Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Just a note for those who are still suffering hormonal migraines after the menopause, and you think it is due to Hormone Replacement Theory. "Your Health Daily", a health news outlet put out by the New York Times, posted an article today on a study done on Black Cohosh (an "herbal" alternative to estrogen treatment). If you are interested in the study the website is: If you try to access the site after today (June 25, 1998), look under "More Articles" or do a "Keyword Search" on one of the words in the title of the article: "Herbs, Targeted Drugs Help Treat Menopausal Symptoms". Three caveats: (1) This herb has not been tested for long-term effects. (2) Remember that herbs are chemicals, too. It is generally not a good idea to "experiment" with alternative treatments on your own, for this reason. So consult with a doctor. (3) There is no study, that I'm aware of, that shows that Black Cohosh won't also cause estrogen-migraines. The thought (I can't remember where I read it) is that you aren't overloading your body with estrogen (as you generally are under HRT), and the smaller amounts you get with Black Cohosh will ease menopausal symptoms, without inducing headache. I'm not into menopause, yet, so I can't speak for the veracity of this statement -- another reason to get a doctor's opinion before embarking on an "experiment".
Marsha Holloway <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Thu Jun 25 14:28:20 1998
I am doing some research for my sister-in-law, who is a suffer of severe migraine headaches. She has been suffer from them for the past ten years and has been to many different doctors, and has tryed all of the medications that are out there, and even some that still have to be approved. She also suffers with seizures, durring her bad boughts that sometimes last up to 3-4 weeks, durring which time she is almost completely un-concious. She has asked me to find out what I could about a new drug called "EMERG", I have been unable to find a thing, so I thought that I would see if any of you could let me know if you know about this drug. Thanks
Sheila <>
Strathroy, on Canada - Thu Jun 25 14:22:19 1998
To all of those who respond the my earlier request, thank you so much for your information. It makes me more determined to manage my health and pain, not the doctors manage me. My doctor's visit results is listed below. Thanks again and keep in touch. Lisa Sutton
Lisa Sutton <DVR13@AOL.COM>
USA - Thu Jun 25 14:00:36 1998
Hello everyone, I am reporting the results of my doctor's visit to start a regular treatment for migraine headaches. Needless to say, I am getting one now just thinking of the treatment I received from what I thought was a very understanding doctor. I went prepared with print outs of your trial and errors, recent medications, what worked, what didn't work and what I want and she did not listen. I was told immediately, she would not even consider doing a hysterectomy just to correct migraines, even if it had helped the females in my family. My migraines are certainly inherited from my mothers' side of the family. I was in her office less than 10 minutes and was charged 98.00 for office visit. She made me promise to go to a neurologist and then she gave me a prescription for Imitrex spary. She said she would not give me more than that and to stay away from advil and such. I stopped in at GNC and picked up Feverfew tablets/capsules to try them next round of pain. I also got Migraine Pail Reliever that has several different combinations of herbs plus Feverfew. The guy in the store said his customers recommeded both. I update you as it happens. I wish I had a magic wand and could make it go away for all of us. We could have a giant pain-free party.. I live in the Tampa, FL area, if anyone knows of any good doctors, it looks like I will be needing a new one, at least to treat migraines. Thanks for letting me blow steam. Lisa Sutton, DVR13@AOL.COM,
Lisa Sutton <DVR13@AOL.COM>
LUTZ, FL USA - Thu Jun 25 13:50:28 1998
As the husband of a Migraine sufferer I know only to well the distress my wife she is going through - but with the help of this page, and all your comments, I can go along way to showing her that she is not the only sufferer and reduce that feeling of total dispair - thinking that it must be some rare brain disorder that only she has. I can not speak for her on her illness but i will get her to put her story on this page so that she can do the same for others. All the very best to you all .............JM
John Mulvey <>
Salisbury, England - Thu Jun 25 7:46:28 1998
I have suffered from migraines for fifteen years. I feel very lucky to have discovered these journal entries as we all know how cut-off and alone we feel when we are suffering a migraine. I thought I had gotten to a point where I was managing my migraines fairly well ( from 3 per month to 1). However, I just suffered through a three-day major migraine, to the point that I was practically banging my head against the wall. I have found that what works is not drugs. In fact, I have read and learned personally that often taking painkillers results in a "rebound headache". I would go to ER for a shot of demorol which alleviated the headache, only to wake up the next morning with it back again with a vengence. I think the first thing is to eliminate all the "foods" from your diet that most migraine sufferers share. Then become familiar with all the triggers, (ie. barametric pressure changes, strong odors, stress, etc.) and reduce or eliminate them as much as possible. I have recenlty had very good success with a doctor who practices Ayurvedic medicine (from India), and homeopathy. After following his regimine, my headaches were incredibly reduced. Now I am left with the ones that come around my period. I understand that our estrogen level drops at that particular time and it is related to that. These are the migraines that I cannot seem to master. I would love any suggestions. I am not interested in drugs at all. For anyone that is interested, Imitrex is very dangerous. I have seen four documentaries on tv recently about how it causes heart attacks and strokes in people with a history of heart problems in their families. A cardiologist said that even if you have had testing done, that does not rule out that you may have some heart problem. So be careful! I would love to communicate with anyone that would like to e-mail me, for any suggestions you may have. Linda Shaw, Vancouver, Canada
Linda Shaw <>
Vancouver, BC Canada - Thu Jun 25 2:21:29 1998
does anybody know of a good dr. in charleston west virginia who will not treat you like a dope addict, and will prescribe something for pain. my dr, retired ,can't find one to continue same treatment
dave basham <>
dry branch, wv USA - Wed Jun 24 21:25:09 1998