Journal of Migraine Sufferers

This was just a freak accident that I stumbled onto this site. But believe me...this will go down in my "favorites" list. I have read a bunch of entries and replied to many of them. I hope I helped at least one person out there. I am a 30 year old female who has suffered from migranes since early teens. I have had 1 CT scan, 2 MRIs and a "book" of RX listings. I feel like a walking quiny pig sometimes. I am now on wellabutrin twice a day and 1 dose of zoloft a day. That does help with the depression/migranes. I take the imitrex injections only when the migrane is at a severe point, and I take the 50 mg tablets also. Sometimes though, I can go through a perscription of tablets in about 2 weeks. I have 3 boxes at a time (27) pills, that's the only thing that gets me through some weeks. I heard about the new drug Zomig. Anyone have good luck with it? How much of a $$ difference is it compared to Imitrex???? Let me know. And if anyone needs a "migrane" pen-pal....please e-mail me. Just remember you are not alone!!!!! God Bless!!!
Toni Gray <>
VA USA - Date: 10/29/98 (Thu) Time: 05:18:58 PM
My sons doctor recommended that I look to others here for some help. Background: Since August my son, Ben-8, has been having headaches. I took him in and they asked him some questions. i.e.Do you see spots? do you kow when you are going to get a headache? Does sleeping help? Ever get sick to you stomache? Etc... From that they decided he has migrains and they put him on Cyproheptadine. He started off with small ones for about a week and then he was so sick he was throwing up about every other day for two weeks. Then it was like a small one everyday and then a big one every 6 days. Now it has been small for two weeks everyday. The doctor has never said anything about allergies or anything else. Just said to take this pill everyday and then increase it in a week. And while on the pill, if he gets a headche , give him tylenol. (Which I already told her does not work) I took him to another Doctor which gave me the idea to write here. But she said to keep trying the medication. And she told me to try advil instead for pain. does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Any advice. Please let me know. I want my little boy to have a normal childhood. By the way I don't know if this has anything to do with it but Ben is a big boy. 107 pounds. and 4 ft 2 inches tall. thank you.
Rebecca Kramer <>
Vancouver, WA USA - Date: 10/29/98 (Thu) Time: 05:10:09 PM
Hi. My name is Rainne and I am 18 years old. I was diagnosed with having migraines when i was 6 yrs old. For the past 12 years of my life I have dealt with an average of 3 or 4 migraines a week. I know most of my food triggers, which include chocolate, hot dogs, and dairy products. I know my signs and symptoms, and so do most of my friends and family. During my most severe ones, I have been known to pass out, get dilerious, or cry uncontrollably. Over the last 12 years of my life,i have had 37 tests and operation, missed countless days of school and other childhood activities, and have been on numerous different diets or drug therapies. I have gotten used to and even accepted the fact that this is a part of my life, but recently I received some startling news. I was informed by my doctor that because of the severity of my migraines, it would be virtually impossible for me to get pregnant. This news devestates me, as I want nothing more than to be a mother someday. I am just wondering if it could be ever possible for me to lead a normal life, or to at least be a mother.
Rainne Marie <>
Waterbury, CT USA - Date: 10/29/98 (Thu) Time: 03:00:12 PM
To Jana. You can try Valerian(an herb ) its a goodsleeping help. There's lots on the internet about it if you want to check it out for your self.
Loralye <blotko>
modesto , ca USA - Date: 10/29/98 (Thu) Time: 01:40:37 PM
I thought it interesting about the weather seems like that's when I get my headaches. A front moving in, or I've heard about the fact of barometric pressure changes causing people to get these headaches. I would like for someone who knows whether it's when the barometric pressure is low or high that would cause a headache. My headache always seems to be over one eye, in the brow bone, can be on either side of face. I also will frequently wake up with a pressure kinda headache in the back of the head, and then work its way to the front of the eye. I never experience nausea or other migraine symptoms, but the pain can be excruciating. Let me hear from you. from a fellow headachey person.
Annabelle <>
Belen, nm USA - Date: 10/29/98 (Thu) Time: 12:33:11 PM
Hi again everyone! Well, here I am once again sitting here at my computer in the middle of the night experiencing insomnia. Everytime I take my Elavil 35mg at night I become "wired!" I just cannot seem to go to sleep. In fact, I get this vast amount of energy! HELP!! Can someone help me in figuring out why this is happening? Thank you to all who have responded thus far to my question. I am searching for more feedback. PLEASE!! Thank you!! Jana
Jana <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Date: 10/29/98 (Thu) Time: 12:11:12 AM
Hi I haven't written in several months. I am still having my headaches almost daily. I was wondering if anyone can give me some feed back on the meds. I am taking. My doc. has me on prozac as a preventave and stadol n/s for the headache. I was reading somewhere how people are getting addicted to the stadol. I was wondering if I am taking too much of it. My headaches are almost daily so naturally I have to take stadol almost daily. One bottle lasts me for 2 weeks. Is that too much? I don't want to become addicted but this medicine work great for me. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it! Thanks so much and God Bless!
Michelle Orgeron <>
La. USA - Date: 10/28/98 (Wed) Time: 08:21:45 PM