Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I don't know whether I should say I'm glad I'm not the only one or feel pity for all of us. Dr's just don't understand. My migraines started after I was in a terrible accident. I went through the many "specialists" out there. I poked, twisted, prodded. I was told it was simply tension and muscles having been torn all the way to "it's all in your head". I could killed that idiot dr. I was finally diagnosed with having torn discs in the C5 through C7 range of my neck and required a fusion and metal plates. The migraines have steadily gotten worse. I can't go outside in my garden without getting a migraine and ruining my whole day. I wake up with migraines and go to sleep with one. No one seems capable of helping me. I have taken Imitrex, Inderol, amitriptyline, nortriptyline, doxepin, propranolol, and so many others I would run out of room. I have no relief. The dr's are so afraid of giving someone medication and having them become addicted that they view everyone in that same category and don't try something that is powerful and could help me. I try to tell them that I have never been an addictive person. I don't smoke, drink, or use drugs other than what a dr has prescribed. They don't seem to care. Because of what a few weak-minded drug addicts have done in the past, we, as migraine sufferers must pay the price. Then what is so stupid on the part of dr's is they give you medications that have side effects such as, nausea, vomitting, headaches, dizziness, sleeplessness. Excuse me, but I don't need help getting these effects, I have them. If someone knows of anything that they have tried and found to work, please post it to this website. I will check daily for any updates. I don't have an E-mail address or I would have you post it there. Please Help.Thank you. LaDonna.
Talihina, OK USA - Date: 09/02/98 (Wed) Time: 02:33:09 PM
I'm so glad I found this page. I need some advice! I'm new to this migraine thing. I should start off by saying I'm 29 and am the first person within my family's history to experience migraines. This all started recently, July 9th actually.I was at my office when a headache hit. Not too bad, it was tolerable. But within minutes the pain was so severe tears were running down my face. It truly felt as if I had been hit with a bat. Co-workers wanted to call EMERGENCY but my stubborness asked them to wait, "let's see if it goes away". The severity subsided within 15-20 minutes. I was left with a dull ache where the pain originated (behind my left ear, a couple inches above the base of my skull). The next day I'm convinced to call the Doctor. Thinking he was going to say "take two tylenol" I was very surprised when he insisted I go to the emergency room immediately for a CAT-SCAN. Two CAT-SCANS, an MRI and many severe headaches later, they discovered a cyst about the size of a pea (no pea-brain jokes,please) in the center (close to) of my brain. After various tests - "squeeze my hand, how many fingers am I holding up", etc. my Doctor concluded finding the cyst was "incidental" and that I probably experienced my first migraine headache. Of course, he started writing prescriptions, Imitrex, which didn't do much for me, and now Midrin. He also prescribed Pamelor which I take at night. Since then, I've had several pain-free days, but the rest involve a headache ranging from bearable to so severe that I'm terribly nauseous and completely incapacitated. This is all new to me so I need all the info I can get. If anyone has any input whatsoever I really appreciate it.
Marita <>
Coral Springts, FL USA - Date: 09/02/98 (Wed) Time: 01:50:42 PM
I have lived in West Texas for several years and have a migraine doctor whom I dearly love and trust. It looks like we may be moving to the Southwest Part of Missouri near Carthage. If any out there has a doctor that doesn't mind giving narcotics to treat migraines in this area please let me know. I would be able to use doctors in Joplin and Springfield also. I appreciate any and all help I can get since I am alergic to all Imitrex type meds.
Karen <JSPARK8462@AOL.COM>
USA - Date: 09/02/98 (Wed) Time: 12:51:02 PM
Hi everyone, I have been following this journal for the last couple of weeks, it's very comforting to know that there are other prople out there who know how bad a migraine really is. I don't think anyone can really understand how bad the pain is unless you have gone through it yourself. I am 36 years old and have been SUFFERING from migraines since the age of 3!! At that time I was told that I would outgrow them, but as I get older they only get worse, more often, and take more of my free time away. This summer has been especially rotten as I have spent most of it in the md's office, ER or the hospital. There has only been 2 or 3 days that I honestly can say I have not had a migraine. I was admitted to the hospital 3 times this summer for 7-10 days each visit, and when I was released I STILL had a migraine, not a full blown out one but one never the less. Has anyone else ever had this problem where they just don't seem to go away no matter how much medicine, rest, etc..... ? Currently I am taking amitriptylene & Inderal on a daily basis, and vicodin and phenegran when trying to manage these at home. I would like to get a stronger pain med, but I can't seem to talk my MD into it no matter how many times I end up in his office or the ER for demerol/phenegran shots. Has anyone else ever asked MD for a stronger pain med and was able to get it? and how did you get him/her to agree with you? I must go now as I have another appointment for another shot.....hope this one works . . . .Here's hoping everybody is migraine free for the Labor Day weekend !!
