Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I feel very humbled reading these entries - my migraines are manageable, though still unpleasant. I feel great sympathy for the suffering that so many people have. I would be really interested in hearing from anyone who has had my experience of mental confusion. At its worst, I become unable to read, and unable to remember the names of simple objects, like tables and chairs. During this time I also feel extremely drowsy, and my speech becomes very slow and slurred. I am aware that I am not making much sense but can't do anything about it. The most frightening occasion was when I lfound myself unable to read - the words just looked like a jumble of shapes and my efforts to read them came out as nonsense. I've seen very little reference to this sort of symptomotology, though I know it is documented. The first time it happened I didn't have a clue what it was - I'd just got up after sleeping in, I'd woken up feeling drugged and as if I'd had too much sleep, and thought perhaps part of my brain just hadn't woken up. It didn't happen again for years. When it did happen again, I also got flashing zigzag lights, and of course with these two things in combination I thought I was having a stroke. I hotfooted it to the doctor the next day and he diagnosed migraine, at which point a lot of things made sense, like the headaches, and the previous occasdion when I was unable to read. Since then I've had headaches very frequently, but they rarely last more than a day. Both my sons get them; one boy is terribly ill for days at a time, but fortunately they do seem to be getting less frequent (he's 17 now).. For all those teenagers out there, there is some hope that your miraines will get less severe as you get older. It doesn't always happen of course, but sometimes it does. My brother had terrible migraines when he was a teenager, and still gets them but they are much more manageable. And as I say, my own son seems to be having them less frequently and less severely. So good luck everyone, and thanks for this platform. My home e-mail address is
Christine Forth <>
Edmonton, AB Canada - Thu Jun 18 14:45:06 1998
I have had migraines for 27 years. I would be interested in talking to others about the search for doctors who believe you and don't treat you like a drug user. I have been treated so badly at ERs and doctors it is unreal. We should be able to get the help we need when we need it.
Tanya Lehmann <>
Charleston, Il USA - Thu Jun 18 13:37:45 1998
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Jeanne Engelman <>
Highland, CA USA - Thu Jun 18 0:22:21 1998
I have suffered full blown migraine headaches for 25 years since breaking my neck in a car accident. I spent 3 months in a hospital and a year in traction. I have had MRI's and Neurologist putting me on every conceivable new drug that came along, but with no relief. My migraines would last 8-10 days with no let up, 24 hour vomiting, dark room no sounds, and always going to the hospital and getting injections of DHE45, to finally break the cycle. But a day or no less than a week later, there they would be again. They were so debilitating. And I have worked all my life. Finally had to be self employed to handle this problem. Even things that doctors would try would work for a month or two then I would build up a resistance to them and they would stop working also. Finally, I found a natural remedy that has been very, very successful in stopping the headaches at the very onset. It is a fever few nasal spray. You spray twice in each nostril, and lo and behold in a matter of about 10 minutes, the headache is completely gone, and gone for the rest of the day as well. Just amazing. So now as a retail mall merchant, I started recently carrying this product so that I could be of help to people like myself that have had no quality of health due to these horrendus migraines. It doesn't seem to matter whether or not you catch the headache at the beginning or much later, it still stops it right away. Three years ago the migraines become daily occurances, can you imagine your life with daily migraines, not just headaches. I submitted myself to every medical test possible, and again doctors threw everything at me they could find for any kind of relief. One of the things that helped a lot was to be put on blood pressure medication. I know now that sounds silly, since I already have very low blood pressure in fact 120 over 80. Now its down to like 90/70. If this nasal spray can do for you what it has done for me, I will be very happy indeed. The nasal spray is very sensitive to heat and sun, so they ship it with a special ice bag in the box, and you have to be careful to keep it cool and out of the sun. Otherwise it looses its capacity to be useful. I want you to know that finally my life is so good, the quality of health outstanding. I was at my wits end, not knowing what else to do, and through prayer which is so powerful, I was exhibiting at a health show and in one of the other exhibit booths, this man mentioned he had a sample that would be great for migraines. Being one to try anything and everything available on the market for relief, thank God I tried this product, and began to panic when the bottle was nearly empty. We phoned the company and they said they don't mail them to individuals, just to retailers. So we agreed to carry their product. I am so grateful, life is good. And I am truly blessed. If you have any questions about this or other medications I have used, feel free to notify me. This nasal spray is an all natural product, so that is the very best I could have asked for. Wishing you the benefits of a healthy and joy filled life. JEANNE
Jeanne E <>
Highland, CA USA - Thu Jun 18 0:13:18 1998
i have been suffering from migraines for years after being severely shocked 12 years ago. this is only one of the many disabilities i have. i have heard of a group for lightening and electric shock survivors, does anyone have any imformation on this group? i heard about this on THE LEARNING CHANNEL but can't get any information... please help. contact sher at
sher braun <>
USA - Wed Jun 17 21:50:17 1998
HELP! Is this true of migraine : intense pain,right eye looks like it is bulging, squeezing to the point of seeing darker and blurry out of that eye only.afterward having some swelling like a little fist fight in there. i worry it causes physical damage to my eye.doctors think i am nuts.please email me if someone has had a similiar experience. in eed reassurance ! thanks
J. Marawar <>
USA - Wed Jun 17 19:37:32 1998
I was reading some journal entries as I was searching for info on migraines for a friend and noticed that most of you refer to drugs that you are taking. You may want to investigate Alternative Medicine remedies to see if anything can help. One site that I really recommend is Dr. Weil's - a posting on migraines is,1412,81,00.html A good book is Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Headaches (US $23.95, Cdn $35.95) which is over 500 pages in length. I hope that there is something in the alternative medicine field to help... Diane
Diane Marcotte <>
Toronto, ON Canada - Wed Jun 17 19:19:39 1998