Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I started having headaches the likes of I had never seen before with the exception of the ones I had after a milogram some years ago, they told me those were caused by spinal fluid seeping into my blood stream or visa versa. Before that time I was one of the nonbelivers or at least didn't really under- stand the serious pain of migraines. What has me confused and scared, is that unlike most all of the posts here I have never really had a serious headache untill three weeks ago, and I'll be 40 in October. I have had headaches that last some times for days, and am nausious durring most of these times. After a couple of these spells, I finally called my doctor. He scheduled a CT scan with and without contrast, and a full blood work up, and gave me a referal to a nerologist. He renewed my perscription for Vicidan ES, which I had previously taken from time to time for lower back pain. Knowing the problems people have had with Vicidan I had always been very careful with them never taking more than one every six hours. The doctor told me to take more than one if needed for pain and if nessecary go to the ER. The CT and blood work were done Friday and the results of the CT were negative. The pain killers even when I've taken as many six in an eight hour period will mostly just take off the rough edges of the pain and at best help me get some sleep. After reading some of the posts here I'm scared to death. I'm sure I couldn't manage living like this for as long as many of you have! The thought of either being stoned on pain killers or coping with this pain for much longer, let alone for years, I don't know. Already I've missed the better part of two weeks of work, am depresed about the pain, am iratiable around my three kids, and loud noises make me want to cry. I can't sleep with any regularity, it seems most any noise like dogs barking will wake me up. If I take any more vicidan I'm sure I'll be passing diamonds, my stools are so hard now! Hopefully the nerologist is good, as I have read so many reports of so many of you not getting any relief. I don't know exactly what I'm asking. Well I guess have any of you had such a sudden onset of migraines at such a late age? It seems that most I've read about have had onset at much younger ages, not to mention that it seems most who suffer from this are women. My doctor seems to belive barring finding anything else that my symptoms indicate migraines. Is there any chance they'll go away as suddenly as they appeared? If nothing else thanks for the chance to get all of this off my chest with a group that knows what I'm going through, because untill I started it I wouldn't have understood...

---Joe <>
St.Louis, MO USA -

I, too, like so many of you have been suffering from migraines for quite awhile now. I talk to someone new everyday who has migraines. I didn't realize just how common they are until I started reading this web page. It's nice to talk to someone else who knows what it's like. Does anyone else think the headaches are wheather related? It seems like when the weather is going to change, a headache comes on. Sometimes little ones sometimes big. But it always seems to storm within two days of a headache. Imitrex seems to work pretty well for me, but sometimes I can take extra strength excedrin and it will make the headache lessen for awhile. If it comes back, then I take Imitrex, and it usually works. For awhile, I was taking the shots, [25mgs.] , then when the pills came out, I was taking 25mgs. and it didn't work as well, so I started taking 50mg. pill and it works o.k. Thanks for listening, and remember, no matter how bad you think your headaches are, it seems there is someone who gets them worse. I can't believe all the letters.Hang in there.

---Jane <>
Stmbt. Spgs., Co. USA -

Wow. I feel like an imposter, with my little headaches, compared to the stories I read here. I don't have auras or lights and it doesn't (quite) feel like someone has punched me in the head or hit me with a baseball bat, but they are bad enough. I have three kinds of headaches. The first kind happens only on the left side centered behind my eye. My eye bulges, waters, my sinus on that side feels extended, painful. This type of headache lasts for two days, excruciating the first day, less bad the second, gone the third. The second type of headache is what I call a "pillow headache", back of the head and over my eyes. Those are the least severe, only one day and they will respond to medication. The third kind are the latest most killer ones. Throbbing pain on the right side, the muscle over my ear is painful to touch. The thing that makes me think that these are migraines is that all of them are accompanied by blurry vision, confusion, clumsyness, exhaustion. I haven't been treated for them, just assumed everyone gets headaches and take a lot of ibuprofin. Not that it works. Sometimes I am nauseated as well, then I don't take anything. I can go for a long time without any, then have one a week for several weeks. Nice to know there are all these meds to try, and those of you with such awful, acute symptoms have my entire sympathy.

