Journal of Migraine Sufferers

Hello Again, Just an update. On Friday I went to my Neuro & discussed the last reaction I had with Imitrex (Max Dosage not killing it) and causing fever blisters. He took me off of it. Now I am on Paxil, 10mg for 7 days & then the dosage becomes 20mgs. Any one have MORE info on Paxil? So far, so good. One interesting side note, I am not hungry and I don't crave the carbs like I used to... same thing happened when I was on phen/fen. Must be the increased Steretonin levels in my brain. This could be a good thing. Another good thing is that it is the beginning of my period & no SUPER MIGRAINE!!!! To me that is a blessing. I've only been on it since friday... I hope this is a good sign *crossed Fingers* On a lighter note, I went to a convention this weekend. I felt pretty bad as I was getting Strep throat (Dr. Gave me meds for that too) and I entered a costume contest... and WON! I was very happy with that result! At least I know that I am still creative. :P I wish you all the very best & hope that you all have a pain free day! Bright Belssings to one & All! Be Well!!! ~~ Dianna ~~
Dianna <>
New Port Richey, Fl USA - Date: 10/12/98 (Mon) Time: 11:21:51 PM
Hello All, I thought that the jail bird should touch base again. First let me say, THANK YOU for all the kind words and prayers. I have tried to EMail back each of you yet they keep comong back undelierable. I am a hairdresser NOT a computer anything !! I do have fun, learing something new everyday on the computer. Lately, I have been dealing with Georgia Bar Ass.! I am hoping to get some feedback tomorrow. Anyone with ANY thoughts on this whole matter, I am open to ALL suggestions. I am putting all my efforts on sueing the hospital, I have just bought a home ( a very nice one too, 4 acers) in this county and I am quite gunshy about fighting the Police !!!I mean, lets face it, its my word against the idots (Police). They could make my like HELL, you just never know !! I too, feel that I can get an lawyer to sue the hospital and not to sue the Police. Well if anyone knows a good lawyer in the Atlanta area, PLEASE contact me !!!!!!!! Also, Janna Trotten, its Northside Hospital in Cherokee County. Damn, I wish I could send you an EMail, you seem so very nice !!! I hope you are doing OK !!! Focus on other peoples problems, taking as much stress off yourself as possible. I think of you often !!!!!! Thanks again for all your kind words. By far, the worst thing that has ever happened to me and alot of things have gone down in the last 31 years, I've suffered from migraines. I started at the young age of 12 !! Well for 2 days now, I've woken up singing, I fEEL GOOD DADDADADA !!!!!!! I FEEL GOOD DADADADADADA !!!!!Hope all has a GREAT day tomorrow !! Thanks For Listening. Jan Scofield
Jan Scofield <>
Atlanta, Ga. USA - Date: 10/12/98 (Mon) Time: 11:12:12 PM
Hi All, It has been nearly a month since I have written the first time in this journal. At that time I had missed several days at work and was close to losing my job if I missed more time. Well I missed another day in Sept. And now I have already missed two days in Oct. I have not had my "attendance" talk yet, so I do not know of the outcome. What I need to know, is does anyone have any info on disability for us people with chronic migraines? I would appreciate any help you can give me. I have not been on this job long enough for FMLA, so I cannot go that way. I have great empathy for each of you and I sincerely hope that more research will be done for this disease that we have so that we can have the help that we need. I know that I have lost a great deal of my life to migraines and as with all of you I would like to have my life back. Take care and may one day we all be Migraine Free....Sherry
Sherry <>
Chatt, TN USA - Date: 10/12/98 (Mon) Time: 05:13:47 PM
Check it out - copied from JAMA migraine site - Physician attitudes deter migraineurs from seeking care WASHINGTON, Oct 06 (Reuters) - Migraineurs around the world, but particularly in the US, do not seek a physician's help as often as they should or stop seeing a physician, partly due to negative physician attitudes. That finding comes from Dr. John Edmeads of the University of Toronto, who spoke at the Consensus Symposium on Improving Migraine Management jointly sponsored by the American Association for the Study of Headache and the International Headache Society (IHS). Dr. Edmeads said a survey of studies showed that initial consultation rates, at 98%, were highest in Canada, where there is a national health care system that reimburses for physician visits. In the UK, 67% of migraineurs consulted a physician with the first attack, and in the US, only 28% of those under age 30, and 68% to 69% of those over 30 went to see a physician. Generally, in the US and Canada, Dr. Edmeads said, women, especially married women, consulted physicians more frequently. The likelihood of consultation increased with rising age, the intensity of pain, and frequency of headache. In a Canadian phone survey of consumers determined to be migraineurs according to IHS criteria, 36% had consulted a physician, 19% had not, and 45% had stopped seeing their physician, Dr. Edmeads reported. Of those who stopped, 44% said it was because they had been helped, but 39% said their physicians "turned them off," because they gave an incorrect diagnosis or did not believe them. Because of misdiagnosis and a seeming lack of support, Americans seek alternative care in droves, Dr. Edmeads said. He cited a study showing that there are 18 million visits a year to physicians for headaches, while there are 112 million visits to alternative practitioners for the same reason.
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Wilmington, DE USA - Date: 10/12/98 (Mon) Time: 10:13:42 AM
SORRY! Here is the correct address. I put the same one as before!! Is it Monday or what?!
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USA - Date: 10/12/98 (Mon) Time: 08:47:26 AM
Please note my corrected address below! The address I posted previously is incorrect. WENDY--I tried to send you an email Friday, but it did not go through. Please email with your address and I will try again. I have gone 2 days without a migraine which is the longest in weeks! I pray everyone else will have a pain free Monday!
Heather <>
Plano, TX USA - Date: 10/12/98 (Mon) Time: 08:45:31 AM