Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hi once again. I thought I would update my history. I am now into the 7th straight week of this migraine. It goes from being a 10 on a scale of 1-10 to 6 or 7 depending on what treatment my Dr. gives me. Tuesday afternoon I had a demerol/phenegran shot that relieved the migraine a little bit so I was able to sleep until about 3 a.m. when I once again woke up with a blinding migraine and vomiting. I took my viocidin/phenegran that I have at home and toughed it out until about 1:00. At which time I called my Dr. asking what should we do next. So we tried Migranoil (sp?) my husband went and picked it up. I can tell you this medicine did not help at all. My migraine got considerably worse and I immediately started vomiting again. By this time I was in tears, I called my Dr. and once again went in for the only shot that seems to help at all. This is getting very frustrating as he does not want to keep giving this shot for fear of rebound headaches. At this point I DO NOT CARE all I want is this thing to go away or subside even a little bit. I would like to know how other people have reacted to migrainol and has it helped anyone ? It is now 3:00 pm and as hard as this is to believe I can hardly see to write this, and have now moved my pillow, blankets, etc into the bathroom and this seems to be where I spend the majority of my time. Well I really need to go now as I am obviously not feeling well and have no one to help me today. My Dr. has Thursdays off and NO ONE wants to even try to help me. To complicated a history, anyways I would probably end up with the jerk doctor that told me to go home and take 2 aspirins and that I would feel better in the morning. Actually that morning I did feel better because he refused to treat me I ended up spending the next 6 days in the hospital. Well Good Bye for now. May many of you have non migraine days. Maureen
Maureen <>
Sauk City, WI USA - Date: 10/08/98 (Thu) Time: 02:52:04 PM
I just thought I would ask you all if you get the idea that people are out there trying to promote their "cure all" ideas in the journal and trying to make a "quick buck?" I am getting tired of people writing in this journal trying to convince us of their "cure." This is NOT an advertising board to all of you sales people!! This is a board for us migraineurs! Please stop advertising your products on this website and quit giving us false hope!! I am sure there are other people out there that feel as I do.
Tired of scam artists!
USA - Date: 10/08/98 (Thu) Time: 02:39:42 PM
Kristen: I have some info. to send you but it came back undeliverable due to the e-mail address. Could you post your address again or send it to me.
DC from OK
USA - Date: 10/08/98 (Thu) Time: 09:37:57 AM
Hello all. I indeed also suffer migraines. I am glad I found this site. I have had migraines since I have been 15 years old. I am now 42. I have tried midrin, migranol,fiorcet, imitrex, etc. The only thing that works for me is Demerol or Stadol. I get sick and my right eye feels like it is going to pound out of my head. My heart goes out to all who suffer Migraines. I am allergic to a lot, so the Dr. is limited on what he can prescribe. Thank you Ronda for this site. It is nice to know there is support for us Migraine patients out there. I have noticed that when there is change in the barometric pressure, I get an instant Migraine. I don't know if anyone else has that problem. I have been through the ct-scans,x-rays,etc. and they can't find anything. Looks like we are all stuck between a rock and a hard place. Thanks for listening.
Pam <>
USA - Date: 10/08/98 (Thu) Time: 08:53:35 AM
I have experienced migraines since I was 17 years old. I have been on Inderal, Esgic , Caffergot Imetrex, both oral and injections. I feel that the injections worked much better for me and got me relief sooner but left me with a sore and red spot on my leg (the site of the injection) for a long time. It also seemed to give me a werid rush which ran up up the back of my neck and into the back of my head. I have never tried the nose spray and would like to. Has anyone had success with it out there??? My doctor now has me on Zomig which I love it seems to releive the migraine faster and better than the Imitrex did. I also tried the new med which is out (can't think of the name but it starts with a "M") which really did no good for me. I feel that as I get older the migraines are getting worse. They seem to be stronger, take longer to get rid of and take more medication to get rid of. Is anyone else finding this too?? I feel that people with migraines are not understood. People have no idea what we go through and what intense pain we have. My family looks at me like ...please not another one of your headaches... I believe that others feel this is just an average headache. People that do not experience the pain, nauesa, run down and out of it feelings we have have no clue that we are not just having the regular mild headace that a over-the-counter pain med can get rid of. When I get a migraine, I suffer a living hell. My day is ruined and after I can finally get rid of it with numerous pills I then still do not feel right or normal and the day is still bad for me. I would love nothing better then to have a complete cure for this for ever!! I have learned to function and work and go on with my everyday life while in horrible pain because I have to. If I didn't I could never lead a normal life, hold down a job or have a family. I have just learned to deal with it as best as I can. I am now having a migraine at least five days per week and taking anywhere from one to five pills to get rid of it on those days. I have two daughter which also have migraines and my mother also did, so it is in my family. I am only one of four sisters that have it though. I am a very high stress person and have dealt with a high stress level all my life in both home and work. I'm sure that this has added to, if not caused the migraines. I also seen to get the migraines after a major life crisis has passed. It seems like I deal with it at the time and then the Headaches appear after it's all over. Is this true for others?? I really do not feel that mine are caused by food but I do know that they come on after a lack of sleep. I also seem to have them occur in cycles. I can have a period of weeks with none and then all of a sudden I have a big string of migraines such as every day. I would like to hear from others that have experienced patterns such as I do. Thanks and try to stay happy and migraine free...Pam
Pamela J. Folle <>
Las Vegas, NV USA - Date: 10/07/98 (Wed) Time: 11:57:14 PM
i have had daily headaches for 35 years. i self treated with tylenol and excedrin 12-15/day with mixed results. i finally saw a dr at mayo clinic 1 month ago and was put on pamelor (nortripyline) 75mg/day as a preventative. so far the headaches are fewer and milder. has any- one else had much luck with anti-depressants??
USA - Date: 10/07/98 (Wed) Time: 11:07:04 PM
Finally had to demand biofeedback!!! Doctors in my HMO don't want to spend the money or time to experiment with new treatments. Have a great neurologist now, who lets me try things I read about, or hear about on the internet. As a 7 year sufferer of migraines (especially PMS related), I have tried the following: Beta blockers (tenormin is working well); biofeedback (helpful); Imitrex injections (the only thing that can melt my migraine within an hour!); regular sleep hours (up at six even on the weekends); same amount of caffeine each day (don't upset the balance); regular predictable aerobic exercise. Basically, anything to upset that fine balance can mean more than the one or two premenstrual migraines that no one can stop!!! Have also tried with less success: Anti-depressants, calcium channel blockers. Have never had a narcotic for a migraine (well, once when I had surgury, just happened to get one with anesthesia) did work! Also, have tried dong quai, progesterone from wild yam ( a gal thing). None of the tamer pills (midrin, caffergot) had any good effect at all for me. For me it's like walking a tightrope... must do a certain amount of exercise that includes yoga, or relaxation breathing techniques; an occasional massage; medication. And instead of loosing 27 weekends per year being layed up in bed for two to three days at a time. The most important thing for me was taking control of my life, relaxing, and demanding access to medications and therapy options that were available. At the worst, I had a ten day migraine. At best, I might make a month without one at all! Hang in there, stay informed. Wear clean underwear when you take a trip in the car... eat your vegetables... Kim
Kimberly Worsley <>
Sacramento, CA USA - Date: 10/07/98 (Wed) Time: 11:04:04 PM