Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I have had migraines for as long as I can remember, I'm 18 now. Luckily my mother also suffers, so she knew what was wrong. She can remember being told when she was my age that her migraines were all in her mind. SHe was imagining them! Right now I take Fioricet with Codeine which works most of the time. I am interested in having a Demerol shot when the pain is exceptional but I don't want to be treated like an addict. Probably would happen considering my appearance. Also, the only time I had Demerol I was in labor with the birth of my daughter and it didn't do anything for the pain. Odd enough, the entire time I was pregnant I didn't have one migraine. My mother and I have the exact same symptons when it comes to migraines. We both get our's behind our right eye and we both hear music. It is like we are listening to the radio and hearing great music that we have never heard before. She hears classical, I hear rock. Thanks for listening.

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Topsfield, MA USA -

Hello all! I have written before, but it's been months. I still, of course, am having migraines and still have had NO relief. My friend, who works in a Drs. office, said that a co-worker was always late to work or altogether absent due to migraines. The Dr. that they work for gave her this advise... take 2 and call me tomorrow! Actually, he said to stop everything she was taking, start taking 2 ibuprofin every day and her headaches would disappear! I thought I would laugh in her face when she told me that he actually suggested that!! Well, anyway the lady tried it and her headaches stopped! When her bottle ran out, low and behold, she had a headache the very next day! I'm not sure if I will try this or not, but I thought I would share it with you and let you make your own decision! Laugh or take 2 and "call" me tomorrow!! Good luck to all... no matter what methods you choose! :) Penny

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Hillary,OK Thanks, Janet

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Does anyone have information about hormone imbalances in men causing migraine? I have found one source that confirms this can occur, but can find no other information. PLEASE e-mail me if you have information. My husband has daily migraines and they have become increasingly worse over the last 8 years. No medicine helps. I don't know who is closer to the end of their rope, him or me. Would also like to hear from family members who are in a similar situation. Thanks.

---Sheilah <>

Janet, o.k. - I will be getting e-mail soon till' then I guess we'll have to keep in touch this way ! I do'nt understand why it would'nt be a good(if not great)idea to write to Oparh . Think about how many people watch that show !


please log in on the next site: You can found here a lot of questions and answers about migraine and cluster headache. English is no problem.

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