Journal of Migraine Sufferers

How great it is to find this website! I could have written each of the journal entries I just read. I have tried Fioricet, Midrin, Fiorinal... all with no relief. Finally was put on Fiorinal with Codeine. That helps the milder migraines. It only makes the tougher ones more bearable...but the pain is still there. I get a headache almost everyday... a pain free day without excruciating pain, nausea and vomiting is a day to treasure. The only problem with the Fiorinal with Codeine is how tired and zonked out it makes you feel. I tried the new Zomig, as well as Imitrix, but had reactions to them and cannot take them. My doctor suggested I go on social security/disability since functioning at work has become increasingly difficult and we all know how unsympathetic non-migraine-suffering-supervisors can be. I guess I can understand, though. No one could imagine this kind of pain unless they've had it... right? I have an appointment with the Disability Office next week. Have any of you successfully been able to collect for this illness....and how involved is the process of application? If anyone has any information on the subject, I would appreciate learning more about it. Thanks.
Lisa <>
NJ USA - Mon Jun 8 10:32:36 1998
I just found this sight and am rather glad to know that I am not the only one who suffers with this, although I would not wish it on anyone. I have MS, and also seizure disorder. This combination already has me taking much medication so I have to be rather careful about adding something new. I have recently found that the new Excedrin for Migrane works rather well for me, and I have not had any side effects from it so far. I have Darvocett N100 and Imitrix available but would really rather not take either of them as I know that they can cause problems. I would recommend to all of the folks here that you concerd trying the Excedrin Migraine. And good luck!
Leslie K. Haskins <>
Parkville, MO USA - Sun Jun 7 23:44:21 1998
My father just showed me this site, and I am over- whelmed. Like many of you I am frustrated and feel all alone, because no one seems to understand my pain. I have suffered from headaches since my teens, but it took a severe allergy/migrane attack and 5 hours in an emergency room for me to get help. My Allergist has me taking Hydroxine, Claritin, Vancasene, and Provental. He sent me to a neurologist, and he prescribed numerous drugs. I had numerous reactions until we discovered that Zoloft and Imetrix worked for me. This was too many medicines for a 19 year old!! I was having migranes 2 times a month for 6-8 days. I would scream, cry, vomit, and inflict pain on myself. Try explaining scratches on your face and bruises all over your body. I couldn't remember this, but friends said I would beat my head into the wall. I lost many "friends" during this time. My migranes usually start with an aura of bright lights, stars, or lighting streaks. I then get a pain on my right temple or above my eyes. This is followed by "vommiting & violence" as I call it. I am almost 24, and I have allergy, back, and wrist problems as well as migranes. If I get too stressed and have an allergy attack or back problem, it triggers a migrane. It's like my body is saying "I've taken all I can!!! I need to rest!!" My doctor really wasn't much help so I decided to help myself! I kept a detailed journal of what I did and ate. I was able to eliminate triggers for attacks: fried & greasy foods, carbonated drinks, pizza/fast food, cigarette amoke, and perfume/cologne, and also STRESS! I teach 5th grade, I can't avoid stress! My life is dull cause of all the things I cannot do, but it is worth it. I now have migranes only once every 1-2 months and they last 2 days. ( I had an episode at school last month that left me curled up in a ball crying under my desk. I'm glad the students were gone, but the teachers now seem to walk on eggshells around me. I hate losing control like that!! I've totally changed my diet and lifestyle. I have studied relaxation techniques & guided imagery that help. Ice packs on my head and massaging my temples also help. I take karate to keep in shape, and I find that my migranes are less frequent when I'm active. I try all these methods, but prayer is the most important. My church have been very supportive during bad migranes, and I know their prayers. I wish everyone migrane free days and nights! I also wish for you to have courage to face this pain! The only way I can beat migranes is live day by day. Feel free to e-mail me. Best wishes, shell
Shelley R. Williams <>
Magnolia, MS USA - Sun Jun 7 22:55:44 1998
I have just stumbled upon this journal and as I have been reading other's history of migraine, I identified with so many of you! I am a 24 year old female who has suffered from migraines since I was about 16. Both my mother and father get them, but they both get the aura, extremely blurred vision, usually little or no pain. I get it all - nausea, aura, shooting stars, severe pain starts almost immediately on left side then eventually spreads to right side. I was prescribed Vicodin for years and years because that was all that gave any relief. I still usually have to go to ER and get Demerol and Phenergan in high doses. No one ever told me to be careful taking lots of Vicodin so I went ahead and became addicted... I have been Vicodin-free since Feb.21,1998 and now I am trying Migranal (which works well but insurance wont cover). I still usually go to the ER. Anyone who has any info about Zomig ( I havent tried) or anything else like natural remedies, accupuncture,...... let me know! I've tried imitrex, inderal, midrin,depakote. Email me if you know anything about Nubain or any nasal spray meds! P.S. I am working on my degree in Biochemistry and when I am done I will find us all a cure!!! haha
Angel Vipond <>
Grass Valley, CA USA - Sun Jun 7 20:08:50 1998
Hello fellow Migrainuers; it is me again, Linda. I have had a headache now for two days. Went to the hospital last evening and had a shot, but the headache is back. This not necessarily different, just happens like that occasionally. I of course got the looks from the nurses and overheard them talking about me. I know these two nurses from when I worked in this hospital before. If they would only have a couple of incapcitating headaches that require strong meds, then I would hope that they would stop the looks and snide remarks. They have no idea how much it hurts to have them treat you like the scourge of the town. I would like to find a way to lobby the FDA about the drugs that work for Migrain pain...if anyone out there is looking into this, please let me know. There are states with laws that allow DR.'s to prescribe these meds without having to worry about losing their licenses. However most states do not have this type of law. We as a group need to do what we can to change the laws. Right now, here in Kansas, the DR.'s are even afraid to give narcotics to their Cancer patients who are terminal. What have we done to deserve this type of treatment...or should I say lack of treatment? Please write to me and let me know how you feel about this. If necessary I will start to lobby myself if someone lets me know how to do it. I look forward to hearing from anyone. Thanks and my prayers are with you all. Linda
Linda <>
Coffeyville, KS USA - Sun Jun 7 19:56:31 1998
This is a valuable service. I wonder whether anyone else has had experiences similar to mine. My problem started a few years ago with the visual disturbances....firstly blind spots then bright jagged lines. This lasted about 20 minutes and I thought I must have been looking at the sun and not realised. This effect happened once or twice a year, and there was no associated headache. A month or so ago I suddenly had 3 episodes in a week, with 2 on one day. After one of these there was reasonably severe headache and I felt nauseated. I went to a neurologist who diagnosed "migraine with aura" The aura is unpleasant enough but reading these pages I would rather have that than the pain that others go through. But will I develop the real pain at a later time? (I am 57 now) I have now had 6 episodes in the last 2 weeks, and trying to determine the trigger is difficult. I suspect one could be bright flashing light eg certain TV shows. Also just before the first recent episode I was very angry about something, and I rarely get angry and tend to make more of the situation than I should. This apparently could have been the trigger. I would very muvh like to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience.
Peter Siebler <>
Beechworth, Vic Australia - Sun Jun 7 19:13:18 1998
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Cindy Lincoln <>
Richmond, Va USA - Sun Jun 7 17:43:32 1998