Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Don't have time to post my whole history as I have suffered for 28 years. At the present time and through most of my life, mine seem to be mainly hormonally triggered. I am now a 40 year old woman and my chemical balance seems to be changing again the past couple of years. My mother says that once I go through "the change" they will be gone because that is what happened to her. I can't wait to get there, because they have been more frequent and worse. I am very active and have no time to be crippled with pain and nausea, Most of the time I just try to keep going way past the point most average people can endure pain and still function. Imitrex has helped the past couple of years, but only somewhat. Tried the migranal nasal spray for the last one and went to bed for two hours. did feel pretty good after that. Also, I've discovered that crunching on peppermint candies seem to help sometimes. Watch out for certain foods which can also trigger me: salty, chocolate, cheese, wine,nuts, etc. Muscle stress in the neck and shoulders can also trigger. Hang in there all!

---Beth B. Davis <>