Journal of Migraine Sufferers

I've had migraines since around age 6; our family GP finally diagnosed them (at the time, he referred to them as "chronic recurrent migraine"). I won't bother you with the gory details, but I too have tried everything on the market (prescription and over-the-counter), tried diet modifications, stress management, you name it. I'm now on short-term disabiity from a career I truly loved but will probably have to abandon, thanks to these damnable, uncontrollable, unpredictable migraines. I do have some information to share that may be helpful: my doc's "migraine cocktail": take Wigraine, naproxen and metoclopramide simultaneously (you must combine all three). You might find relief with this combo, but do talk to your neurologist first. All are prescription meds, too. Also, if it's any consolation to know this, the majority of us migraineurs were born with damaged parasympathetic nervous systems, which somehow cause the migraines. It isn't your fault. I could go on and on, but if you'd like to correspond, drop a line! --Annie
Annie <>
USA - Date: 10/06/98 (Tue) Time: 10:50:02 PM
I found this site after experiencing another one of my migraines today. I just started with them a year ago. At first, I didn't know what was happening, but then after talking with people and then my doctor, I finally figured out it was a migraine. My headaches usually start during the night while I'm asleep. I dream about them. When I wake up, I usually have the nausea and diarrhea. I have a constant headache all day with the pangs of pain in my head and then nausea. What I wanted to ask though is does anyone else experience feelings of deja vu with the pain and nausea. When I mentioned this to my doctor, I think he thought I was nuts. Sometimes, I feel like I bring the headaches on myself because of it starting in my dreams. I'd appreciate any input.
Pat <>
Philadelphia, PA USA - Date: 10/06/98 (Tue) Time: 09:45:35 PM
Hi All, Wish I could say I felt good today, life sometimes really sucks when you have a damn migraine. I just moved into a new area, (familure story coming), and had to visit the new ER in my area. Well, as always, FUN FUN !!! The damn nurse, did something wrong, I had a knot in my rear end for 3 days. My Doc says, she did not get the med into my blood stream and I would still have a terrible headache until my next shot. Well, I feel it is not bad enough for Demrol yet, once again, I tend to abuse my meds, fearing another full blown migraine. I am trying to hold out until my menstral cycle, but, it's hard. This is one HELL of a headache. Thanks for letting me blow off steam, well back to the drug store for more meds. I hope all out there are having a pretty OK day !!!! Thanks Again, Jan Scofield
Jan Scofield <>
Atlanta, Ga USA - Date: 10/06/98 (Tue) Time: 06:14:37 PM
Hi all...just thought that I would stop in and read the latest entries and am astounded to see that there are, again more new people that have found this site and are amazed when they find they are not alone. Thank goodness for this site...we are not alone. To those of you that are finding Ibuprophen works on some of your careful, I have taken Ibuprophen for years and am now paying the price. I have developed tinnitus...ringing in the ears...and it does not go away. It is un-nerving and unrelentous. Sometimes it is not quite as loud as others, but it is always there. When I have to take Stadol for a headache, then the ringing is worse...but what is worse, the ringing or the headache???? What a vicious cycle. I am in a cycle of headaches right now that seem to be unrelenting. I started on Saturday and am still hurting now (Tuesday). I had a shot in the ER on Saturday night, but it only relieved it for a period of time, then it was back. The weather has been the pitts here in the past couple of days, and so I blame it on that, because nothing else is any different. I have not changed meds recently, have not changed my diet, have no real stress on my life since I cannot work due to this malady of headaches, so I don't know what else to blame the recent string of headaches too other than the weather. I can't get my Stadol or Fioricet refilled until next week, so I am between a rock and a hard place for a while. That is why I turn to this journal so often. I just want to reassure myself that I am not alone in this. There are many of us in this boat and, as I have asked before, I need someone to take my oar and row for me for a while. It hurts too bad for the exercise. I will do the same for you if you just ask. I pray when I have a headache that God will take the pain away and sometimes it works. By the way, I pray for all of you when I pray, that He might take all our pain away. I hope that it works for you to some extent...if nothing else, that you know that there is someone out there praying for you and your pain. Please, all of you...have a pain free day ahead and continue to remember...YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Thanks for being there. I appreciate all the e-mail that I get and hope that I continue to hear from old and new friends.
