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I have had migraines since my teens and am now 33 years old. I recently tried a new med called Amerge and it stopped that particular migraine cold. I can't take Imitrex due to an allergy to it and the fact that it didn't relieve my headache. When I get a very bad one, demerol is the only thing that helps, but doctors are reluctant to prescribe it. If anyone knows of a good doctor in central Florida, please leave the information on this website. Thanks - Kathy
USA - Date: 10/10/98 (Sat) Time: 10:12:01 PM
Hi, I'm not sure if what I have been experiencing is really related to what all of you have been suffering with, but i'll give it a shot. Up until about a year ago, I NEVER got headaches. (I am 48 years old) but shortly after being layed of from my job i found myself getting them. They were extremly painfull and even when I took 4 200mg Ibuprofin tablets, it was as though I took nothing. I found that ice helped a little, and eventually I would fall asleep. These episodes lasted for a number of hours, and I would get one weekly for about 3 or 4 months. Although they have come very infrequently for the past 2 months, I have had another problem that I have been told is related to Migraine headaches and is very frightening. Since about 10 days ago I have experienced a frightening visual disturbance. The first 3 times it happened when I was very tired, but yesterday it occured when I was well rested. I see a very bright white light partially surrounded by a kind of Zig-Zag boarder that is very bright yellowish-gold in color, and it seems to spin around the bright white light. It kind of reminds me of a UFO or something. It is always in the lower, outer area of my right eye.....I can see it with my eyes open as well as closed and lasts between 10 to 30 minutes. One time I went into a cold sweat, and began to throw up. I have not gotten any headaches since this has been happening, but i am terrified. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? Is this related to migraine headaches? Thank you for letting me post this. Rita
Rita Tisinger <>
Palmdale, Ca USA - Date: 10/10/98 (Sat) Time: 06:11:28 PM
Gosh!!Jan: I AM SO SORRY THAT YOUR WERE PUT THROUGH THAT 'UNEXCUSEABLE'TREATMENT AT THE E.R. BOY, YOU'RE SURE TO GET A LOT OF RESPONSES. I have seen that kind of treatment before first hand & to a friend, (except for the police involvement!!)WHAT JERKS!What you were made to go through is defintely a cause for 'UPRISING' AMONGST OUR RANKS AS MIGRAINEURS & chronic intractable pain suffers. At a site I posted earlier; There are instructions at to what effective procedures would really help in your case. "Confession of an E.R. Nurse" gives instructions on how to make yourself heard & to whom. Documentation,IS KEY,She states: "if the doc will not relieve your pain, tell the nurse,[which sounds like you did w/no avail].& tell her/him you'd like it documented that you told the doct.& whoever else, you had no pain relief, no help,& NO courtsey!!, [definetly an understatement here]Since this is fresh in your mind!!, jot down every thing you can remember from the time you were dropped off, to not being taken seriously,etc. Also that it was all done in front of audience, causing you humiliation,[that will go along way w/the pain & suffering when you present your case!!!. She also states, "Whenever a nurse is not the cause of bad treatment, be sure to inform her what has happened so she has documented accurately the course of events & doesn't have to rely on memory. She lists other helpful procedures as well. If the nurse is made aware of your treatment & your plans to complain to adm. this ensures exact documentation as she will be "wanting to avoid the crap", when all this hits the fan!" I had a similar experience, when an ER doct. refuse to give me anything but anti-inflm. meds. I had gone to ER for same as you, already de-hydrated due to profuse, non-stop vomitting. I also was in a hard neck brace & back brace from 3 recent surgeries. The doct. didn't believe me & made me REMOVE both braces to PROVE I had scars!! 'MAJOR JERK' I hadn't even been to the ER for 2 yrs.& was treated that way, also, I even had him call my primary dr.& he told him it was fine to give me dem/phern. He refused, so I left w/NO RELIEF!!It caused me to have to have 3 shots instead of 1, later, & suffering an xtra day. At the above mentioned site: There is a "LOSERS ANONYMOUS" where such stories as your can be posted!!(Jan, I think your "caregivers" would certainly be at home!!, also, Humorous stories, as "A PAIENTS CODE OF BEHAVIOR' & others where we can laugh at rather than cry. The purpose in my earlier posts was to empower those, who have had such treatments w/educated research & studies w/documentations, BECAUSE THE BURDEN OF PROOF HAS BEEN PLACED US! WE ARE MADE TO PROVE "WE ARE NOT JUNKIES LOOKING FOR DRUGS!!! & "WE ARE PAIN SUFFERERS!!THUS WE HAVE RIGHTS, too,. (that topic is addressed, there also.We have the PROOF FOR WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TELLING THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY FOR YEARS!! We need to USE all that is at our disposal so that no one else has to go thru that kind of treatment, again!!!!) Be sure to check out 'MIGRAINE MYTHS' . I don't have the address off the top of my head, but if you can't find it in my earlier post, contact me & I'll get it to you. Jan, you know you have all our support, let us know how we can help. You are certainly deserving of major electonic HUGS! GO GIRL!!!
