Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hello, everyone. Sorry about that last transmission. I was just checking to be sure that my submission would go through. I found it comforting to read your histories/problems, as I have a difficult time expressing the panic and general anguish that grips me at the onset of a migraine. Like many of you, I have tried numerous drugs for help (Midrin, Zomig, Imitrex, Amerge, Fioricet, Vicodin). The good thing is that I have had great success with narcotic analgesics. The bad thing is that I can't find a doctor out here who is willing to prescribe them without making me feel like a criminal for asking. Have any of you had this problem? How do you folks deal with this? I am at the beginning of yet another "cycle" (they come every 2 years, and usually last 3 months at a time). I can't go through another 3 months like this. I am completely unable to function when my little "demon" starts pushing his power drill into my skull right above my left eye. Thanks. I hope to hear from you folks soon. Chris
Chris <>
Elon College, NC USA - Date: 09/23/98 (Wed) Time: 10:20:41 AM
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Chris <>
Elon College, NC USA - Date: 09/23/98 (Wed) Time: 10:12:45 AM
Has anyone tried diet, that is, eliminating all foods that are professed to triger migraines. I looked at this under the Intelihealth site on the Internet. The foods were listed, some that I had not heard of, such as nuts,onions, and fresh baked bread,bagels, and donuts. Please answer on Rhonda's site so everyone can have the benifit of your experience in this regard.I am trying anything that might slow down my two or three migraines per week. I have discontinued estrogen and an having my third accupunture today Thanks, Wanda
Wanda Crayton <>
Austin, Tx USA - Date: 09/23/98 (Wed) Time: 09:51:00 AM
My headaches began after a fall down the steps. I tore the Dura (sac that holds cerebrial fluid) and began to experience severe headaches and neurological problems. It is almost a year later and I have daily mixed headaches. The majority of my headaches are migraines and at their worst I end up receiving IV drug therapy with sedation in the neurologist's office. I've been hospitalized as well due to dehydration and serious neurological problems that have resulted from the migraines. I've also damaged my esphogas from all the nausea and vomitting. These headaches have changed my life and have made me feel so powerless to combatting pain. They usually win and I lose. I've taken many of the mentioned meds. in here with little help. Bio-feedback has been somewhat helpful in learning how to relax the tense muscles during an attack. I do believe that there is hope and healing for all of us. We just need to take it a day at a time and thank God for the periods of time that we are able to push through the pain. Hang in there!!!!
Debby <>
Emmaus, Pa USA - Date: 09/23/98 (Wed) Time: 07:28:25 AM
Hello everyone! I am in a rather nervous state right now. I have been seeing a headache specialist for the last 5 years, and now he is retired. I am now looking to start seeing a Neuro, but I am very nervous about doing this. The specialist I was seeing was great, and I've heard alot of negative things about Neuros. I do not know any of the Neuros on my medical plan and I am very skeptical about going to any of them cold turkey. I am on a medication schedule that seems to work fairly well and I'm affraid that a new doc may just start switchin my drugs around and I'll have to start all over again. I have been very luck not to lose any days of work for migraines, but I think that may change as I try new meds. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with a new doc and being pleasantly pushy with them? I would greatly appreciate any ideas. Keep fightin'
Greg Rebennack <>
Cincinnati, OH USA - Date: 09/23/98 (Wed) Time: 07:06:53 AM
I first began having migraines on a regular basis after my son was born 18 years ago. I believe the "sick headaches" I had ocassionally as a child were actually migraines. I was put on Inderal at the time and continue to take it today, though I don't know that it helps all that much. I have tried several different prescriptions over the years. I have been using Cafergot to relieve the pain and though it usually upsets my stomach it is still better than the migraine pain which usually goes away in about an hour. I have been trying Imitrex in the nasal form this summer and so far it seems to work rather well. I tried Migranal, but could't tolerate the side effects. Midrin did not work at all. I normally have migraines four to six times a month, especially around my menstrual cycle. The pain is usually behind one eye or the other, makes me sick to my stomach and sensitive to light. I have identified several things that will trigger a migraine, in particular, chocolate and cologne. I have been having migraines almost daily for the past two weeks or so. I don't know if it is the heat, stress, or something else. Anyway, thanks for listening. Most people just don't understand (those who don't have migraines).
Leslie <>
Blackwell, OK USA - Date: 09/23/98 (Wed) Time: 12:56:56 AM
Hi Carol, Your E-Mail address would not take, so I am posting this response. I also take 50mg Elavil. No bad effects. But one side effect can happen if you get up too quickly from a sitting or laying position. Make sure you get up slowly or else you may get dizzy. Elavil is a good drug against migraines. Eventually (a few months), the doctor will probably start to lower the dose until you are completely off. Some small setbacks may happen, but stay focused on what you really want, and remain positive. Good Luck ... Ray.
Ray <>
Manasquan, NJ USA - Date: 09/23/98 (Wed) Time: 12:08:26 AM