Linda <>
Coffeyville, KS USA - Date: 10/06/98 (Tue) Time: 05:12:54 PM
Hi all, I am amazed with all the stories from everyone. I have been suffering from migranes since the birth of my first child at 17. I blamed them on the birth control pills and an abusive husband. But now I am 33 and very happy in life, good job, great husband and going back to college. My migranes are called menstural migranes by my Ob/Gyn and my general MD. Seems to think I am crazy and cry baby. He gave Me fioricet, which helps sometimes, but mostly ibuprofen 800mg kicks it int the butt. My concern now is that they are coming more then once a month and the intesity is getting greater each time. Today I passed out when I thought I was going to vomit. Very scary. I couldn't even dial the phone. Then I had severe ringing in my ears and could ear my head pounded from within. I called my general MD, he said take more fioricet and make an appointment next week. I decided to call a neurologist. But after reading all these stories. I looks hopeless for some relief. That this will only get worse. Has anyone actually found relief, or other reasons for the migranes. I guess if i just understood why this happening, at least I would not think I was going to die from it! Good luck to all of you and my prayers are with you. (also I suffer from lightening bolt headaches, does anyone know about those?) Sue
Sue Sproull <>
Whitmore Lake, mi USA - Date: 10/06/98 (Tue) Time: 02:38:15 PM
TO RHONDA!!!! Rhonda...I have a strong feeling that you should publish your Migraine journal. Put together a draft of some kind and send it around to publishers. You have a GOLD MINE here...take advantage of your collection of letters! Believe me, LOTS of stupid mundane literature is being published and THIS is not one of them and I think you have a good chance of making a wad of money with this. College Research Departments should have such luck gathering data from such a large sample. COME ON RHONDA! Do it for yourself. I wish I got a cut of it! P.S. you probably shouldn't print this. Sincerely, Holly Keller (one of your first years letter writers)
Holly Keller <>
Indianapolis, IN USA - Date: 10/06/98 (Tue) Time: 10:53:32 AM
Good Day to you all. Unfortunately I am at the beginning of yet another migraine. This one woke me up from a deep sleep that I was not able to get back to... all I did was toss & turn. Needless to say I know what horrible pain I will be in later today, loss of sleep is always a harbinger of badnews. On Friday I will be seeing my Neuro, he has reisited doing an eeg because I have never "blacked out". I am lothe to say that I have "never" done that because I have periods of missing time & often my husband will comment that I don't seem to be there mentally. Does anyone else have these "Missing Time" cycles? My migraines often start with a burning sensation in my left temple, then it progresses to the back of my neck & tightens everything there & finally consumes the complete left side of my head. I Hate when this happens as life stops for the time & the mean person inside comes out... Sort of like A Jekyll & Hyde story. Many of you have reported personality changes that happen in conjunction with episodes so I know I am not alone. What advice can you all give me so that my Neuro will take me seriously. He has told me to quit my job & find something less stressful, which I can't do because then I would not have the "Luxury" of seeing someone in his profession. I admit that my job stress does contribute to the migraines but then again anyone who sits at a computer for 11+ hrs a day will get some sort of headache. I have ruled out MOST of the things that trigger a migraine for me foodwise. ** KFC's POPCORN CHICKEN ** contains MSG.. Be Careful, a hard lesson I learned. As you can see my thoughts are scattered today... I am truly sorry. I am going to ask him about prescribing Paxil, an antidepressant (helps with steretonin levels) and see how that effects me. All in all I just want to quit suffering. Many of the "cures" no longer work for me, and Imitrex's side efects, no strength, etc are just as bad as the migraine... *SIGH* Any Help you can give me is as always greatly appreciated. Take Care & Be well. ~Dianna~
Dianna <>
NPR, FL USA - Date: 10/06/98 (Tue) Time: 06:51:39 AM