Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hi there! Just found this page today when I was researching some info. for my mom who has migraines very bad-a couple a week, at least. I know what she is going through because I get them too, but not as severe. Only a couple times a year (I hope that it stays that way). She has tried all sorts of medicines and sprays, but she has a very sensitive stomach and just about everything bothers her. The medicines really don't help very much anyway, so she doesn't take them, she just suffers for days at a time instead. I live 8 1/2 hours away and I hate to hear on the phone that she is suffering. She has had medical tests done (MRI and CT scans) to rule out any other medical problems and all seems to be fine, except that she still gets migraines. Now she wants to look into chiropractic medicine. She has already tried feverfue also which only gives her diarrhea (remember the sensitive stomach). She is open to herbal remedies, but has yet to find the right one...Any luck with any of the anti-depressants anyone? I don't know whether she would ever take them, but I would love to give her hope that it does work for other suffers out there....Know what works great for me? First I have to leave work...crawl to my car...go home...throw up...pull all of the blinds in my bedroom...take a couple of motrin...and best of all...put Vicks vapo rub on my temples and across my fore- head....and the topper...sleep for a couple of hours undisturbed!! People out there!!! Try the Vicks vapo rub!!! It opens up all of your passages in your face and feels wonderful. E-mail me, if you would like, but I will check this board again for suggestions too! Bye!
Arlene <>
Naugatuck, CT USA - Date: 09/20/98 (Sun) Time: 09:35:27 PM
Hello Everyone. I logged on hear hoping to see how others had dealt with withdrawl from analgesics. I am a classic suferer of chronic analgesic rebound headaches along with a few migraines a month After 10 years of the problem and dosage steadily increasing, I finaly decided to deal with it. I was taking acitominophen pills with 8mg codeine and 15mg caffeine six at a time 3-4 times per day. I have an excellent local neurologist who has put me on an out-patient program of withdrawl. I stopped the old pills cold turkey one week ago. I'm taking Nortriptyline at night (similar to Amitriptyline but with less morning drowsiness) along with Amerge twice a day, and Naproxen as required. In another Journal entry someone related feeling like a zombie during a similar withdrawl and I understand them entirely. It's been no fun, a daily felling of nausea, confusion, and general detachement from reality, along with frequent bouts of moderate to severe headache. It's hard to judge how much the new drugs are really helping as I've never attempted cutting off the codeine before. I've almost abbandoned ship about three times now to the point of having a handfull of codeine and heading for the fridge for a drink to take them with, but I've managed to reason with myself into giving the program a fair chance. I see that other readers have given up these attempts in 3-4 days so I guess I am doing OK. The pain I can stand - it's no worse than anything I've been through before and it will all be worth it if this improves my situation. All I worry about now is time - I'm not too confident I can keep this up for another week or more. In the meantime I'm reading travel brochures and boating magazines, watching recreation programs on TV, looking at pictures of my nephews,and basically inundating myself with thoughts of all the things I may be able to enjoy once again if I get this problem under control. It's these thoughts and images that keep me away from the codeinne bottle for now. Has anyone else been through this kind of withdrawl sucessfuly? If so, how long was it until you began to feel better? Thanks -Tim
Tim <>
Vancouver, BC Canada - Date: 09/20/98 (Sun) Time: 09:28:55 PM
I started having migraines two yrs ago, age 31.At the present time, I can take Excedrin for Migraines if I catch it right away. Working in the OR, I do not always get to do this. An anesth Dr from the pain clinic where I work showed me how to drip 4% lidocaine (1-2cc) down my right nostril (the side my HA are usually on) while being supine. Thiss helps the migraine part, but my neck and shoulders hurt from the tensing up. This is another alternative. Any other ideass are welcome!
D Sterling <>
Gainesvillee, FL USA - Date: 09/20/98 (Sun) Time: 08:44:43 PM
I am 47 years old and have migraines 2 or 3 times a month.For the last 2 weeks I have been having it in waves all day and even wake up at night with it.Ibuprofen works best for me but I am already taking more than I should.Stopped eating and drinking everything for a few days to try to start up slowly and see if 1 food item was the culprit.We had recently changed to an artificially sweetened tea.When I resumed drinking this tea headaches almost imediately got worse.NUTRASWEET was my enemy in this instance. I hope this information will help someone.
steve chapman <>
Yanceyville, NC USA - Date: 09/20/98 (Sun) Time: 07:45:50 PM
I've been a migraine sufferer for as long as I can remember. After reading some of the journal entries I noticed more than a few people mentioned all the time they're missing at work. A couple of years ago my supervisor, being in a generous mood I guess, told me about the Family Medical Leave act of 1993. Under this act I qualifly to use my sick time due to a chronic and reocurring illness anc it cannot be held against me on my job. I thought this might be of some assitance to people, I know where you're coming from I usually miss 1 to 2 dqys of work a month due to my migraines. If you have a questions for just some comments feel free to e-mail me. Good luck to all. Kathy
Kathy Fischette <>
Holt, MI USA - Date: 09/20/98 (Sun) Time: 04:43:04 PM
hi I wrote a while back about the headaches. I have been having them everyday. My doctor says they are from having fibromyalgia. That the pain comes from my shoulders. I take 20mg. Elavil at night, they just switched me to that. It doesn't seem to help much, they still hurt and the migraines keep coming. they have me on tylenol codine,and Imitrex. The Imitrex willusually take the pain away in 20 mins. or less, thereis a tightness around my head for awhile and I feel detached from myself for a time. I also use Excedrin if I can catch it at the start it can help. Lately the pain is here every day I began to read more and found out that alot of the stuff they give for migraines can cause residual headaches. I've been using ice packs, massage, yoga,hot baths. The pain is still there. I've had these most of my life, they started after a medical procedure I had done at the age of 13yrs. I just keep reading about alternative methods and I pray some day there will be one that stops our pain completely. We can hope.. Thank you for your writings they help alot. God Bless you all. Loralye
Loralye <>
modesto, ca USA - Date: 09/20/98 (Sun) Time: 02:43:48 PM
Saw Linda's entry from 9/19 re: Ultram. I take ultram if I have a vague headache. Does not work with the killer headaches. Being on prozac now (40mg/day) many of my headaches now are vague and I can can live with that. Ultram takes the edge off. My doctor said that it's a purer form of codeine and less potent. Take care all, Pat.
Pat <>
USA - Date: 09/20/98 (Sun) Time: 12:41:50 PM