Maureen <>
Sauk City, WI USA - Date: 09/02/98 (Wed) Time: 12:41:56 PM
I am very new to the computer/internet and received a few messages that got accidently erased.One was from someone with "mark" or something like that in the e-mail address and the other I totally lost. Please resubmit back to my e-mail address and I will answer. Angelwings, I got yours and will repley shortly. I'm very sorry for the inconvience! Denise
Denise <>
Midland , Tx USA - Date: 09/01/98 (Tue) Time: 05:40:45 PM
I am a 35 year old male who has suffered from classic migraines and cluster headaches for about 15 years. I have just come through the worst series of them I have ever had. Over the last 5 days I have been seen by my physician twice and the local E.R. once for Demerol injections. Imitrex works for me a lot of the time but the headaches are becoming so frequent now. It's changing my personality. I can't take crowds of people anymore. I am becomong very anti-social. I have to have peace and quiet the majority of the time. I've missed the last two days of work. I'm having trouble coping with life because of the headaches. I just wanted someone to know my pain. Somebody write back...Rod
Rod Gill <rgbmw528@intrstar,net>
Dunn, NC USA - Date: 09/01/98 (Tue) Time: 01:16:28 PM
GO TO THE HEALTH FOOD STORE AND GET GINGKO BILOBA AND START TAKING IT EVERY DAY!!!!! Migraines...had 'em all my adult life. all the classic symtoms. thought they were gone after menopause...but, noooo, so I found a cure...ginko biloba. My thinking became much clearer, and I became more productive and the kind of person I expected myself to be. Now I'm right in the middle of a migraine triggered by two nites of little sleep, stress induced by physical exertion, and mental anxiety, and and suffering for hours and hours in over 100 degree heat which caused dehydration. I went into it Sunday afternoon, Labor Day weekend, and now it's Tuesday morning. I couldn't remember what to do for a migraine except rehydrate my system and take minerals(I'm taking not enough kelp at the moment. I found this site, and related to all the classic symtoms. Suddenly, my light bulb went on! I haven't taken ginkgo biloba in two months. It works and I'm outta here and on my way to the health food store!!
connie <>
orange county, ca USA - Date: 09/01/98 (Tue) Time: 11:18:39 AM
Morning everyone! I am writing to let everyone know how my first experience with Migronal has went and at this moment I must say I am amazed. I used the meds yesterday evening and within 45 minutes I felt a significant improvement. I was not "stoned" or "spacey" from the medication, which says a lot, which you all know what that means. I had a somewhat normal night with my kids.........the hugs and kisses and the bed time stories, I love to give them at night. This morning I am in a excellant mood, and actually feel like I might actually accomplish something at work today, and not have to hide at my desk to avoid working on someones computer for fear of trashing it. You know it is pretty sad when you essentially wreck your own computer cause you are too fuzzy headed to realize what your actions my cause. I have avoided working on other peoples computers for the last few weeks cause I would hate to ruin some important data, I just thank God that my supervisor is as understanding as she is. I think she is happy that I am still coming to work, we currently have one team member who has been gone for 6 weeks so far and is probably going to be out another month just trying to get his addiction to the meds and migraines under control. That is one thing I am so thankful for, that I have not become addicted yet. I think my fear of addiction may keep me from giving the meds a 100% shot, but I have this self preservation mode that kicks in and stops me from taking the medication as much as I probably should. Well that is enough of my rambling. Take care everyone and wish me luck on my quest as i do for you on yours.
Tracey <>
Dallas, Tx USA - Date: 09/01/98 (Tue) Time: 08:15:36 AM
I am using a friends computer since I do not have one as yet, so I have no E-Mail address. However, I am a 42 year old male that has suffered Migraines since I was a teenager. I have been to specialists time & again & have yet to find a so-called prevention regimen that will work. I suffer basically from what they call "classic" migraines or migraines with aura. So often the pain gets to the point of being unbearable and the accompanying nausea only a migrtaine suffer can truly understand. Currently I am trying Migranal for relief along with Compazine and the jury isd still out on whether this combination will be effective. I usually have to get to my doctors office of the local ER for a Demeraol & Phenergan injection and usually this will provide some relief, or at least enough so I can sleep it off. I will say here that I have a very understanding wife who has tolerated these for 16 years, even though I know that my attacks are as hard on her and our 2 children as they are me. I have heard a person will eventually cease having these attacks as my Dad did when he turned 60. He has not had an attack in 8 years. They affect my work and just a couple of days ago my boss said in essence that he thought I was faking them, but he has never even had a tension headache so I just chalk it up to his lack of concern and hold my temper. These attackes do make it hard to function in the workplace as any Migraine sufferer can verify. Thank you for allowing my submission and I am so glad I found this site. For all other misgraineurs I hope the best for all of us in our fight against what I call the pain no one else can comprehend.
mike williams
Mt. Pleasant, TN USA - Date: 09/01/98 (Tue) Time: 04:24:09 AM