Journal of Migraine Sufferers

ADDRESS CORRRECTION FOR Dr. Blume's site: Here you will find all the topics I mentioned earlier at the 10-7, & 10-8 regarding, different types of headaches, diagnostic procedures like, "What is an MRI?, Diagnostic Blocks, Provocative discography, also treatments: Nerve blocks &/or Radiofrequency procedures, Cervical disc removal & fusion surgery.***Don't miss the SURVEY you can take where you can talk about your symptoms like: dizziness, bright lights, zizag lines, & light sensitivity, numbness, nausea & vommiting, etc. There you can contact their office VIA 800# or e-mail, w/a brief history & they will tell you then, if they can help or if not who might in your area.
DC from OK <>
USA - Date: 10/14/98 (Wed) Time: 03:53:00 PM
Hi everyone. I have some bad news to share. I went to my neuro appt today and come to find out I have Fibromyalgia. Apparently I have had this for quite sometime; however, due to all the pain meds I was previously on for my migraines it "masked" my symptoms and I never knew I had pain that is related to Fibro. Gosh, if it isn't one thing, it's another! I am so depressed over this diagnosis! I cried all the way home from my appt. I knew something was wrong becuz in the mornings I am so incredibly stiff and sore. I hurt so bad! I went thru so much hell to get off my pain meds and now I find myself needing them once again, this time for the Fibro! What am I to do? This saddens me so much! My question to all of you is any of you have Fibro and if so, what do they give you to treat it? Like I said, I am newly diagnosed, just diagnosed today and I need to hear from others who also have Fibro. This has not been a good day for me, needless to say! I hope everyone else is feeling good and is pain free. Please email me with any suggestions you may have for me. Thanks! I think of you all each and every day! Take care and be well!
Jana <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Date: 10/14/98 (Wed) Time: 02:05:25 PM
I found this page a few weeks ago, and have been checking it several times a week -its nice to not feel so alone and desperate. I have been suffering from migraines for 3 years - I am 27. I have been on almost all the pills and alternative treatments listed on the page. This week I saw yet another doctor, but for the first time in a while, I have hope. I was taking a compound drug called Ergonovine six a day for preventative measures. Becuase of potential side effects, I was told to get off the drug 45 days ago. Needless to say, I have had a migraine for 40 days in a row. I was in the ER last week, in the hostpital after that and have taken every narcotic i can get my hands on. The new doc. wants me off all of it. He says the Stadol, Percodan, Vicodan. . . are all causing the migraines to come back the next day - not to mention that I was sleeping 10-12 hours a day and trying to work a job that requires 10 hours a day - not much room for anything else in life! so i am off all of it, and on a calcium channel blocker and Zomig for when the pain hits. Also on steroid to get me through the week and break the cycle. i feel great, i actually woke up this morning before the alarm! also the doc. said there are foods that we may not realize are causing migraines because some of them take 2 to 3 days to hit. I know I cant eat msg, it takes about 10 min to start one off, but any thing with Tyramine in it is a suspect, unfortunately the list is long, but when you are desparate youare willing to live off white rice and pasta for a while. If anyone wants more info, feel free to e-mail. Hope today is a pain free day . . . .
Alicia Dagosta <>
Omaha, Ne USA - Date: 10/14/98 (Wed) Time: 07:52:27 AM
Is there anyone from Australia? I've been suffering from headaches for as long as I can remember. It's only recently that it's diagnosed as a migraine. Classic symptoms as the doc calls it. Now I'm on brufen every day of the week, twice a day. Without it, the migraine sets in. Like today when I've run out. Sometimes I feel like crying.
Mariza <>
Sydney, Australi - Date: 10/14/98 (Wed) Time: 02:23:38 AM
Hello fellow migraineurs...Just a quick update for those of you wanting to know about my son and his wife and the triplets, yet to be born. News is great for them...she is in to her 33rd week of pregnancy and the doc says that if she were to have the babies now, everything would be great. The babies have passed the critical time for triplets. Of course the doc does not mind every day that passes with no birth...every extra day makes them even better and bigger. The bad part of all this is, it seems as though I will not be able to travel to California to be with them as planned, because of the expense of tickets. That is the part that really upsets me...I think that I can handle the headaches and stuff and now I am stopped by MONEY!! The whole thing really depresses me, which makes the headaches come on more easily...I try not to let it bother me, but can you imagine???...not being able to see your triplet grandchildren? Anyway, on to another thing...I went to the doc today for my regular appointment and to get my refills of Fioricet with Codeine and Stadol Nasal Spray and was told that the insurance company had written the doc a letter stating that I was taking too much Stadol??? Excuse me?? I am only taking what the doc has ordered. Who the heck do they think they are anyway?? I always suspected that insurance companies would ultimately make the decisions on health care and now I know that it has happened. What do I do now?? I am just about at the end of my rope. All of this really has me in a state of pain, confusion and stress none of which lessens the headache. I don't mean to dump on all of you, just needed to vent some. Thanks!
Linda <>
Coffeyville, KS USA - Date: 10/13/98 (Tue) Time: 09:52:06 PM
Hello, everyone. I have had migraines since I was 6 years old. I am now 29. I have been on every med. out there. This past Friday, I had a migraine so bad that I had to go to the ER, they gave me there shots of Demerol and that did nothing for me. My migraines are getting worse everyday. The pain is so bad I can't even lay down now. My doctor and neo. just keep giving me different medication. I am so tried of these headaches, I can't stand them anymore. I am on a betta blocker called Propranolol 240mg and now they gave me Amerge and Butalbital to take together when I get a migraine. I want to know why isn't there anyone out there who knows how to treat migraines? My job is on the line now, because I am losing so much work, but I can not work, I need the money to help support my family. Can anyboby help me?
Maria Graham <>
NY USA - Date: 10/13/98 (Tue) Time: 09:50:00 PM
It was such a relief to find this website about migraines. I've been suffering with migraines for most of my life. The last two years have been the worst because they seem to have taken over my life. Typically, I would get my migraines twice a month, with my period and then when I ovulate. Imitrex initially worked great ... but over time I found that my migraines were getting worse. After the initialize migraine, I would suffer from headaches (similar to the migraines but not as severe) for about a week. So every migraine episode would take about a week to recover. I would also be so tired by the time I got over one episode I would be ready to begin the next. It became difficult to work and to function. My short term memory was gone and I had a hard time writing and performing complicated tasks at work. I work full time and have 3 children. Finally, I went on-line to see if I could find any answers. I've been to so many doctors and really have had no success. They kept focusing on my busy life and the stress. I kept telling them it was the headaches that were stressing me ... not the migraines. What I found out has really helped me and I hope it may help someone else. First, I started accupuncture. After getting over my misconceptions on what accupuncture really is, I found out fairly quickly that it was giving me more energy. I was less tired and seemed to bounce back from a headache binge quicker. More importantly, when I read that taking too much Imitrex could cause a rebound effect I immediately tried to reduce the amount of medication I was taking. The accupuncture helped me deal with the pain and use less medication until finally I was able to go 2 months with NO Imitrex at all. I feel like a new person. I still get my headaches, and they are severe, twice a month but if I get an accupuncture treatment at that time the pain tends to dissipate on its own in a matter of hours with NO prolonged drowsiness. My head feels so clear and I can think and write again. I truly feel like a new person. Under the guidance of my accupunturist, I hope to get to a point where I will never need to take any medicine again. This website was a stepping stone on my path to migraine relief. Thank you.
Lillian Reichenthal <>
Elkridge, MD USA - Date: 10/13/98 (Tue) Time: 09:22:49 PM