been on naprosyn, elavil, inderal, midrin, darvocet and now zomig, the zomig works but then the headache comes right back the next day. I feel like I am going crazy. I need to get rid of these headaches and get my life back. If anyone knows anything other than the drugs I listed I would love to hear from you. My pharmicist says there are some new ones coming out soon. Wish us all luck. Thanks, Katrina.

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Hi, to everyone out there who is writeing to Oprah I just got email from post master general delivery failure after 54 trys ! This was and I sent that on the 11th!!!I sent the other letter to the hot mail address and haven't heard anything back about it yet!!!! Thanks so much to everyone who emailed me with their stories! Let me know if you get delivery failure also!!!Bye for now ,Janet

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After about 15 years of being headache free, (I use to have migraines and auras in grades 3-8), I have started again. About 3 months ago I started developing the visual auras again, (blind spots, flashing lights and lines). There is nothing that terrifies me more than to lose my vision like this. I don't know what my headache triggers are, I do know that my maternal grandmother suffered from the same problems so maybe it's just heredity. Anyway I have gone from having 2-3 episodes a week to now having one every 2 weeks or so. The reason: Tanacet (feverfew) which my doctor prescribed. What a miracle drug! I have not had one side effect from them. Unfortunately I still am suffering with the auras even with them being far apart, you see I had one last night at work and I had to lie down in a dark, quiet room for 30 minutes. The problem with that is that I have a lot of responsibility at work ( I am a Registered Nurse), and a lot can happen in half and hour if you're not on the ball. I wish this would go away. (ps. I don't get the headaches afterwards, maybe just a little pressure but that 's it. I can't imagine having the auras and the headaches, how would you cope?)

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