Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hey you guys, I have posted here before, but it has been a long time. I have suffered migranies for ever it seems, but in the past 2 years more severe.... I have recently been asked by a friend if I have had an EEG done to rule out epilepsy. This at first sounded rediculous because I know I don't have convulsions. I have sensed learend that aura is common for both migraines and epilepsy and in some instances a form of seizure. No convulsions and quite frequently no outward signs of seizure. The person themselves can even go without knowing one has occured. Anyway I am going to insist on a EEG the next office visit I have. It might be a shot in the dark but anything is better then this uncertainty.
Angela Davis <>
St.Aug, Fl USA -

A couple of months ago I left a message looking for fellow migrainers who also take coumadin (for valve replacement.) I had one reply from a lady who suffered a heart attack. I'm trying to research a link between taking coumadin and finding effective migraine medicines. Coumadin severely limits the kinds of medication I can take. If there is anyone out there with a simlar scenario please contact me. My e-mail add is Thank you.

---Sharon Weinand <>