Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hello Everyone! Thank you for this wonderful site! I found this site about 2 months ago, and visit it everyday. It has been so helpful to me to read other Migraine sufferers entries. I have had Migraine symptoms all of my life. I can remember telling my mother that there were bright lights flashing in front of my eyes, and then having a bad headache later the same day. I was also hospitalized twice as a child for nausea and vomiting and stomach pain. Both times they did every test known to man and never found anything wrong. I think they told my mother I had a nervous stomach. I now think it was linked to my Migraines. I started having severe Migraines when I was in high school. It seems like I have been on every medicine ever tried for Migraines. I am now on Inderal and Effexor as preventative, and Imetrex, Phenergan and Talwin as rescue drugs. Sometimes none of these work and I have to go in for a Nubain and Phenergan shot. I have not been able to hold down a steady job in several years. I have recently tried to get a job, and am unable to get anyone to hire me. I am sure it is because of my Migraines. Well, I am sorry I have rambled on so long. Thanks for listening! Mary
Mary <>
West Monroe, LA USA - Date: 09/24/98 (Thu) Time: 05:17:47 PM
Hey, Herry! Are you so stupid that you don't know there is no such word as "alot"? I'll just bet you are.
Mal <>
USA - Date: 09/24/98 (Thu) Time: 03:52:15 PM
I've had migraines for about 20 years - I'm 33 now. Currently on Effexor and Imitrex as needed. I've found that the key, if you choose or need to use any opiates, is to use them for no more than two days. This works for me and helps in my therapy, don't know if it will work for anyone else - as we all know, meds word differently for every one. The other thing I wanted to mention is that I see a lot of people are reading product inserts on medications and are afraid to try them if the med lists headache as a possible side effect. The FDA requires that drug companies report all side effects experienced during product testing. This means that if 1 person out of 100 got a headache the day of treatment, they have to report it. This does not mean that all (or even most) of the people who take that med will experience headache. Anyway, hope all are feeling well, take it a day at a time. **P.S. to all who send out those miracle cure e-mails - leave me off your list**
Joanne <>
Wilmington, DE USA - Date: 09/24/98 (Thu) Time: 02:29:23 PM
Good morning, I have to say as most have, I found much comfort in finding this sight. I too, have suffered from migraines for many many years. They do run in my family. When I was a child, I always thought my mother was a drug addict, I too followed her footsteps not realizing that we tend to abuse our meds, because we are afraid of getting another attack. I have tried through the years to go drug free,many times. It is quite hard when you have real pain. I also am good at too many otc things.I feel with age, things are getting better for me. As silly as it sounds, I am looking forward to the change of life, in hopes that my migranies will leave me. I think the thing that helped me most on this websight, was to know I am not the only one who has abused their meds. I get a migraine only about once a month now almost always around my cycle. I have a pretty good doc., we sure have been through alot together. Because of my abuse in the past, he is a bit gun shy, although he gives me 30 Fiornal#3,30 plain Fiornal,Phen supp, and I can go to his office for a shot when needed, without an appoitment. The shot being Phen and Dem. So I suppose I am pretty lucky. My doc is not on my insurance program so he just charges me $50 for my shot,not charging me for an office visit. I too always get to see him, he gives me the shots. I still wish someone,somewhere could help us and help the medical field understand, we do not want to be this way. I have seen 19 neuro to date and I am only a young thing at 43. Thanks for listening, I will be back. Good Luck to all !!!!!!! Jan
Jan Scofield <>
Atlanta, Ga USA - Date: 09/24/98 (Thu) Time: 09:39:33 AM
Well I do not even know how to start my story. First of all I really thank God that there is Ronda's page. I felt that I was the only person having this kind of problem "very big problem". When talking to people about my migraines, they look at you strangely and do not understand, because they do not experience this sort of pain and all the symptons that surround it. I starting having migraines at the age of 13. I have had brain scanes and other tests that I do not remember how they are called. But the Doctors never found anything adnormal - all normal. But my migraines have continued for 23 years - I'm 36 years old. I have the so called classic migraines - with all the stated symptons - like flashing in the eyes - numbness in one or the other hand - sometimes also the lip goes numb - then the throbing headache - nausea and sometimes problems with my speech.. I really feel terrible - terrible. Especially if I get an attack at work - I do office work, so you can immagine when you cannot coordinate. I feel like I would want to disappear for a while at least till all this passes. Usually in 1 year I can have from 5 to 8 migraines. Last year in the month of July- I have this migraine each day. My doctor has subscribed a suppository that blocks my migraine it's name is Difmetré and also get drops called Laroxyl. If someone is interested I can send the medical components of these meds. I hope that they will someday find a cure for all types of migraines. Lots of courage......Rossana
Rossana <>
Porcari (Lucca), Italy - Date: 09/24/98 (Thu) Time: 07:40:14 AM
This is to Renee, One of the best way to find out what may trigger your migraines is to keep a headache diary. Write down the time of day, what you ate, the weather, etc. Soon you will see a pattern develope and you will find some of your triggers. I say some, because new ones for me ALWAYS pop up. I wish you the best of luck. You know I wonder, This is an honest question... How many of us migraneuers are overweight? Could there be a like between obesity & migraines? It is something to think about... and yet another reason for the AMA to declare that the pain is all in our heads!!! Take care and have a pain-free day! ~Dianna~
Dianna <>
NPR, FL USA - Date: 09/24/98 (Thu) Time: 06:31:46 AM
Hello everyone, From my screen name you can tell I am an overweight person. I think I have stumbled upon a gold mine here. Here's my story.. 2years ago I had a baby girl. It was a difficult birth. 2 days after I came home from the hospital I began having terrible none ever before. My head ached so bad I drove my self to the hospital. I felt crazy...why are you here..."because my head hurts" it sounded so stupid. My presure was about 170 over 110 (I believe it was due to pain) and my head was throbbing so bad I SWORE everyone around me could see it moving (help me out here have any of you felt this?) They ran all kinds of blood, urine, lung scans, cat scans, ekg's, you name it. The Dr's were still scratching thier heads....I think they used my childbirth the week prior as an excuse..."Oh it must be Toxemia" they said. AFTER THE PREGNANCY???? I thought. Ok I know this is gong all over the place. I was given medication for high blood pressure. This medicine made me feel awful so I stopped taking it. Yet every time I get upset or yell or excericse to hard or cry to hard or get frightened or stressed out. I would get headaches from hell. My blood pressure would be normal but they would blame it on not taking my meds...PUHLEASE. I have been suffering from Migranes all this time I really believe this. I started my period today and missed work because of the stabbing headache I have. I decided to get online and I found this site. I am going to the Dr. tomorrow and find out why he couldnt figure this out. One last thing how did everyone determine exactly what sets it off? Just by being aware or is there some test? sorry if its a dumb question. Thanks for listening and my next post should be shorter and more informed. Renee
Renee <XLblackFem>
jamestown, nc USA - Date: 09/24/98 (Thu) Time: 05:37:50 AM