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I really appreciate this site and the feedback from fellow sufferors. I too have had bad headaches since I was a teenage, but only became migraines after I moved from a coastol city to Austin, 10 yrs ago. Imitrex worked for me for several years, although the pill quit working and I had to give myself the shots. These worked for about two yrs, then suddenly stopped in Jan. of this year. I tried zomig, which stopped the headace but Icould not function in my job as a mortgage loan office for 24 hrs. Now I'm using Amerge, which gets rid of the heache within 30 minutes with the exception of 2 times when I took a breakthrough medication of Hydrocodone.Of course this really takes me out of it for like 36 hrs. The major side effect o fZomig was an ache in my joints like the flu or a high fever would cause. I'm still not able to function much better with the Amerge, but there doesn't seem so be any other option for me yet. I am a 60 yr of age female which I hesitate to add because it will cause some of you to think this will never end but keep in mind mine have only been unmanagable since January when the Imitrex quite working. I hope this info will be of help to some of you. I might add that my husband QUIT having Migraines when we moved here, however he only had about two a year.
Wanda <>
Austin, Tx USA - Date: 09/04/98 (Fri) Time: 07:33:15 AM
Please let me know how I can edit my earlier journal entry. I found some mistakes and want to fix them. Thank you all.
Susan <>
sharon, ma USA - Date: 09/04/98 (Fri) Time: 07:00:48 AM
I have always wanted to be with a whole group of people that suffer from headaches. This is wonderful. I have had headaches since I was about 8 years old. Over the past 4 years I have taken the following: amitriptyline, zoloft and imitrex. I wish I could get off of all of these meds. I have had to take imitrex up to 4 times every week for the past few years. There has been a lot of stress in my life, so that is why I am only the daily meds. I also try to exercise; I don't know if it helps or not. Sometimes I'll exercise a lot, and then later get a whopper of a headache. I already don't use caffeine, chocolate, aged cheeses, alcohol, deli meat, and MSG. I know some people and doctors swear that the removal of other foods(such as beans, bananas, etc.) can be a trigger for headaches. Please share with me any of your experiences with avoiding certain foods. I have to leave now, but I am so happy to have found this site. It's true. No one understands unless they have been a sufferer too. I hate thinking about how long I have had headaces, almost my entire life, and wonder if I'll ever get to the point when I only have them once a week. Some people say menapause may help, but that won't be starting for a while. I should say, though, that when I was pregnant with my children, the first 3 months I had excruciating, pounding headaches. I know I have tension, migraine, and cluster headaches. Thanks so much, all of you, for sharing your stories. I should also note that I try to adjust anything on the computer, so I don't see such a hard contrast between black and white. I also have started wearing my sunglasses more. When I have a slight headache, this seems to help. Obviously, with a full blown one it doesn't help. Thanks.hate taking medication. I get angry with my body, saying, "why can't you be different and not have 32 years I have taken the following: Sometimes I get angry with myself when I have a headache. I y mom had them, and my sisters also get them occasionally.
Janet <>
sharon, MA USA - Date: 09/04/98 (Fri) Time: 06:56:24 AM
Here's a new one for me. Has it happened to anyone else? I'm a cluster Migraineur. I've had a low to medium grade migraine for 3 days. Controllable with Esgic and Tylenol 4. Yesterday, the headache started reving up. I had samples of zomig. I tried 7.5 mg of it. It worked for an hour. I added the last 2.5 mg and got another hour and a half. I noticed progressive skin sensitivity. My legs, hips, feet were sore to the touch - like a bruise. By 6 pm I knew I was headed into major migraine. Sensitivity to light, noise, nausea...... It broke at 4am. I'm back to moderate migraine. Here's where I need comment. 1) My major migraines have always awakened me from sleep. Has anyone who has had a set pattern ever noticed an abrupt change? 2) I've never had skin sensitity before. Has anyone else? I don't know if I'm entering a new phase (Oh JOY) or somethings wrong. Of course my MD is away for the long weekend..... Any comments will be appreciated. I'm switching back to Imitrex today. It isn't perfect but I know how it works on me. Thanks.
Mary <>
NY, NY USA - Date: 09/04/98 (Fri) Time: 05:53:00 AM
My doctor told me that my migraines have changed since I am getting older. I lose vision in my right eye. I have auras but no pain and a cloud covers my eye. The first time it happened I thought I was having a stroke or something. Both my eye doctor and internist feel I am having migraines. I guess this is better than having the horrible pain and nausua I used to have. Has anyone else experienced this?
Chris <>
Prudenville, MI USA - Date: 09/03/98 (Thu) Time: 09:46:52 PM
Was just inspired to see if the web had any info from fellow migraine sufferers, and lo and behold, I feel I've read my life story over and over again. Started getting migraines when I was 19 (am now 43); been hospitalized a couple of times; had to terminate a pregnancy because of the severity of the headaches. And have been treated like a drug-seeking, hypochondriac by several condescending doctors. But I must add, I've had a few sympathetic docs as well. Meanwhile, I've tried ALL the prophylactic therapies around--drugs (antidepressants, calcium channel blockers, beta blockers, steriods, barbituates, narcotics), alternative therapies (biofeedback, acupuncture, massage). What I've found works best for me (NOW) is 25 mg of Imitrex with 1 tablet of fiorinol. It takes the edge off the pain--and often gets rid of the headache completely. DHE-45 was/is a wonderful med, but I've found I can't administer shots anymore (they just hurt too much and take too long to prepare, unlike a pill) and the nasal spray wasn't nearly as effective as Imitrex. I can function (for the most part), but feel that migraines have definitely adversely affected my life. I'm fortunate that I work out of the house (freelance publication designer), so I can rest when I need to. But I worry that I couldn't ever hold down a full-time job outside of the home. It affects my relationship with my husband and daughter because not only do I have to deal with the intense pain, but also have to live with the depression and anxiety associated with the headache. (I'm sure they get as tired as I do of the phrase "I have a headache." Depression and migraines are so closely related. I take Zoloft daily for depression. Doesn't help the migraines, but keeps me from spiraling down into the black abyss and keeps the anxiety at bay. What bugs me the most is that I'm normally a fairly strong, upbeat person, but the headaches make me feel so weak--emotionally and physically--for days and sometimes weeks. I'm heartened to hear of some drugs I haven't tried--Amerge and Migronal, although I believe I was in a study with Migronal (if it's manufactured by Merk). If so, it worked as well as Imitrex. Anyway--it may not get rid of the pain, but it certainly is nice to know there are others with similar feelings and life experiences out there. I've been suffering for about a month now with a non-stop headache. I get my work done, but my quality of life certainly is suffering. Bummer.
Deb <>
El Dorado Hills, CA USA - Date: 09/03/98 (Thu) Time: 07:36:49 PM
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