Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I just found this page what a godsend, finally I don't feel all alone,that there are other people going through what I'm going through. If I sound disassociated its because i have another headache. Mine started when I was 14, I thought I was dying,coundn't talk, think, use my hands some of you know what i'm saying. I used to have migraines 3 or 4 time a week,even have been hospitilized for them, now I seem to be relitivly lucky I always get them with my cycle, and sometimes when i'm exposed to certain lights or chemicals. I had a doctor in CO who was great and knew how to treat them without giving me any greive, but now I live in AZ where all the docs seem to be idiots, they won't listen to me on how to treat them, I've tried all the new meds with either no luck or severe reactions, of course they just make me feel like I'm a drug addict. If I can catch it fast enough simple fiorcet will work, other time it seems to take mephregan and nembutal, I hate using those. Had to go to a "urgent care center last night, Doc wouldn't listen to me indid up giveing me stadol which worked for 3 hrs sort of, nurse classified me as a dope pusher since i asked them to give me something I could have art home in case it got worse,"We don't know what your going to do with it once you leave here" she wouldn't even look at me while she spoke, she talked to my boyfriend instead, I have never been so mad in my life. Well in 1 hour I get to go see a new Doc, and I'm already getting aggitated. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a doc to listen to you, without them putting you through all the crap? I know what works and don't use it excessivly, just can't seem to convince anyone here of that. And lord knows I don't want to go through anymore cat scans,MRI, spinal taps, psych screenings ( I already know its all in my head HAHA), or new drugs. Please write could use the support from people who understand. Everyone be well Thanks
Kristen <Lemur451>
Pheonix, az USA - Date: 10/05/98 (Mon) Time: 11:30:37 AM
Hello to all who suffer. I need some help and think this may be a good place to look. To the point -- My wife has just recently began to experiene a migraine that causes such pain that she closes herself in a dark bedroom for hours, unable to do anything but lay flat on her back. This is her first attack and is now in it's fourth day. The pain meds from her Dr. don't seem to help. She reports having pain soo intense she would prefer death. My wife is also bipolar and due to her recent depression received four treatments of Electroconvulsive Teatment (ECT). The ECT did wonders at reducing the depression, but I believe it may have also triggered the migraine. Her Dr, says no (what else would he say) but I believe it is the cause. This is not the short-turm headaches that one gets from ECT, it is a true disabling MIGRAINE. Have any of you experienced a migraine as a result of ECT or do you have any info on this subject. Thanks for listening, a loving husband, Jim.
Jim Helms <Mrcultured@AOL.COM>
Ft. Walton Bch., FL USA - Date: 10/04/98 (Sun) Time: 10:22:15 PM
I have suffered from migraine since I was 8 years old and I'm now 49 years old. When the crisis appeared for the first time, I was living in a small town where there was no word like migraine in doctors'lexical; it was just a nervous problem for women usually caused by anxiety. But I was 8, and they didn't know what to do with me. So they prescribed Valium for many years of my life. That medication never stopped my headache,never cured the migraine and handicaped seriously the nervous system of a growing child. Already in my youth, I was suffering of aura, aphasia and parasthesia but it is only at the age of 18, that I stopped vomiting, replaced by problems of comprehension and elocution. The reason was simple: I went to university, I changed my diet and I met doctors of a big city more well informed about real migraines. Curiously, at the same moment, a new medication was proposed by the company Merk Frost... as a possible solution for certain migraines considered related directly to a pancreas problem. That research was made in relation with another one associated with diabetis. Many migrainors also suffer of Hypoglicemia. Papaverine, that old medication was for the first time used to help people suffering of migraine requiring a vasodilator not the opposite like most of the medications on the market. That medication associated with Fiorinal with codeine became for me the solution of my life. For the first time I was able to stop the pain and control all the bad effects in about one hour, maximum. I had to take my 2 Papaverines and one Fiorinal within the five minutes following the beginning of a crisis bu I was able that way to continue to talk normally and understand what peoples were telling me. Two years ago, even my crisis became less frequent I began to have more constant normal headaches. I began a treatment of betablockers to stabilize my pressure and I started to live again. I know that my story is not extraordinary but I also know that certain persons suffering of vascular migraine are sometimes wrongly diagnostiqued and prescribed vasoconscrictors so opposite to what they should really take. I just regret that Merk-Frost stopped the sales of their Papaverine pills in Canada. I have to go now in United States to buy that essential medication for me. I hope my story will be useful to someone. Good luck to all!
Jocelyne Bedard <>
Saint-Lambert, Quebec Canada - Date: 10/04/98 (Sun) Time: 09:19:09 PM
Hello To All, I am a daily sufferer of headaches and have tried all the meds out there up to date. If someone could please tell me about the new drug "MAXALT" I would appreciate it. I am also thinking of going to Bloomfield Hills, MI to the Headache Prevention Institute for the Migranex appliances that Dr James Boyd invented. Does anyone know about these? This is not an ad. I live in Oregon, and the flight and hotel will cost quite a bit, but as all of you know we will do just about anything to end the pain. Thanks for any help out there, I have been suffering with daily headaches for the last 10 years and had headaches as long as I can remember. I have done all the tests been to all the regular Doctors, and therapist, TMJ ,biofeed back, hypnosis, accupunture,accupressure, etc.Done the list of preventatives nowhere left to go except I keep looking thats why I ask about these two things I would apprciate any knowledge of new meds etc.Immitex and zomig do not work for me and I can feel that my doctor is getting sick of me, again! Thanks again,
Dale Neill <>
bend, or USA - Date: 10/04/98 (Sun) Time: 07:14:52 PM
To Anyone out there: Can someone give me info on Feverfew in nasal spray. I can't get it here. A local health store is interested in carrying it if I can get more info. Was this just made up by a pharmacist or can it be purchased as is? I'm very interested in trying this. TO LISA FROM RICHMOND: I may be able to help you find a better neurologist. I see the head of neurology at MCV. I've seen many others in Richmond. Don't be discouraged. Keep going to different ones until YOU are satisfied. Unfortunately, for many of us that never happens. But we can't give up! Send me your e-mail address and I'll get some names to you. Thanks all,Cindy
Cindy Lincoln <>
Richmond, Va USA - Date: 10/04/98 (Sun) Time: 04:50:54 PM
hi i have a specific question for those of us who have migraines related to our cycle. has anyone been prescribed estrogen to try to counteract whatever is triggering the migraine each month. i have recently been prescribed fempatch, an estrogen patch to wear for seven days around the time when i would typically get a migraine around my cycle. i put it on the other day when i was feeling pre migrainish and it never came, i dont want to be too excited as this would be too good to be true. any experience with this? this would help with about a third of the migraines i get, maybe even half. the cause of the others is less clear, food, weather, sleep, and or a mix of these.thanks wendy
wendy <>
ga USA - Date: 10/04/98 (Sun) Time: 08:05:46 AM
Sorry I haven't written lately-I've been to the ER 3 times this week; twice today. Hope everyone is doing better than me. Will write later. Thanks for helping me feel not guite so alone. melanie
Melanie MUNAL <>
AR USA - Date: 10/04/98 (Sun) Time: 05:42:15 AM