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I am a free-lance writer. Recently, I've been working on a book about my experiences with migraines. My goal for the book is to give non-sufferers and the medical community an idea - just the faintest clue - about what we really go through. I want them all to know that we must be taken seriously. That we are people in pain, not hypochondriacs or whiners or drug abusers. Since finding this site, and seeing how many people share my worries and experiences, I've decided to expand the book to include the experiences of others. Maybe the strength of our combined voices will drown out the negative people who believe that migraines are "just a headache". Perhaps, we can make a small difference in the way we are regarded and treated by others. When the book is published, I plan to donate a percentage of each sale to migraine research and treatment. Would any of you out there like to participate in this book? All I'd ask of you is to answer some questions about your experiences with migraines. I won't ask for your name or personal information. If you'd like to participate, send me a message, and I'll e-mail you my list of questions. I'd appreciate your help. And thanks for a great site. Reading your messages has helped me a lot in dealing with my own migraines!
Kristine <>
Brookfield, IL USA - Date: 10/02/98 (Fri) Time: 11:24:37 AM
Hello all, my first migraine was when i was pregnant with my first child. Now 8 years later i started having them again. My pain is not extreme but the sensitivty to light and noise means i can not work in the factory where i'm employed. I have apllied for and gotten FMLA but my work requires a doctors note for every episode. Thats my problem because my doctor won't give me a note unless he sees me while i am having the migraine. Last night i had to leave work at 8:30 pm. My docter was not in his office(i am sure he has a life) and when i awoke today i'm how do i get a note? I don't have insurance and my employer only permits very few days off before they fire you.Any ideas as to what i should do? Denise Davis at
Denise Davis <>
Montrose, Co USA - Date: 10/02/98 (Fri) Time: 11:14:28 AM
Hi! This is the second time I have contacted this journal. I was absolutely astounded that soooooo many people contacted this site - and really it helps! I received so many responses with really fabulous ideas on dealing with the pain, your family, etc. when you have an attack. I had never found anywhere where I could discuss my migraines with people who understood exactly what it was that I was going through! I have also send message back to people who I thought I could help with some things I found worked for me whenever I was going through something they were describing in this journal! I must thank all who have contributed to this journal and expecially the person who came up with this brilliant idea! Even when I have a migraine - it always helps to read a story or two in the journal and makes me feel at least - spiritually better! Thank-you all once again - and I will continue to read and support this journal - don't ever let it die! It is far too valuable to all who have dropped a line.
Denyse <>
Edmonton, Alta Canada - Date: 10/02/98 (Fri) Time: 10:52:51 AM
LISA FROM RICHOND.VIRGINIA You forgot to put your email address on the end of your case entry. I was going to get right back to you but then realized that there was no e-mail address. I do have some information for you. Denise
Denise <>
Midland, Tx USA - Date: 10/02/98 (Fri) Time: 09:58:48 AM
Hi all.This is my first time on this board.I have had migraines for about the last 6 years.Now I get headaches every day.My family doctor thinks they are caused by stress.I have tried all kind of preventativesand none seem to work.Last month he recommended that I go to a neurologist.My appt.was yesterdayand I am still upset by it.She said that I also have cluster type of migraines.She put me on depakote as a preventative.She also said that I SHOULD NOT take anything for pain.She said that I was using to much Stadol Ns and Hydrocodone.So I ask you am I? One bottle of Stadol lasts me about 10 to 15 days.I go through about 30 hydrocodone pills a month now that doesn't seem like alot to me.Those are the only things that seem to help.I am allergic to aspirin and ibuprofen so I am limited on what I could take.I left her office crying.She made me feel like I was a junkie,and I am not.If I don't have a headache then I don't take the medicine.What should I do?Should I look for a different doctor or is she right.Please let me know.Thanks for listening and good luck to you all.
Richmond, Va USA - Date: 10/02/98 (Fri) Time: 08:46:05 AM
Does anyone know of any research that is going on to find the cause of these migraines? I would be really interested in the latest theories. Thanks Mar
Mar <>
Lancaster, Ca USA - Date: 10/01/98 (Thu) Time: 11:35:23 PM
This is great to be able to share with others who understand what I am going through. My migraines are mild compared to some but for me are awful. I have had migraines for 20 years, have been married 16 of those. I never mentioned them to my doctors until 14 years ago. I had noticed when the weather changed or the mold count was medium I would get migraines. This doctor told me there was no connection then handed me a pamphlet about migraines that listed allergies and weather changes as two of the most common affects. Now with my 4th doctor, he believes me about the weather changes and mold. One doctor finally put me on Fioricet, that is still what I use. It doesn't do much good but this doctor doesn't want to change it. He put me on Paxil, 20 mg., to try to prevent them. It didn't prevent them but it lowered the intensity of them. Now due to finances I can't take it anymore. I feel sorry for my family having to endure my pain but all families have something to deal with.
Sonja Sides <>
Skiatook, OK USA - Date: 10/01/98 (Thu) Time: 09:55:28 AM