---Jill Richardson <>
Los Angeles, CA USA -

HELLO EVERYONE! My heart goes out to everyone that lives with migraines. I'm 25 and I've been having migraines for 9 years- 9 long agonizing years. I've been to allergist, neuro., pain clinics massage therapist--you name it, I've been there. I've tried dozens and dozens of meds. I'm now taking paxil, sansert, and stadol ns when I have a "bad" one. Most of the time I have to go to the ER to get a shot of demerol. They always treat me like a "junkie". I know several of you get treated the same way. I have a 1year old daugther and it's sooo hard to take care of her because of my migraines. I have at least 2 bad ones each week. Thank God I have a wonderful husband and a understanding mother. I couldn't make it without them. If anyone knows an understanding doctor in Kentucky, please e-mail me. Pain meds. help me more than anything but most drs. do not like to prescribe them. Goodluck to everyone trying to find relief-- I know exactly how you feel.If anyone has suggestions, please e-mail me!! Jennifer T.

---Jennifer T. <>

I too have suffered for many years with migraines. I am still looking for a sympathetic doctor. I've had a neurologist tell me that it was just something I had to live with. When I go to the emergency room, it is because that is my last choice. I usually get stuck in a cold, hard plastic chair, with the lights glaring in my eyes. My trips to the ER are usually every six to nine months, and I still get treated like a drug addict, I have tried every drug kown to man and nothing seems to help. I have changed my diet, but they still return. Every major event in my life has been shadowed by a migraine. Luckily I have a very understanding husband. I would appreicate some feedback from anyone that has some new information or combination of medicines that works for them.

---Barb <>
Minnesota City, MN USA -

I have been reading the postings here for the past couple of months and I am amazed at how much I have learned. I am 26 years old and have been suffering migraines since I was 9 or so. The headaches were undiagnosed until I was 19. Since then I have used Imitrex with fabulous success. I can generally count on 3 - 5 migraines per week. When very stressed, the headaches are daily. Recently, my neurologist placed me on Zoloft as a preventative and Aleve to ward off menstrual migraines. The treatment has been reasonably successful and I am down to one migraine per week. I want to say how much I feel for those of you who have to battle with your insurance companies and doctors for effective medication and treatment. I have been very fortunate to have a health policy that never questions the ammount of Imitrex I need per month. As for prevention, I have found biofeedback and massage to be extremely effective in helping me to control the frequency of my migraines. I realize that this will only be helpful for a small percentage of my fellow sufferers but you might give it a try. Finally, are there any former Imitrex users who have been switched to Zomig? How does it compare to Imitrex in regards to level of relief, side effects, et al?

---M. Marchal <>
Austin, Tx USA -

Please, someone talk to me.... I am glad my husband found this web site. He understands what I go through almost dailey because he has seen me cry, throw upcover my eyes with a folded quilt to block light and ask tall noise be kept as low as posible. My grandmother had migraines as well as my mother and now my 20 year old son has them once in a while. I just pray he dosen't get them dailey like I seem to do. I am lucky to have a doctor who believes in migraines and he provides me with shots of nubaine andDHE-45 for real bad ones. He also rx's the standard pills, fiorinal, soma, and now perigoric which is hard to find. I have used staydol but it makes me sick to my stomach and don't use it now. I have been on my med's so long that I that I usually end up taking too many, so I give my rx's to my husband because he is afraid I may OD. I guess he is right because I have been dumb enough to take 5 of each pill. I don't feel the pain anymore but i'm so stoned I can't do anything. My 16 year old son asked my husband what was wrong with me because I could't walk good or talk a straight sentance. I hate him to see me like that so now my husband gives me my rx's. My only problem is I can't get him to give me enough to stop the pain alot of the time. I now take Ergamar when one starts in the daytime and it helps 80% of the time. I am also trying the new Excedrin Migraine pills. Has anyone else tried them? What is the succes rate? Good luck to all and maybe one day other people will understand what we go through instead of thinking we are just out looking for drugs or over exagerating a little bit of a headache. I wish those people could have 1 migraine, especially doctors. Then maybe they would listen. Thanks for letting me run on and on.

---johnnie kay <>