Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Does anyone know who started this web page? How long does each person's history stay in the journal.?It is really a great, great thing! I am so grateful for the responses I have received. Thanks to everyone for their input. Lisa
FL USA - Sat Jun 27 8:57:44 1998
I have had 'sick' headaches,all my life, but they have been increasing in frequency and intensity recently. I am in my 50's. Midrin doesn't help, because the kind of headaches I get I wake up with, and Midrin really works only at the first sign of one. I have tried none of the more recent drugs, because my doctor is concerned they wouldn't be good for me because of medical history. I do take 40 mg. of Corgard (Nadolol), which has its own set of side effects, the one I hate is that no matter what, I find it very difficult to lose weight, and I'm sure Corgard is the culprit. But, I don't try to get off of it anymore, because the last time I did, the headaches got worse. The usual scenario with these headaches is, I wake up with one, take two excedrin (by the way, not a bad drug for Migraines) Then I will know within an hour or two whether or not it is going to be a debilitating one. If it is debilitating, then it's usually a trip to the ER for a shot of Demerol. It's a good thing I can't get ahold of demerol on a regular basis, or I'd be an addict, it always works, I always get relief within a few minutes, but of course, you have to be able to go to bed immediately. The way migraines have affected my life, is that they have basically ruined my life. I have never been able to hold down a job for very long because of absenteeism. Thank the Lord that we have our own business, and I am able to work it at my own pace, and when I feel well enough to. I am also very blessed to have a kind, Christian husband, who prays for me (that really helps) and is patient, but I feel badly for him. As far as triggers are concerned, I am almost certain that aspartame is a trigger, so I have stopped drinking diet drinks. I have all but given up drinking coffee, never indulge in wine, especially red wine, and now everything I eat or ingest, I look at with suspicion. As far as home remedies, I know that ice is supposed to work, ice packs that is, but one thing that will help me is to get into a hot tub, and take a washcloth and put over the back of my neck, a washcloth wrung out with hot water. For some reason, they helps more than the usual ice packs. When my mother was alive, she was never very sympathetic to my problem, and I think she considered it a character defect, to 'take to bed with a headache'. She came from the kind of people that considered it wrong to lie down in the middle of the day! And if I got one and she found out about it, she would say things like, "well, what has upset you that you got this headache?" Well, my answer was usually, 'nothing, nothing upset me, I woke up with this thing"! It's true most people have not a clue as to what life is like with these things. Don't they know that you would a whole lot rather not have to lie down, or take medications or rush to the emergency ward. I am glad to share these things with someone, I really believe in prayer, and the healing power of Jesus, and I believe my ultimate answer is going to be through this. Thanks for letting me share, Norrie.
KS USA - Fri Jun 26 17:01:42 1998
I wanted to share a recent visit I had with my doctor relative to my migraines. I have been taking Midrin for over a year and find it doesn't do much. I also know that the hot, humid weather trigger my migraines. In discussing the matter of something stronger, she indicated that a recent seminar informed her that the use of muscle relaxers were highly recommended at the onset of a headache. Naporsyn was the relaxant being discussed. This person felt that this would help some in the releiving the symptons prior to them turning into a full-fledge migraine. Imitrix pills have been helpful for me but have yet to try the nasal form. After reading other's horror stories, I'm a bit leary. Foods tend to help trigger also. Over ripe bananas, chocolate, caffeine. The usually things women like most. Thanks for listening.
Louise Mansfield <>
Gobles, MI USA - Fri Jun 26 14:18:45 1998
For Beverly You don't say what kind of blood pressure med you take; I have taken Inderal (beta blocker) for years and years for a mitral valve prolapse (which causes wildly fluctuating BP). I think this prevented my getting full blown migraines until a few years ago. Since then I remain on Inderal. I have tried Imitrex, which DID cause wild heartbeats and BP. More recently I have tried Zomig, another triptan, with more success. Normally I take 40mg of Inderal 4X per day. I take an extra 20mg of Inderal with the Zomig and this seems to keep my BP down to a manageable level. I will not take the triptans if it means I have to endure scary and possibly dangerous side effects, but with this plan I have had some success. I guess it is worth asking your doctor about. Good Luck, Mary Jo
Mary Jo <>
IA USA - Fri Jun 26 12:45:03 1998
I have suffered from migraines for about 10 years now. My mother has a history of migraines too, so I assume I inherited it from her. I found myself with weekly headaches that would wake me up out of a dead sleep and then continue with blurred vision, nausea and dizzyness. I used fiorinal for 6 years or so, it became useless on these headaches. I also went off the birth control pill, and that seemed to reduce the frequency of the migraines. I am a little hesitant to try the new drugs on the market because of all the side effects. Excedrin seems to help, but makes me jumpy. Has anyone used Feverfew or any other organic treatment. And does it work? I have had a migraine since 3am this morning and it really stinks. I also have 2 children under the age of 4, that definitely doesn't help. The bulk of my migraine is gone, but that lingering throb in my left eye socket has me worried that it will start up again. I am glad to have found some fellow sufferers who knows how horrible this is.
michelle <johnsahm>
USA - Fri Jun 26 12:02:41 1998
Hi - I have suffered migraines for 16 years. THey have become less frequest over the past years but tend to be from May - Sept. I live in Florida and was wandering if anyone else has suffered from seasonal migraines if so what triggers have you found. thanks for any help
Bridget <>
FL USA - Fri Jun 26 10:25:41 1998
Hi everyone, I've written couple of times before, and just want to know if anyone has had the following problem, and what they did to address it. I'm on blood pressure medicine, and also have migraine headaches. Most of the medicines, especially all those that end in "tan", cause my blood pressure to go sky high. I have been on cafergot for years. It has caused rebound headaches. Is DHE basically the same as cafergot? Is one more safe than the other? If anyone can help me, I sure would appreciate it! Thank you all again! Beverly T
beverly thurrott <>
dedham, ma USA - Fri Jun 26 8:49:22 1998