DC from OK <>
USA - Date: 10/10/98 (Sat) Time: 04:27:20 PM
Hi there, everyone. Hope you all are having a better day today. I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who's answered questions for my book. The response has been wonderful, and you've all been a great help. I'm very excited about this project, and I feel that it's really turning into something special. The answers you've sent have been very moving and really show the humanity behind the migraine. If anyone else would like to help me with my book by answering a few questions about your experiences with migraines, please feel free to e-mail me. Again, thanks to all who've helped, I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions.
Kristine <>
Brookfield, IL USA - Date: 10/10/98 (Sat) Time: 02:45:09 PM
Hello all Have I ever got a story to tell!!! My neighbor took me to an ER, that I have not been to before. She left and I was to call her to pick me up when I was done. Well my ice pack had melted and I had been throwing up quite a bit in front of the ER, so I asked them to please bring me a ice pack and a bowl to throw up in, they told me they did not have anything for me to throw up in and showed me where the bathroom was, and the ice pack, it had 3 cubes only and I am sure you know, it melted quickly. Well I was not able to make it to the bathroom, and I threw up in the waiting area, at this point I was ready to kill someone, I yelled for them to clean up my mess, because there were children there, and that it was a hospital they should have something for me to hold in case I threw up again. So, at this point, everyone was mad. They then called me back to get my temp and blood pressure and again I threw up this time on the nurses shoes. All hell broke loose, I was rude, but I was in alot of pain and they were treating me like hell. They called the police and I was handcuffed and taken to jail for disordly conduct, the police were terrible too. They took away my sunglasses which is bad enough, but I could not get them to understand how sick I was and I threw up in the police car and my hands were handcuffed behind me. They lost it, they were so rude, well 10 hours later they finally let me call my husband, to bail me out. I was put in a holding cell and I threw up all over the place so they handcuffed my hands and feet and threw me into a room smaller than most bathrooms. They said as long as I kept complaining and talking, I would stay there. It was pure HELL !!!!I have never even gotten a parking ticket before, I was scared to death. Well, its a new day and yes I went to another ER with my husband and after 2 shots 200 mg of demorol total, I finally got relief. My court date is a month away and I don't know how I will handle this. I am going to write a letter to the editor of the newspaper, about the way I was treated by the police. Every cop there chewed tobacco and they all were spitting, even while they were talking to me. I have had alot of bad things happen with these damn migraines, but, this beats all !!!!!I know this is a long letter, thanks for letting me share my horrible story. Jan Scofield
Jan Scofield <>
Atlanta, Ga. USA - Date: 10/10/98 (Sat) Time: 11:28:59 AM
Here are more sites that might be helpful to those of you suffering w/migraines & have at one time or another experienced a whiplash accident. There are new studies that prove in the most minor of accidents, any relative small force can cause irreputable damage. (I, & several of you unfortunately know this first hand). "Whiplash is "Truly A Pain in the Neck" at This site is a continuing education for pain suffers. 'Ask the Doctor' is a popular forum in getting your questions answered. For those of you that are familiar w/Dr. Hurwitz, you will be happy to know he has just now been added to the panel of docts! [for info. on him, check out my last entry a few days ago where I listed other articles & sites for migrainuers] This site also updates DAILY , "Questions for the Docts, 'Featured Pain Article', & 'Pain News'. The archives is a great way to learn what the docts. have said about migraines, whiplash, pain meds. & other pain conditions. For more info on cervicogentic headaches,, where you will find a good description of all headaches & treatments offered & kindness & compassion when you contact them for help or direction. is a site w/much info. regarding chronic pain & for those suffering from more than 1 painful condition. [I have found,like many of you, pain usually comes, more than not, in not 1 but many seperate attacks & different areas] At , you will satisfy the need much of us have to educate our families & the local medical communities, in such articles as: "Chronic Pain, Who We Are", "Benefits to Appropriate Pain Relief, disabilities issues, "Confessions of an ER Nurse" + several links, 'Amer. Association for the Study on Headaches, Amer. W/Chronic Pain Assoc. American Society for Action on Pain, Pain Care Coalition, Pain Relief 2000, & others. Hope this info. gives you more power as you seek effective treatment for your pain. God Bless
DC from OK <>
USA - Date: 10/10/98 (Sat) Time: 11:21:57 AM
HEATHER BURGESS--I emailed you a letter and used the email address you gave on the journal but it was returned to me. Please email me and if it come through to me maybe I can email the letter I wrote back to you. Not sure why it wouldn't go through.
Denise <>
Midland, Tx. USA - Date: 10/09/98 (Fri) Time: 06:02:35 PM