Journal of Migraine Sufferers

In answer to the question about magnetic therapy, I did try this and it did not make a difference at all. This was a treatment from a machine about a month ago, and I still have them every two or three days. But remember everyone seems to react differently to different things. Good luck to every one in their search for relief. I know I haven't found any, and I can also relate to the dark thoughts that I'm reading about.I only have them till my pain subsides and then I'm O.K. I guess I'm fortunate that the Amerge that I'm taking takes the pain away pretty quickly.
wanda crayton <wcray61>
austin, tx USA - Date: 10/30/98 (Fri) Time: 05:17:32 PM
Has anyone had any sucess with " Magnetic Therapy"?
B Tanner <>
Pendleton, OR USA - Date: 10/30/98 (Fri) Time: 03:32:42 PM
Dear Migraine sufferers. I use to suffer severe headaches for most of my life. I am 49 years old. I was introduced to a company in Dallas, Tx. They have a metabolic nutrition system which uses standardized herbal extracts along with potent vitamin supplements that I began using in February. I started out taking them to lose a few pounds and gain some needed energy. I discovered that I no longer had these headaches and I feel great. I also have a friennd who suffered from migraines that would put her to bed for days then had to get a shot that would put her out of commission for days. She began the system in January and hasn't had one migraine since. She asked her doctor why and he told her that her body had been lacking in some nutritient and this system filled those nutritional gaps. If you need more information or want to call the company for information please contact me and I will send you some or give you a phone number you can call. I hope this has helped some of you. I didn't realize there were so many migraine sufferers out there. Good luck. My email address is
Kathy Coleman <>
Spiro, Ok USA - Date: 10/30/98 (Fri) Time: 02:29:37 PM
Marianne: I couldn't get your address to work but thought the following sites would be of some help. Regarding Oxycontin "Hailed by Workd Pain-Care Community" at & "Long-Acting OxyContin Tablets Now Available to Relieve Pain" These should be helpful in talking w/your doct. Also, under "Doct's. Questions", "Pain Articles", & "Pain News", you will also find help both to be informed on current pain treatments & research. Each is updated daily & has past articles archived. "Mary's Coloumn" updated weekly. There you will find encouraging methods both in presenting you pain to your docts. & in reassuring each pain sufferer to press on & demand to be heard. At the Nat'l Foundation For the Treatment of Pain" there is a link to get help now, & a wealth of infomation on current studies & research. For those that want to get envolved in helping promote effective pain management at the local & or Federal level, there are links there to help. 2 are: & Dr. Hurwitz's For those new to the journal, there are other sites posted here on Oct. 7,9,11,& 26. Hope this helps! God Bless :) DC from OK
DC from OK <mcanfield@msn,com>
USA - Date: 10/30/98 (Fri) Time: 12:47:24 PM
I have been reading from this journal for about two months. I am really anxious to hear if anyone has this problem. My son has bad migraines and cannot go to school. We statred school in Aug. and since then we have missed 30 days of school. I know he will have to repeat this semester. We too have tried all the med. and dr. after dr. If anyone has children with migrains,that cannot attend school please tell me what you can do to get the child through school. I also have migrains but I can get relief with Imitrex. God be with everyone with migrains.
brenda dowdy <>
wichita falls, tx USA - Date: 10/30/98 (Fri) Time: 11:12:10 AM
Hi to all my partners in pain. I have been reading this journal for about 3 months now and it is the only source of comfort and sanity I get sometimes. I have been having migraines for about 18 mos. now and have had every test imaginable. mri, cat scan, eeg, on and on. I get relief every 4th episode with amerge and pretty consistantly with the migrinal nasal spray. The problem is that the headache will normally come back in a few hours. This is day three of a scorcher migraine. I am getting very worn down and weary from being in constant pain. My headache journal from the neurolgist showed 14 days last month with significant pain. The real kicker is, he gives me only 12 tablets of regular strength vicodin for the month! yes the whole month. I dont know about you, but i find this a kind of cruel torture. I can honestly say I wish I had cancer. At least then my pain would be treated. I cannot believe I feel this down, as i am usually the person humming and singing in my home and office, but truly anyone can begin to feel down and beaten after a long enough time. I was watching a news report yesterday morning about a couple of dogs on doggie death row. there is a lawyer suing the city for not treating this dog's pain!!! Yes this is unbelievable! There is a law against not treating a dog's pain, but not a humans. Needless to say i cried for about 4 hours straight yesterday am. I cant share with my husband how I feel because it upset's him and he worries I will do something to myself. I think that suicide is the worst kind of cop-out, but I can honestly say that in the last 2 weeks, strange thoughts have crossed my mind. I feel very trapped and afraid. One last thing, I had some dental surgery last week and my dentist gave me demerol and lorcet. Last week was the best week I have had in 18 mos. NO PAIN AT ALL!! It is really discouraging to know there is help out there but I cannot have it. I guess I am really feeling sorry for myself, but I cant help it. Please write to me. You guys are the only one's who get it......
auburn, wa USA - Date: 10/30/98 (Fri) Time: 10:36:15 AM
To Jana-maybe you should talk with your doctor about Elavil. It seems that insomina is listed as an infrequent side-affect of the drug.(I looked it up in my online med book). I would consider talking with doc if it gets bad enough. Hang in there. Sometimes it takes a lot to come up with right combo of meds to control these darned migraines. I know. I went through a bit of hell before mine went under control. Then, I had to change meds because of a skin disorder I had and had to start all over again. Been there and done that, so you have company.
Barbara B
USA - Date: 10/30/98 (Fri) Time: 08:32:44 AM